Chongfei Manual - Chapter 109.1

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Chapter 109.1

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Chapter: 109.1 out of 171

Who was he?

Wei Luo clutched her nose and pondered in bewilderment. At this time, everyone was in Rong Hua Hall for the banquet. No one should be coming here. Seeing that he was wearing clothes from the western region and didn't look like someone from Da Liang and thinking of the important guests in today's palace banquet, she connected the dots and guessed the identify of this person.

Who was a person that could walk around the palace during the banquet and was relatively young. It was probably Wu Rong's fourth prince, right?

Thinking of this, she felt somewhat hesitant. She didn't know if she should stand up to salute or pretend that she didn't know his identity and continue sitting. In addition, she didn't like this person's eyes. His eyes were too exposed and didn't show any restraint like a man-eating beast.

Wei Luo eventually decided to pretend that she didn't recognize him. She took out her silk handkerchief and raised her head to wipe her nose. Her movement was skilled and calm without any sign of franticness.

Wan Qi Zhen leisurely looked at her. This was the first time where a first time meeting with a woman turned out like this.

The other person's nose was bleeding. He actually felt that her pitiful appearance looked slightly cute.

This woman was more beautiful than the dancers in Rong Hua Hall. Her skin was as white as snow and her hair was black. Her eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her face that was as small as a palm was thoroughly exquisite. When her lovely, pink lips moved, it was very touching. Wan Qi Zhen's eyes flitted across this stunning image. Were all of the women from Da Liang this beautiful? Just looking at her made him have the desire to want to posses her.

What kind of relationship did she have with Zhao Jie? Zhao Jie was heartless and cold towards other people. But, when he was looking at her before, his behavior had actually revealed that he was feeling anxious. It seemed that she was very important to Zhao Jie. His thoughts turned and he felt that he could understand Zhao Jie. She was such a beauty. Who wouldn’t cherish her?

Just as Wan Qi Zhen was about to speak, he saw the young girl look behind him and call out, "Big brother!"

Zhao Jie walked past Wan Qi Zhen. His forehead was slightly wrinkled and the rest of his expression wasn't good either. He didn't greet Wan Qi Zhen before sitting down next to Wei Luo and placing the handkerchief that had been wetted by the cold water on her forehead. "Why did you sit up?"

Wei Luo lied down on the couch again, grabbed his sleeve, and said, "I recently thought you had returned, so I sat up."

Zhao Jie was silent for a moment, then he slightly turned his head and coldly asked, "Why is Fourth Prince here?"

Wan Qi Zhen finished looking. It was finally time for him to appear on the stage. He calmly walked past the doorway and reclined against one of the building's pillars that was carved with a cloud and dragon pattern and embossed with gold.

He meaningfully looked back and forth between Wei Luo and Zhao Jie. Then, he smiled and said, "This prince saw that Your Highness Prince Jing was in a rush, thought you were worrying about the archery and horse riding competition that would happen the day after tomorrow, and wanted to talk you about it. Unexpectedly, this prince was wrong and disturbed Prince Jing's happy occasion." The conversation turned and he asked Wei Luo, "And your name is?"

His words were too arrogant as if he was extremely sure he would win. It didn't seem as if he was here to talking things through. He was clearly here to provoke Zhao Jie.

Zhao Jie's expression didn't show any reaction to his words. His phoenix eyes were calm.

Who didn't know how to boast that he was a hero? At the key moment, it was real ability that mattered. Zhao Jie felt that it was beneath his dignity to lower himself to Wan Qi Zhen’s level. The person that would win and the person that would lose could only be determined during the equestrian archery competition.

Although Zhao Jie didn't care about Wan Qi Zhen's provocation, it didn't mean that he was okay with the unbridled way he was looking at Wei Luo. Zhao Jie said, "Fourth Prince, are you very interested in this prince's princess consort?"

Hearing these words, Wan Qi Zhen was slightly surprised.

He had heard that Da Liang's second prince, Prince Jing, wasn't married yet. How did he get married so quickly? And that little girl didn't look old. At most, she was fifteen years old. Zhao Jie was probably at least twenty-five years old. Wasn't this an old cow eating tender, young grass? Or, could it be that all of the people from Da Liang were like this?

(T/N: Zhao Jie is currently twenty-three years old.)

While Wan Qi Zhen was thinking of this, he pretended to suddenly realized something. He cupped one fist in the other hand and said, "So, she's Princess Consort Jing. Excuse this prince for my rudeness.”

Wei Luo didn’t respond to his words.

Not much time later, Zhao Liuli and an imperial physician came over. The imperial physician put down his medicine box, came to Wei Luo's side to examine her condition. Fortunately, at this time, her nose wasn't bleeding as heavily as before. The imperial physician took out a few pieces of ice and spread it over her forehead. Then, he put a ball of cotton into her mouth and pressed it against her upper gums. As a result, the bleeding finally stopped completely.

As the imperial physician put his things away, he warned her, "House Wei's Fourth Miss, you body doesn't need too much supplements. In the future, it'll be better if you eat less longans."

Wei Luo sulkily nodded.

Zhao Liuli was sitting next to Wei Luo as she guiltily wiped away the blood on Wei Luo's chin. She apologized, "Ah Luo, it's my fault... If I had known that you couldn't take supplements, I definitely wouldn't have asked you to drink that bowl of soup."

Anyways, it had already passed. Wei Luo didn't have any intentions of blaming Zhao Liuli. After all, her intentions had been good. Wei Luo had lost a lot of blood today and couldn't become more spirited, so she weakly said, "It's fine as long as you don't try to give me something to replenish blood."

Without even Wei Luo mentioning it, Zhao Liuli already had the idea of sending Wei Luo food that would be good for replenishing blood. After Wei Luo said these words, she immediately felt guilty. Even so, she didn't let go of these thoughts. She privately had a palace servant girl secretly put many items like fleeceflower root and codonopsis root into House Wei's carriage. By the time that Wei Luo discovered these items, it was already too late to return them.

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