Zhanxian - Chapter 624

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Chapter 624: Chapter 624: Life Essence Herbs

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Chapter 624: Life Essence Herbs

The face retaining pills and the Inner sensing pills began to be auctioned in the ten thousand treasure building again, those anxious people finally breathed a sigh of relief, as long as they continued to sell, they hope this doesn’t happen again in the future.

After leaving seclusion, Yang Chen shocked everyone. It seems that he was really very weak from the injury. If it hadn’t been for the palace master and the others to know that this was Yang Chen’s plan, they might have been frightened.

Only Yang Chen came forward, and neither Gao Yue nor Gongsun Ling appeared in front of everyone. Judging from Yang Chen’s appearance, it was estimated that the two women were also seriously injured. It seems that this time, they were disturbed by others during the double cultivation, and they went into trouble. Otherwise, a little injury would not have caused Yang Chen to become like this.

“Greetings Grandmaster!” As soon as he left seclusion and returned to Gao Yue’s small courtyard from the Dragon Palace, Yang Chen heard several coquettish salutations in unison. Afterwards, he saw Fairy Junqi from the Greatest Heaven Sect, Fairy Qingmu from Qiankun Sect, and the five Murong sisters from Five Elements Sect bowing down to him.

“What are you doing here?” Yang Chen has been cultivating in the Dragon Palace. Although news from the outside could come in, Yang Chen really didn’t take the fact that a few women were slaves and maids. Suddenly, the seven women came here, and even Yang Chen also felt a little awkward.

“Grandmaster…” Shi Wushuang raised her head to explain, but was interrupted directly by Yang Chen.

“Don’t say it.” Yang Chen resolutely said “If you want to stay, everyone will continue as usual, and don’t say anything about masters and slaves. I’ll go to see the palace master first, you guys wait for me here.”

“Ok!” This time, the seven girls agreed in unison, very happily. In fact, from the depths of their hearts, why would they be willing to let themselves become someone else’s slave from a high fairy? Even if this person was Yang Chen.

When Yang Chen left, the seven girls looked at each other, and everyone’s faces were filled with joy. However, they seem to be worried about Yang Chen’s attitude.

Yang Chen said that he was going to see the palace master, but it was really just a visit, and there were not too many other things to talk about. Anyway, he has been staying in the sect recently, and they have already discussed some things, but they just haven’t met. When he comes out of the retreat, he always does everything he needs to do in an upright place.

“Why are you hurt so badly?” Tao Junqi was the first to ask eagerly after Yang Chen returned from where the Palace Master was headed, “Could it be that your medicinal pills can’t cure you?”

Shi Wushuang and the five Murong sisters didn’t speak, but they all seemed to be worried about Yang Chen’s appearance and stared at Yang Chen with worried eyes, which made Yang Chen feel uncomfortable.

“I hurt some foundations.” Yang Chen replied indifferently “It will be a while, and it will not be healed quickly.’

All the girls were silent. People who practice cultivation are most afraid of hurting their foundation. If this happens, not only will their cultivation be damaged, but their future cultivation will also be greatly affected. Unless there is a way to replenish it as soon as possible, they will be half ruined.

“I…, Junqi, if your concubine acts as a cauldron, can you recover faster?” Tao Junqi seemed awkward at first, she wanted to call herself a wife but claimed to be a concubine.

Fairy Junqi had already said something before. If Yang Chen was willing to join the dual cultivation, she would be willing to act as Yang Chen’s cauldron at the beginning, but now she has always followed her words, and said these words in front of Yang Chen on her own initiative.

“This concubine is also willing!” Yang Chen was a little sluggish after listening to it. How could the other girls let go of this opportunity?

“What’s the point of this?” Yang Chen smiled wryly and shook his head. He and the sect master had already discussed it. Since he couldn’t refuse the arrangement of the three major sects for a while, he would make excuses for the time being. Even when necessary, let them see how powerful Yang Chen was, and maybe it will slowly dispel the suspicions of some major sects.

However, the performances of the fairies showed a stance that they would not give up until their goals were achieved, which made Yang Chen sigh. Every sect has such loyal disciples, and they can do anything for the sake of the sect. In addition to the Greatest Heaven Sect having hatred for himself, it would be a bit unreasonable if he treats Tao Junqi differently from the other two. Especially in the future, if he want to take revenge, he will need to rely on the power of other people’s sects.

“If you can recover as soon as possible, we will also use more face retaining pills!” Shi Wushuang didn’t say anything else, but directly attributed the reason to her own needs. In fact, of the seven fairies in front of him, except for Tao Junqi, who had used a face retaining pill, the others were all young and beautiful fairies themselves.

“It’s really not necessary.” Yang Chen could only answer in a very formal manner “Sister Junqi, Sister Wushuang, and Sister Murong, you seem to have already split up. Who am I?”

As soon as he called them elder sisters, the seven women were overjoyed. Since Yang Chen started to call them that, it meant that there was finally a solution to the troubles caused by those guys in the past. However, what does Yang Chen mean? He was an alchemist, so if the injury can be cured, it would have been cured a long time ago, so why wait until now.

“You are a fifth-grade alchemist.” One of the Murong sisters said, Yang Chen still can’t tell which of the five sisters is which, unless he uses his spiritual awareness to sense the other’s five elements, but this would be too rude.

“Yes, I’m a fifth-grade alchemist.” Yang Chen nodded with a smile: “If that’s the case, why do we need to use that kind of method that harms others and benefits ourselves?”

“Then why don’t you refine some medicinal pills, and then come out after curing yourself?” Fairy Junqi asked curiously. She really planned to sacrifice part of her cultivation to complete Yang Chen to make up for the previous cracks. Yang Chen said this, but she was a little confused.

“Lack of a suitable main medicinal materials.” Yang Chen smiled and replied.

“What medicinal materials? Let me check the sect and see if I can get some!” Fairy Junqi immediately swept up.

However, just after Fairy Junqi finished saying this, several other fairies also refused to obey, and they all said that they could also help solve it. Yang Chen just lacks the medicinal materials, it was too simple, they dare not say anything else, as long as Yang Chen needs the medicinal materials of 10,000 years, if the three major sects can’t get them together, then no one in this world can get them.

If Yang Chen uses those medicinal herbs, it means that the relationship between that sect and Yang Chen was getting closer. Who would miss this opportunity?

“The medicinal herbs that contains life essence, any kind will do.” Yang Chen said with a smile, but his eyes turned to the seven girls, as if waiting for their answers.

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