Chongfei Manual - Chapter 120.2

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Chapter 120.2

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Chapter: 120.2 out of 171

Zhao Jie laughed and showed a sad expression. "A little fellow called me inside when she needed me and started pushing me out as soon as she didn’t need me anymore. I really don’t have any significance in her heart."

Wei Luo puffed out her cheeks. "I didn't tell you to come inside. You were the one that came inside on your own."

Wei Luo saw that he wasn't moving, stamped her feet, and asked, "Why aren't you leaving?"

Zhao Jie looked at her, "I want to help you put on your clothes."

Wei Luo's face became redder than the rouge on the painted women on the divider. She hadn't heard such blatant words in two lifetimes. She mumbled to herself, "Big brother is truly shameless."

Seeing that she seemed to have softened her stance, Zhao Jie walked one step forward, raised his hands, and said, "Big brother promises to only help you with your clothes. I won't do anything else."

Later, the facts proved that it would be better to believe in ghosts than Zhao Jie's words.

At first, Zhao Jie really was very honest when her outer robe was taken off. But, after her thin, gauzy robe was also taken off, his eyes became strange. Zhao Jie looked at the delicately pretty body below him and tried to resist his body's impulse. He helped her put on the thin, gauzy robe, then he crouched down to tie her silk belt. Afterwards, he stood up, wrapped her in his arms, and murmured into her ear, "Ah Luo, you smell so good."

Wei Luo, “…”

Zhao Jie slowly added, "I really want you."

Wei Luo struggled in his arms. His scalding palms were snugly holding the back of her waist. They could slide down at any moment. She subconsciously wanted to avoid Zhao Jie's hands and even moved forward to get away. As a result, she was even more inseparably close to cuddling Zhao Jie's chest. Utterly discomfited, she said, "Let go of me."

Zhao Jie didn't let go of her. He bit down on her earlobe and licked it while holding it in his mouth. "After we get married, let me help you put on your clothes every day."

Wei Luo repeatedly shook her head, "No way. I have servants to help me."

How could she let him help her put on clothes? She felt shameful just imagining that scene.

Zhao Jie tilted his head to look at this easily embarrassed girl, laughed, and said, "Won't it fine if you just dismiss them to do something else?"

Just as Wei Luo was about to refuse, she suddenly thought of something, and started laughing. "Does big brother want to be my husband or my servant girl?"

Zhao Jie stared at her, "What did you call me?"

Wei Luo froze for a moment. When she could react again, she turned her blushing face away from him.

Zhao Jie lifted up her sharp, little chin. With his eyes fixed on her, he asked, "Ah Luo, what did you just call me?"

Wei Luo stepped on his foot, struggled free from his arms, and vanished like a wisp of smoke from the cleansing room. "You misheard. I didn't say anything!"

Zhao Jie stretched his hand out to catch her, but she had run away too quickly. Her silky, black hair slipped through his hands and only left behind a strong sense of loss. Zhao Jie looked at her figure that had already run far away. A short while later, he dropped his head and laughed out loud in delight.


Snow had recently fallen on Tian Chan Mountain during the day. The brilliant white snow covered the entire mountain. The moonlight shone on the snow and reflected a silvery, white light. Sitting on the roof, the resplendent starry sky seemed right above their heads and could be reached with a single hand.

Wei Luo was very tired. She just wanted to burrow into her quilts and have a good night's sleep, but Zhao Jie wouldn't let her sleep. He insisted on bringing her to the roof. Wei Luo was starting to suspect that he was addicted to doing this type of thing. After all, this wasn't the first time.

She curled up closer to Zhao Jie's chest and drowsily yawned. "Older brother Prince Jing, why are you here?"

Zhao Jie was holding her waist with one hand and gently massaging her head with the other hand. "I bought this villa a while ago to treat Liuli's illness. Your oldest uncle personally asked this prince and there wasn't a reason for this prince to not agree."

Wei Luo widened her eyes, "Did you know I would also come?"

Zhao Jie pecked her lips in praise. " How could my Ah Luo not come to such a good place like this one?”

As expected, Wei Luo knew that he didn’t have good intentions. She firmly twisted the hand that was around her waist. "You still can't peep at me when I'm bathing..."

Zhao Jie couldn't help laughing and said, "I stood outside for a while and didn't hear any sound coming from inside. I thought you had already fallen asleep, so I went inside to look." He pressed his lips against hers and slowly rubbed. "Besides, this prince is your husband. What's wrong with me looking?"

Zhao Jie's waist was very hard. She couldn't pinch him no matter how hard she tried. It only tired out her hand. Wei Luo stared at him so hard that her eyes turned round, "Not yet!"

Zhao Jie thought for a moment. It was exactly because he wasn't her husband yet that he didn't rush inside without regard for anything. If he was, did this little fellow think she would be able to safely escape? Of course, he could only think about these words. If he said these words out loud, Wei Luo would be easily angered again.

Zhao Jie took off his black stain cloak lined with fox fur and wrapped it around Wei Luo's body. She had just finished taking a bath and her hair wasn't dry yet. He was worried that she would get sick from sitting out here in the cold. A short time later, he jumped down from the roof while holding her and returned to the hall.

Zhao Jie placed Wei Luo down on the red sandalwood bed decoratively carved with auspicious clouds. Seeing that she was already serenely sleeping with her long eyelashes swept down, he curved his lips. She looked as exquisite as porcelain doll. He pulled up the nearby bedding embroidered with blossoming red flowers to cover her body and kissed her forehead before turning around and leaving the room.

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