Chongfei Manual - Chapter 109.2

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Chapter 109.2

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Chapter: 109.2 out of 171

Many people were alerted by what was happening in Xin Yan. Shortly after hearing about what happened to Wei Luo, Wei Chang Hong and Liang Yu Rong rushed over.

Liang Yu Rong had originally been very worried. Seeing that Wei Luo was okay, she felt relieved.

At this time, the palace banquet hadn't ended yet, so Wei Luo couldn't return home, so Zhao Liuli had one of the side chambers next to Chen Hua Hall cleaned out for her to stay and rest. Wei Chang Hong personally carried Wei Luo to the Chen Hua Hall's side chamber, carefully put her down on the bed, and pulled the quilt over her. "Ah Luo, properly rest. I'll wake you up when the palace banquet is over."

Wei Luo quietly said, "En." Then, she closed her eyes.

Wei Chang Hong was vigilant. In order to protect Wei Luo's safety, he kept close to her as he guarded her. He wouldn't even let Zhao Liuli see her, much less Zhao Jie.

He calmly sat on the red sandalwood stool that was next to the bed.

A little while later, a palace servant wearing a dark reddish purple robe entered the side chamber, saluted to Chang Hong, and said, "House Wei's Sixth Young Master, Duke Ying had something he wants to say to you. Please follow me to Rong Hua Hall."

Wei Chang Hong asked, "What happened?"

The palace servant shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know.

Wei Chang Hong could only stand up, tuck the blanket around Wei Luo, and leave the room.

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After Wei Chang Hong left, just as Zhao Jie was about come out from behind the lattice rosewood side doors decorated with magpies and enter the room to see how Wei Luo was doing, he saw that someone had unexpectedly moved faster than him.

After Gao Dan Yang changed her clothes, she didn't immediately leave the palace. Instead, she went to Qing Xi Palace to rest. She was Empress Chen's niece and had regularly rested in Qing Xi Palace before, so the palace servants were accustomed to her and didn't say anything. Hearing that Wei Luo was also here, she finaly couldn't suppress the impulse in her mind and came over.

Gao Dang Yang had stopped next to the bed. Looking at the young girl who was serenely sleeping, round after round of distress welled up in her heart. Why did she easily get so much? Why did she steal away her things? Even her maternal aunt, the empress, who usually loved her dearly, was now clearly partial to this girl.

She wished that Wei Luo had never appeared in this world.

Once she had this idea, she couldn't stop thinking about it. Gao Dan Yang stretched her hands out and placed them on each side of Wei Luo's neck. She couldn't help slowly drawing her hands closed. Her complicated expression showed enmity and sorrow. She looked as if she didn’t have any other choice and was suffering from hardships.

Standing behind the lattice side doors and seeing this sight, Zhao Jie's gaze suddenly dropped. Just as he was about to call out to stop her, he heard the young girl on the bed suddenly ask with her eyes still closed, "Older siser Gao, what advantage will you gain from my death?”

Startled, Gao Dan Yang's retracted her stretched out hands and returned to her earlier position.

Wei Luo slowly opened her eyes. Her large, beautiful eyes were calm as if she could see through someone's heart. She curved the corner of her lips and faintly smiled. Although her small face was pale, she wouldn't lose to anyone in impressiveness. She calmly asked, "Didn't you want to strangle me?"

Gao Dan Yang suddenly returned to her senses, wanted to maintain her remaining image, and said, "No... I only..."

Wei Luo didn't sit up. Her dark eyes turned and she stared at the golden canopy above her. Her lips curved into a slightly sarcastic smile. She spoke for Gan Dan Yang. "You just hate me. You're jealous of me. You wish I could die, right?"

After she concisely described Gao Dan Yang's feelings and seemed as if she didn’t notice that Gao Dang Yang's face had turned deathly pale, she continued, "If I were you, I definitely wouldn't use this method. After all, we're the only two people in this hall. If I die, you'll definitely be the suspect."

Gao Dan Yang opened her eyes wider. She was shocked that Wei Luo could be so calm.

Wei Luo suddenly laughed. Her eyes were bright and she looked cute and sweet. "Older sister, you want to kill me? Because I'm going to marry older brother Prince Jing? But, haven't you made a mistake? Do you think older brother Prince Jing will marry you if I die?"

Gao Dan Yang's face became even paler. It felt as if someone was opening a curtain that exposed her shameful delusion. Standing next to the bed, with her eyes turning red, she asked, "How do you know he won't..."

"Because he doesn't like you." Wei Luo's bright, crystal clear eyes were very moving, but her following words were very cruel, "If older brother Prince Jing likes you, why would he delay for so long? You probably don't know this, but older brother Prince Jing told me that he wished he could be with me at every moment to accompany me. He was so impatient about going to my home to propose marriage. He also said sweet, romantic words to me. Do you know why? Because he likes me."

Gan Dan Yang staggered back. The shock from hearing her words wasn't light. When she returned to her senses, her tone was fierce as she said, "I've already liked older cousin Jing for almost ten years. My love for him is deeper than your feelings. Why is it you? Why are you the one marrying him? Clearly, I'm more suitable. I know him better..."

But, what was the use of knowing? It was only her wishful thinking. Why did she insist that the other person return her feelings?

Wei Luo slowly explained that her words were irrelevant. "I also know Chang Hong. I've been living with Chang Hong since we were born. We've known each other for almost fifteen years. According to older sister Gao's logic, should I be marrying Chang Hong?"

Gao Dan Yang was stifled by her words. She didn't have words to refute her.

Wei Luo's large eyes curved. Like a stream of water, she smoothly and slowly said, "Although I haven't know Zhao Jie as long as you or liked him for ten years, we're going to get married. In the future, we'll continue to know each other for a long time. Perhaps, we'll be together for a lifetime. At that time, I'll know him better than you and like him more than you do.”

Gao Dan Yang unexpectedly couldn’t say a single word.

Originally, she had wanted to come here to declare her sovereignty over Zhao Jie. However, Wei Luo's words had completely defeated her. So, what if she came here? She had lost and became a shambled mess.

Gao Dan Yang stiffly stood in place for a long time. In the end, she turned around and left.

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