Chongfei Manual - Chapter 118.1

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Chapter 118.1

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Chapter: 118.1 out of 171

Shortly after Wei Luo returned home, someone delivered Zhao Jie's shoe pattern.

The servant girl, who delivered the item to her, was a tea-serving servant that had recently entered the residence. She was about twelve to thirteen years old with a delicate appearance. She was wearing a yellow jacket and green ru qun skirt. Her brightly smiling face was very lovable. "This servant is called Yue Li. Fourth Miss, if you have any orders in the future, please directly summon this servant."

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Wei Luo hadn't expected that Zhao Jie would be so brazen. He had actually planted one of his people in Duke Ying's residence. To put it bluntly, this Yue Li would be used a messenger for them. If there was something she wanted to say to Zhao Jie, she could mention it to Yue Li. His courage was really big! Wasn't he afraid that Duke Ying's people would discover her?

Fortunately, there weren't many people in her room at this time. There was only Jin Lu and Bai Lan. Other people didn't dare to casually enter her room. Wei Luo stared at shoe pattern on the small, vermillion-lacquered table carved with spirals and outlined with gold. Her face could still be considered calm as she said. "I understand. You can leave." In actuality, she was already wishing that she could poke Zhao Jie's face with a needle. She had given him an inch and he wanted a mile.

After Yue Li left, Bai Lan hastily closed the door, walked back to Wei Luo's side, and said, "Miss, why did His Highness Prince Jing give you this? That girl..."

Jin Lu's mind was cleverer. She interrupted Bai Lan's words, "That girl doesn't seem simple. She's probably reliable."

Wei Luo treated the shoe pattern as Zhao Jie and glared at it for a moment. Then, she said to Jin Lu and Bai Lan, "I promised him that I would make him a pair of shoes. Put this thing away. You're not allowed to tell anyone else about today's matter."

Jin Lu and Bai Lan were both people who understood appropriate behavior. They wouldn't casually gossip with other people. Moreover, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie were already engaged. It wasn't overstepping the bounds of what was proper for Wei Luo to make shoes for her fiancé. It would be okay even if other people found out. The outrageous thing was that Zhao Jie had secretly planted a spy in Duke Ying's residence. This was really watching Wei Luo too closely.

It wasn’t surprising that Wei Luo was feeling unhappy.

If she were to ever find out that Zhao Jie had Yang Hao closely follow and watch over her, she would definitely have a falling out with Zhao Jie.


It was still raining outside, but it wasn't as heavy as before when they had just returned home. The raindrops dripped and dropped onto the window frame and splashed onto the back of her hand. Outside in the courtyard, patches of water accumulated next to the pine trees and inverted their images. It was difficult to tell if reality was real or fake. There wasn't any movement in the main room. Wei Kun hadn't returned yet. Otherwise, there would have been a servant going forward to bring an umbrella to meet him at the entrance of Pine Courtyard.

Jin Lu stepped forward. As she closed the window, she said in concern, "Miss, you were wet from the rain when you came back. It would be better if you take a warm bath to drive away the chillness. Otherwise, you might be sick the next day."

Wei Luo nodded after she finished drinking a cup of red date and ginger tea.

A few drops of osmanthus essential oil made by Han-shi were added to the bath barrel. The scent was simple and elegant. After Wei Luo finished bathing, her entire body was faintly scented in sweet-smelling osmanthus. She put on a bluish green outer robe with Su style embroidery that consisted of clouds and grapes and a decorative lace border. Her dense, wet black hair was draped behind her back. Sitting on a couch that was facing the southern window, she casually asked, "Has my daddy returned?"

Jin Lu walked forward, gathered her hair, and gently used a double-edged fine-toothed comb to brush her hair until it was tangle-free. "To respond to Miss, Master returned shortly after you started your bath."

Wei Kun's face didn't look good when he returned. It looked gloomier than the weather outside. The servants in Pine Courtyard had never seen him like this and they didn't know why he was angry. The servants serving him were all trembling with fear and didn't dare to make the slightest mistake.

Jin Lu quietly glanced at Wei Luo. She couldn't hold back her curiosity and asked, "Miss, the person on the street from before..."

Jin Lu had heard the conversation between Wei Luo and Jiang Miao Lan. The words, "Sweetie, I'm your mother." had greatly shocked her and Bai Lan. But, seeing that Wei Luo wasn't willing to talk about this, the two of them didn't dare to ask questions at the time. They restrained their feelings and only guessed in their minds.

Right now, Wei Luo's expression had eased a lot, so Jin Lu dared to bring this topic up again.

Wei Luo hugged her knees with her chin resting on a knee. She stared at the outside scenery through the window and lazily said, "Don't ask too many questions. Just do your work."

Knowing that she had overstepped her authority, Jin Lu hastily said, "Understand. This servant has said too much."


A moment later, something happened in the main room. Wei Kun called Third Master Wei Chang to the main room. Their exact words were unknown, but she could vaguely hear Wei Kun's angry voice.

After Wei Luo's hair was dried, she got up from the couch, put on shoes embroidered with white flowers and decorated with pearls, and walked outside. Standing outside, she coincidentally heard Wei Kun's voice coming out from the main room's windows. "Why did you say those words to her? Why did you lie to her?!"

The servants standing outside the doorway deeply buried their heads. Their bodies were stretched taut. Under this atmosphere, they didn't to make any sounds.

Wei Luo leaned against the gates that were craved with birds of prey. Her head was slightly tilted back and her tired drooping fan-like eyelashes cast half circles shadows on her white jade face. When she raised her head again, she saw Wei Chang Hong walking towards her. He was wearing a woven sapphire robe with an auspicious cloud pattern. He asked, "Who's daddy arguing with? Why is he so angry?

She thought that Chang Hong had probably also heard something and this was why he had especially returned from Mister Qi's place earlier than usual.

Wei Luo look up and slowly said, "Daddy is speaking with Third Uncle." She tilted her head to look at Chang Hong, blinked, and asked, "For daddy to become this angry, who else could it be?"

Chang Hong furrowed his eyebrows. He figured something out from Wei Luo's words.


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