Chongfei Manual - Chapter 113.1

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Chapter 113.1

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Wei Luo was slightly surprised. Wu Rong people grew up riding on horses. She had heard that they started riding horses when they were five years old. They all had exceptional horsemanship, even the women could ride galloping horses in the grassland. It wasn't that shameful for Zhao Zhang to lose to them. But from Zhao Liuli's words, it seemed as if the way he had lost was wrong.

Did something happen?

Wei Luo wanted to ask her, but after seeing Emperor Chong Zhen's unpleasant expression, she paused and decided to not ask.

Coincidentally, the third round was starting.

This round was equestrian archery. Although each group had three people, the focus of the contest was on Zhao Jie and Wan Qi Zhen. The rules of the contest were that the people would ride horses around the competition arena while the palace servants let go of sparrows outside of that area. Whichever team collectively shot the most number of birds would be the winning team. Since the first two rounds were a tie between Da Liang and Wu Rong, this round was crucial.

Everyone's gaze was fixed on the people below. Even on the viewing platform, Wei Luo and Zhao Luili couldn't help feeling nervous.

Outside of the competition arena, the leather drums were struck. One of Wu Rong's warriors was the first one to step forward.

Thirty minutes later, Da Liang and Wu Rong had shot a total of fifteen and eighteen sparrows, respectively. The last part of the third round would be Zhao Jie's and Wan Qi Zhen’s turn.

Wan Qi Zhen was wearing an embroidered han fu robe with the right layer of the robe on the top as he rode a black horse out. His shoulders were broad and he had an awe-inspiring presence. He lifted his right hand and placed it on the left side of his chest to salute Emperor Chong Zhen and Wu Rong's emperor. Then, he tightened his grip on the reins and heroically shouted, “Jia” to urge the horse forward. He rushed forward like a shot arrow.

At the same time, the palace servants released dozens of birds. As they flew up towards the sky, they passed over Wan Qi Zhen's head.

When Wan Qi Zhen drew back his bow, his movement was as smooth as flowing water. He released the arrow as soon as he targeted a sparrow. The sparrow dropped the ground. Without even glancing at it, he shot a second sparrow, a third sparrow... It seemed as if he shot with unfailing accuracy and never missed!

Stunned, the nearby palace servant counted, "Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen..."

By the time he lapped around the competition arena and returned, he had shot a total of twenty-one sparrows! The Wu Rong people had already shot eighteen sparrows. Everyone calculated in their minds and couldn't help sweating in worry from Zhao Jie. If Da Liang wanted to win, he would have to shoot at least twenty-five sparrows. However, there hadn't been any pause in Wan Qi Zhen's speed when he was shooting the arrows. Could Zhao Jie be even quicker than him?

Even Emperor Chong Zhen couldn’t help furrowing his eyebrows.

Wei Luo looked in Zhao Jie's direction. It would be a lie if she said she wasn't worried. Although she also wanted him to win, she didn't want him to feel too much pressure. The important thing about participating was that he only needed to do his best.

In contrast, Zhao Jie didn't show any signs of anxiousness. He showed the same calmness as before. When Wan Qi Zhen cast a meaningful glance at him, he let it pass by him without any change in his expression. He urged the horse forward at the starting place. As if he felt something, Zhao Jie slanted his head to look in Wei Luo's direction. Because they were too far apart, Wei Luo couldn't clearly see his expression and only saw that he quickly looked away. After the drums were struck, he rushed into the competition arena.

His body was tall and slim, but he looked even taller while riding a horse. A gust of wind caused his dark black robes embroidered with golden thread to flutter. His entire body seemed like an exquisite and sharp sword that had been unsheathed. Looking at him was enough to delight everyone's eyes and make them lose their senses. When the people on the viewing platforms had regained their senses, they saw him taking out two jin pu gu arrows, attaching them to the bow, aiming them at the sky, pulling the bowstring...

(T/N: Below is a picture of that type of arrow.)

One after another, everyone gasped. Prince Jing was planning on shooting two arrows at once? It would be once thing if his targets were stationary things, but his targets were sparrows that were flying in the sky!

Without waiting for people to get over their doubts, Zhao Jie's arrows had already been released and two sparrows fell straight down from the sky.

Zhao Jie didn't stop. He took out two more jin pu gu arrows from his quiver and shot down another two sparrows.

On the viewing platform, Wu Rong's emperor's mouth was gaping open in shock and amazement. It was one thing to shoot with unfailing accuracy was one arrow. It was too unbelievable to be accurate with two arrows. After all, Zhao Jie and the sparrows were constantly moving. Could this Prince Jing be supernatural creature? Even if Zhao Jie had defeated Wu Rong's army until they had to retreat little by little eight years ago, he was unexpectedly still this impressive eight years later! Wu Rong's emperor initially had ideas of defeating Zhao Jie, but those intentions in his mind were now as dead as ashes. Zhao Jie’s actions had thoroughly convinced him to give up.

For the last time, Zhao Jie placed three zhi jin pu arrows into his bow, aimed the arrows at three sparrows in the sky, and released the arrows.

A nearby place servant counted in a loud voice, "Thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven!"

Wei Qi Zhen's face went through a myriad of colorful changes.

Without any doubt, Da Liang had won this round.

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