Chongfei Manual - Chapter 110.3

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Chapter 110.3

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Chapter: 110.3 out of 171

Liang Yu Rong wanted to go to Ci Temple to ask for protection charms for her parents. Her parents were advance in their age and their health was worsening each day. Liang Yu Rong was a filial child. Not only did she take care of them every day, she also thought about going to a temple to ask Buddha to bless and protect them. Coincidentally, Wei Luo was bored at home, so she decided to go with her and ask for protection charms for Wei Kun and Chang Hong in the passing.

Sitting inside the black-lacquered flat-roof carriage, the group of people arrived at Ci Temple and followed the grey-robed monks to the main hall. Inside the hall, it was currently the peak time of the day for burning incenses.

There was an endless stream of people here to worship the bodhisattva. The bodhisattva here had a famous reputation for being very effective, so many people had come here to visit.

When it was Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong's turn, the two young girls kneeled down on the praying mats and faced the stately bodhisattva statue. Holding three incense sticks in their hands, they bowed before putting the incense sticks into the incense burner. Then, they kneeled down on the praying mat again, put their hands together in prayer, and respectfully kowtowed three times.

Liang Yu Rong wanted to request three protection charms, so she had to repeat these actions three times.

Wei Luo originally only intended to ask for the two, but from time to time, Zhao Jie's face appeared in her mind. After hesitating for a while, she continued to bow with Liang Yu Rong.

After they finished, a monk gave them three protective charms. Liang Yu Rong curiously glanced at Wei Luo and asked, "Weren't you only going to ask for two? Who are you giving the third one too?"

At this time, Chang Hong wasn't with them. He was currently outside waiting for them. Wei Luo pursed her lips and confidently said, "I asked it for older brother Prince Jing."

Liang Yu Rong's expression suddenly became ambiguously and she deliberately dragged out saying, "Ohhh. You sure think about Prince Jing a lot..."

Wei Luo angrily glanced at her. She really wanted to cover Liang Yu Rong’s mouth.

As the two of them were walking out of the main hall, they kept talking and didn't notice the people walking into the hall. Wei Luo almost crashed into someone. Fortunately, her reaction was prompt. She moved a step to the side and firmly stopped.

She turned her head to look and saw that the other person was a middle-aged woman with exquisite black eyebrows and beautiful eyes. Although there were fine lines at the corners of her eyes, they didn’t have the slightest effect on her beauty. In all details, her elegant bearing was outstanding. It could be clearly seen that she must have been a beauty when she was younger. Wei Luo didn't pay too much attention and only felt that she looked very familiar. She smiled and politely said, "Excuse me."

The woman stopped and stared at her without any expression. A long time later, she returned to her senses and somewhat helplessly said, "It's fine. Young lady, be more carefully when walking..."

Wei Luo nodded and left with Liang Yu Rong.

After they left the main hall, Liang Yu Rong curiously looked at her, then turned her head to look at that woman. She asked, "Ah Luo, that woman looks so similar to you."

Wei Luo was very disapproving of her remark. She faintly said, "Really? Perhaps, it's a coincidence."

Seeing that Wei Luo didn't care, it wouldn’t be good for Liang Yu Rong to continue pursuing the topic, "Maybe..."

However, in her mind, she thought that they were exactly the same in appearance and temperament.

Wei Chang Hong was standing underneath a large elm tree in the courtyard while waiting for them. Liang Yu Rong wanted to continue to ask, but Wei Luo had already walked over to Chang Hong to show off the protective charms that she had recently requested. She proudly said, "I heard that these were personally made by the abbot. They're very effective. Chang Hong, I'll put it on for you."

Wei Chang Hong curved the corner of his lips and didn't refuse. "Okay."

Wei Luo stood on her tiptoes and took out one of the protective charms to tie it around his neck.

Wei Luo was too short. It was still difficult for her to do this even if she stood on her tiptoes. Chang Hong cooperatively leaned over so that it would easier for her.

There was a woman silently standing at the entrance of the man hall. She was wearing a red cloak with a rounded embroidery lotus flower design. Seeing those two children that seemed very close underneath the tree, her eyes turned red without her noticing. As it turns out, a long time had already passed. They had already grown up...

After Wei Luo helped Chang Hong with tying the protective charm, they didn't linger and prepared to leave the mountain.

Seeing that they were leaving, the woman couldn't help taking a step forward. She opened her mouth and almost called out their names.

The servant girl next to her asked, "Madam, didn't you want to come here to worship Buddha?”

She froze and immediately stopped. Right, she was here to worship Buddha today. At the moment, she hadn't even seen Buddha's statue... But, how could she still be in the mood? She hesitated for a moment. In the end, she walked a few steps and absent-mindedly said, "Not today, I'll come back another day."

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