Chongfei Manual - Chapter 104.2

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Chapter 104.2

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Chapter: 104.2 out of 171

The carriage slowly went forward and left the corner gate.

As soon as Wei Luo sat down in the carriage, she toppled over onto a large pillow embroidered with golden and silver flowers to lie down, then she curled up and silently clutched her stomach.

It was only now that Zhao Jie saw that her small face was very pale. When they were in the courtyard, their surroundings were too dark and he couldn't see the expression on her face. He could only feel that her spirit was wan. Zhao Jie had thought she was only worried about being discovered by other people. But now, it seemed that it was something completely different. He brought her closer to him, placed her on his leg, and carefully held her small face as he asked, "Ah Luo, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well somewhere?"

Originally, Wei Luo didn't want to tell him. After all, it was an embarrassing thing that shouldn't be mentioned. But, she really couldn't resist. Her stomach ached terribly, especially after walking with him for a while. She felt as if she was going to fall down with every step she took. By the time they came into the carriage, she felt as if she had already fallen into an ice cellar. She buried her head into Zhao Jie's chest and in a low, muffled voice, she said, "Older brother Prince Jing, my stomach hurts so much."

Zhao Jie was startled for a moment, but he quickly understood her meaning.

He instinctively moved his gaze down to look at her body. Feeling helpless and sorry for her, he rubbed the red birthmark between her eyebrows and asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Wei Luo closed her eyes and her two rows of thick eyelashes fluttered. In her mind she thought, I wouldn’t have been able to come out if I told you. But instead of saying this, she used a fallacious argument to deceive him, "Would it stop hurting if I told you?"

Zhao Jie didn't have a way to deal with her. It wouldn't be good for him to argue with her over this. He could only think of ways to make her feel more comfortable. He put her body down, so that her head was lying down on his leg. He probably knew something about this type of matter. And so, his hand went inside her clothing and his fingers stopped at top of her small stomach’s round bellybutton.

Startled, Wei Luo moved back to avoid him, "What are you doing?"

He laughed. He felt that her alarmed expression was too cute. She looked like a scared baby squirrel. He explained, "Don't worry. I won't do anything since I already promised you. You'll feel better after I warm you up with my hand."

Wei Luo was skeptical. She darkly looked at him and said, "Your hand can't wander."

Wei Luo didn’t relax her wariness until he nodded. There was a smile on his lips.

A moment later, it was as Zhao Jie had said. The warmth from his hand traveled to her stomach and alleviated her pain. Wei Luo moved his hand down. She forgot that the man next to her couldn't resist being provoked by her. "Warm this spot too."

Zhao Jie's body stiffened. He lowered his eyes and looked at the little girl on his leg. Her complexion had improved a lot from before. It wasn't pale anymore. She trusted him fully and didn't realize that her action was a huge trial for him. A long time later, Zhao Jie curved his lips and said, "Ah Luo." He didn't realize that his voice had become hoarse until he said her name.

Wei Luo quietly said, "En."

He said, "If you continue this, big brother will do more than just talk with you."

At first, Wei Luo was surprised. She quickly realized his meaning, blushed, took his hand out, sat up, and glanced at him.

He hoarsely laughed, then he smoothly straightened her messy clothes and asked, "Does your stomach feel better?"

Wei Luo nodded, "It doesn't hurt as much."

He stared at her and said, "If it hurts too much, then we won't go Wan Yuan. I'll bring your back to Duke Ying's residence. We can go another day."

Wei Luo blinked. She almost couldn't believe that he had said these words. They hadn't seen each other for a long time. She thought that he would really want to spend time with her.

Zhao Jie probably guessed what she was thinking. He lowered his head and touched her forehead. He slowly said, "Idiot. Although this prince want to see you, I'm more worried about your health."

Wei Luo was slightly moved. She stared at him. At lightening speed and without warning, she kissed his cheek. "Then, let's not go to Wan Yuan. I want to eat the lotus osmanthus pastries from Ye He. Could you buy me some before we go back?"

Zhao Jie touched his face. He felt the warmth that she had left behind. In this type of situation, he would naturally listen to whatever she wanted. And so, he smiled and said, "Okay."

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Zhao Jie ordered Yang Hao to change direction to head west to Yu He.

Not much time later, the carriage stopped in front of Yu He. Zhao Jie came down from the carriage. His figure gradually entered into the crowd. Wei Luo sat inside the carriage and waited.

Although the sun had already set, there were still many pedestrians on the street. The streets were brightly lit and were bustling with noise and excitement that seemed as if it would last until dawn. On the streets, there were stalls selling lanterns and moon cake everywhere. There were colorful lanterns hanging on both side of the streets and they illuminated half of the night sky. If Wei Luo left the carriage with Zhao Jie at this time, someone might see her and tell Duke Ying or Wei Kun.

So, it would be safer for her stay in the carriage.

Wei Luo lifted up the window curtain embroidered with golden thread, looked at Yu He, and couldn't help curving her lips.

Just as Wei Luo was about to put the curtain down, a person walked out of Ye He's entrance. The person walking in the front was a woman wearing a pink silk robe with a cloud pattern. Two servant girls wearing foreign clothing followed her. The woman wasn't walking quickly. Her head was turned aside to talk with the servant girls. The motley colorful lights from the surrounding lanterns shined on her face. Her face couldn't be clearly seen, but other people could still feel her charming and beautiful appearance.

The woman turned around and her line of sight intersected with Wei Luo’s.

Wei Luo wasn’t paying attention to other things. She only glanced at her before looking away.

But after that woman saw Wei Luo, her body suddenly froze.

Even after Wei Luo let go of the curtain, that woman still didn't move.

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