Chongfei Manual - Chapter 116.1

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Chapter 116.1

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Chapter: 116.1 out of 171

Although Wei Luo had recognized Jiang Miao Lan those two times, she didn't have any intention of acknowledging her.

During her childhood, Wei Luo had seen many interactions between mothers and daughters. There were warm, caring mothers that treated their children affectionately and strict mothers that scolded their children. There were also mothers that would alternate with looking at the children with anger and joy.... Regardless of type, these mothers couldn't hide the parental devotion and love in their eyes. That devotion and love could soften any person's heart. Even if a child had a hard heart, everything would become fine after a mother patted her child on the back in comfort or when a child acted cutely spoiled in his or her mother's arms.

There was one time when Wei Luo went over to Marquis Ping Yuan's residence to look for Liang Yu Rong, Marquis Ping Yuan's wife had been lecturing Liang Yu, who had gotten into trouble.

Marquis Ping Yuan's wife's stern expression and loud voice had scared Liang Yu Rong and Liang Yu into silence. Liang Yu was obediently and silently kneeling down in front of his mother. Later, Wei Luo found out that Liang Yu had momentarily been too naughty and had broken a jade accessory carved with birds of prey and peony flowers that his father had given his mother.

That jade accessory had great significance. Marquis Ping Yuan had given this to his wife as a love token when their engagement had been settled. Marquis Ping Yuan’s wife had stored this item away in a deep place and rarely took it out. Liang Yu, this naughty child, who was curious about everything and wanted to take a look, had broken it with a moment of inattentiveness.

Marquis Ping Yuan's wife had punished him with kneeling in the ancestral hall and missing one day of meals. Liang Yu Rong didn't dare to plead for forgiveness for her older brother, so she dragged Wei Luo along to secretly look at Liang Yu. Liang Yu's knees hurt from kneeling, but the more important thing was that his stomach ached terribly from hunger. Although Marquis Ping Yuan's wife was clearly very angry, she still tacitly agreed to allow Liang Yu Rong to secretly deliver food to Liang Yu. She even had her personal servant girl deliver a soft pillow to Liang Yu, so that he would be more comfortable while he was kneeling and to avoid injuring his knees.

At that time, Wei Luo was really envious of Liang Yu. He could be lectured by his mother and also be cared by her. Wei Luo didn't even know what her mother looked like.

Wei Luo had never told anyone about this feeling, not even Chang Hong.

Although fourth aunt Qin-shi was very caring towards Wei Luo, this type of care still wasn't the same as a mother's affection towards her own child. Qin-shi could lecture and punish her children as she wished and give them earnest and well-meaning advice. However, Qin-shi only treated Wei Luo with blind fondness. Wei Luo didn't want to think too deeply about this matter. The more she thought about this, the more resentment she would feel towards Jiang Miao Lan.

How could she heartlessly abandon her and Chang Hong?

Why wasn't she able to do any of things that other mothers were able to do?

Wei Luo even viciously wondered if Jiang Miao Lan knew about the terrible endings that had befallen her and Chang Hong in her past life. If she found out, what would her reaction be? Would she regret abandoning and not caring about her children?

Wei Luo would have preferred that she had stayed missing and never came back.

But, Jiang Miao Lan had still come back. Wei Luo had recognized her at Yu He's entrance on Mid-Autumn Festival. She had seen a person that had been surrounded by a halo gradually walking outside. She had the same appearance as the person in that painted scroll in Wei Kun's study. Several years had passed and her appearance had changed, but her temperament would never change.

Wei Luo hadn't deliberately avoided her. She just didn't want to see Jiang Miao Lan and admit that she still had a mother.

Approached by Wei Kun's gaze, Wei Luo walked downstairs from the second floor, stopped a few steps away from them, formed a smiling expression, and called out, "Daddy."

"Ah Luo, why are you here?" Wei Kun looked behind her. Zhao Jie had also walked downstairs and stopped behind Wei Luo. Wei Kun fixed his expression and saluted, "Greeting Your Highness Prince Jing, I behaved poorly.”

Zhao Jie's expression didn't change much. He was always serious and cold in front of other people. "This prince requested someone to take measurements for Wei Luo's wedding dress and was just about to send her back home."

Wei Kun knew about this, so he said, "I troubled Your Highness."

Zhao Jie said, "Ah Luo is my fiancée. It's only normal for this prince to do this. Father-in-law, you don't have to think too much about this."

After these words were said, Jiang Miao Lan looked at Zhao Jie in surprise.

Although Jiang Miao Lan had already been in the capital for several days, she had intentionally avoided hearing news about House Wei. She was afraid that it would stir up sad memories. She was also worried that if she heard news about her children, she wouldn't be able to resist missing her children even more.

She only found out that Wei Luo was already engaged when she heard Zhao Jie calling Wei Kun "father-in-law".

Jiang Miao Lan looked at the handsome and refined man in front of her. He had a pair of profound and deep eyes that looked like the night sky filled with stars. Moreover, when he spoke, he considerately stood next to Wei Luo wth a protective posture. He probably cared about Wei Luo a lot.

For a moment, a thousand thoughts flashed through Jiang Miao Lan's mind. They weren't good.

Wei Luo really disliked this type of atmosphere. She didn't want to continue staying here. "Daddy, since you having something you want to discuss with other people, I won't stay any longer. I'll go back home first." Then, she lifted up her dark green skirt to depart.


(T/N: I wonder if the author is forgetting that Wei Luo was lovingly raised by Lin Huilian for nine years before her betrayal. She did grow up having a mother even if it wasn’t her biological one and ultimately everything was lie. When Wei Luo wakes up in her six year old body, she was already at least sixteen years old. Realistically, would a teenager enjoy being treated like a child and have to deal with same restrictions?

The part where Wei Luo thinks, “Although fourth aunt Qin-shi was very caring towards Wei Luo, this type of care still wasn't the same as a mother's affection towards her own child. Qin-shi could lecture and punish her children as she wished and give them earnest and well-meaning advice. However, Qin-shi only treated Wei Luo with blind fondness.” I feel like she’s misunderstanding and not giving Qin-shi enough credit. Qin-shi does give her a lot of heartfelt advice and goes out of her way to help Wei Luo. She’s the only one that’s not brought over to Zhao Jie’s side by a few pleasant sounding words and tries to warn her about Zhao Jie. If she doesn’t lecture her or punish her, it’s because boys were treated differently and Wei Luo hasn’t done anything bad, so there’s no reason for her lecture her.

What do you guys think?)

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