Chongfei Manual - Chapter 100.2

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Chapter 100.2

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Chapter: 100.2 out of 171

As expected, Zhao Jie liked Wei Luo. Her premonition hadn't been wrong.

For a man to care that much about a young girl, other than him liking her, what other possibility could there be?

All of this had been within her expectations. But, when she actually heard Zhao Jie admit to this, she still felt shocked. Apart from shock, she couldn't resign herself. She didn't think she was inferior to Wei Luo. When she had been in the prime of her youth, Wei Luo was still an immature, silly little girl. What was it about her that interested Zhao Jie?

Feeling wronged, Gao Dang Yang looked up with red eyes and asked, "What about me?"

Hearing her question, there wasn't any change in Zhao Jie's expression. His gaze was focused on a far away place. "Find someone else to marry. This prince definitely won't marry you."

Then, he walked around her to continue walking down the path.

Gao Dan Yang instinctively clutched his sleeve, tightly grasped it in her palm, and made her greatest concession by saying, "Why not... if older cousin wants to marry Wei Luo, I don't mind being your second wife."

Gao Dan Yang felt that her decision was very selfless. She couldn't have imagined that in his eyes she was only showering affection on an uninterested person.

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows, flung her hand away from his sleeve, and coldly said, "You're willing to wrong yourself, but I'm not willing to wrong Ah Luo."

Gan Dan Yang's face paled. She was viciously humiliated by his words. She stiffened and didn't move.

Even when Zhao Jie had walked far away, she was still blankly standing there.

A girl wearing sky blue robes with loose sleeves walked out from behind the pomegranate tree. She looked very similar to Gao Dan Yang.

Standing next to Gao Dan Yang, Gao Qing Yang indifferently said, "Older sister, older cousin Prince Jing has already said things so clearly. Just follow mother's and maternal aunt's arrangement by marrying Elder Xu Ge's son. I've seen his painted scroll. He doesn't look bad... His character is also good."

Gao Dan Yang's cheeks cooled. She covered her eyes with her silk handkerchief and in a sobbing tone, she said, "What do you know... Do you have someone that you like? Do you know how bad my heart feels? I would rather become a nun than marry Elder Xu Ge's son!

Gao Qing Yang was silent for a moment. Soon, she slowly said, "Oh. I don't have anyone I like. But if there is someone that I like, I wouldn't stubbornly chase after him. If he doesn't like me, then I'll just find someone else."

At this moment, Gao Dang Yang couldn't hear her words. She looked at the direction that Zhao Jie had left in and her tears increased.


After the summer heat passed, the temperature became slightly cooler.Wei Luo was very happy. She didn't have to continue staying in her room to enjoy cooler air and to avoid profusely sweating.

In a few days, it would be Mid-Autumn Festival. Everyone in Duke Ying's residence was busy. They had to prepare items to offer their ancestors in worship and to prepare for the reunion dinner. Old Madam placed a huge importance to this type of holiday.

She had already ordered that no one could leave the residence that day. Everyone had to attend the reunion dinner. Today, she had called her family to the main room in the her courtyard to discuss the reunion dinner. For example, where should the dinner be held? Should they drink osmanthus flower wine or rose wine during the banquet? After dinner, where should they go to pay respect to the moon? And other trifling matters...

As Old Madam and her daughter-in-laws discussed, Wei Luo, Wei Ya, and Wei Dong idly sat on the side and listened.

Wei Luo wasn't close with Wei Ya. They rarely spoke to each other.

Fortunately, Wei Dong was sitting between them. Wei Dong had a straightforward personality and was very talkative, so there wasn't an awkward silence.

The ambience could be considered harmonious.

Somehow, the topic of marriage came up in their elders' conversation.

Old Madam looked at the girls sitting on the couch and sincerely said, "After New Year's, Dong-er will be married. Ya Ya and Ah Luo's marriages can't be delayed."

Wei Luo lowered her eyes, held a colorful teacup, and said, "Ah Luo is still young. I want to keep paternal grandmother company for a few more years."

Old Madam smiled as if she enjoyed hearing her words very much.

Wei Ya was older than Wei Luo. It wouldn't be Wei Luo's turn until after Wei Ya was married. Old Madam was also currently considered this point, so the focus didn't turn to Wei Luo. Old Madam and her daughter-in-laws started discussing Wei Ya's marriage. On the side, Wei Ya listened and shyly blushed. She felt too embarrassed to look up.

With her head lowered, Wei Luo drank her tea, but her ears were perked up to listen to her elders’ words.

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Third Madam Liu-shi kept looking at Wei Luo. She suddenly said, "I have a nephew on my parents' side. He's sixteen years old this year. His age is close to Ah Luo's and his personality is straightforward and honest. He's a worthy person for a marriage partner. Last year, he passed the provincial imperial examination and he's currently preparing to take the metropolitan imperial examination. If he can pass the examination and get the emperor's approval, he'll bring honor to his entire family. If Ah Luo..."

Liu-shi had never forgotten about the dowry that she had given Wei Luo. Until now, she had thought about this constantly. Every time she thought about this, her heart would ache. Her thoughts were simple. Once Wei Luo married her nephew and became part of her family, wouldn't that jewelry be returned to her hands? In addition, after getting Wei Luo, her family would have another connection to Duke Ying's family. Once that happened, Duke Ying would financially assist her parents' family. This was killing two birds with one stone.

Before she could finish speaking, Fourth Madam Qin-shi put down her teacup and disagreed, “Ah Luo is the daughter of a legal wife. Third sister-in-law's nephew is born from a concubine."

How could he be worthy? Although she didn't say those words, everyone else understood her meaning.

Third Madam had been poked in her sore spot. Her parents' family was in decline. Everyone had been looking down on them during the past several years. Now, there was finally a nephew that could bring honor to their family from passing the provincial imperial examination. She naturally wanted to improve her own standing. "Fourth sister-in-law, what are you trying to say? So what if he was born from a concubine? Isn't Song Hui also..."

After saying half of her question, she immediately stopped.

But, it was already too late. Old Madam glared at her for bring up that topic and in a displeased tone, she said, "Let's talk about this topic later. If your nephew want to marry a daughter from House Wei, then wait until he passes the metropolitan imperial examination first."

Liu-shi's face became red. She quickly lowered her head and made a sound of acknowledgement.

Holding a teacup, Wei Luo had the cool eyes of a bystander.

The room became quiet. A servant girl wearing a blue robe came to the door and said, "Old Madam, His Highness Prince Jing has come to request a meeting."

Old Madam hurriedly lowered the needlework in her hands. Surprised, she asked, "Prince Jing is here? Is he here to see Duke Ying? Duke Ying recently left the residence. I'm afraid that he won't be return anytime soon..."

The servant girl shook her head and said, "His Highness Prince Jing said he came here to see you." She paused before saying, "He came here to propose marriage."

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