Chongfei Manual - Chapter 121.1

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Chapter 121.1

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Chapter: 121.1 out of 171

When Wei Luo woke up the next day, there was no one next to her.

After Wei Luo ate breakfast, Jin Lu handed her a light yellow cloisonné bowl that was decorated with a brightly colored orchid pattern and filled with tea. She rinsed her mouth with the longjing green tea that had mint leaves added to it. Her expression was slightly perplexed. Did Zhao Jie really come last night? Or, had that just been a dream?

Yesterday, Wei Luo had been too sleepy. She only remembered that Zhao Jie had carried her up to the roof in his arms at the end. She didn't remember what happened after that. She turned her head and looked at the bed. The thin, gauzy robe she had just changed out of was still on the bed. It was the robe that Zhao Jie had helped her put on. It seemed that it wasn't a dream. Zhao Jie really had come here. She just didn't know when he had left or if he was still in the villa....

Wei Luo was slightly preoccupied with her thoughts and she didn't return to her senses until Jin Lu called her. She blinked and asked, "Jin Lu, you've been fidgeting in front of me since early morning. Is there something you want to say to me?"

Jin Lu nodded, "Miss, today is the day that Doctor Fu will be treating First Young Master's leg. The women in the other branches have already gone there to show their support. Do you want to go over there to look too?"

Wei Luo thought for a moment before saying, "Okay, it'll be good to go over there to look. Go over to Yu Rong's room to ask her to come too."

Jin Lu replied, “Understood.”

Then, Wei Luo changed into a pomegranate red wu luo robe with a flowering stem pattern. A moon white muslin dress was worn underneath the robe. It was too cold outside, so she also wore a bright red cloak that that was lined with fox fur and had silk lacing. As she was putting on a pair of turquoise earrings in front of a bronze mirror, Liang Yu Rong came inside, followed by Jin Lu.

(T/N: Below are a picture of a simple light pink wu luo robe and a picture of that type of flowering stem pattern.)

Liang Yu Rong was even more afraid of the cold than Wei Luo. Today, she was wearing a yellow moon jacket with a lotus pattern and a pleated skirt. Not only was she covered by a cloak, she was also wearing a sable hat and holding a copper hand warmer. Her entire body was tightly covered as if she was afraid that other people didn't know how cold she was. Looking at how Liang Yu Rong was dressed, Wei Luo couldn't help teasing her, "If I didn't know better, I would think you're going to spend winter in Chang Bai Mountain."

(T/N: Chang Bai Mountain is the tallest mountain in Northeast Asia. It's considered a "Holy Mountain" and the birthplace many national myths.)

Chang Bai Mountain was an extremely bitterly cold place. During the winter, it would snow so heavily that the passages into the mountain would be sealed. It was impossible for most people to survive in that place. Wei Luo was only joking that Liang Yu Rong was dressed too excessively.

Liang Yu Rong immediately raised an eyebrow, "You're actually mocking me? I'm just sensitive to the cold. I haven't been to such a high altitude place in the past."

The conversation moved onto Wei Luo's clothing. The two young girls cheerfully quarreled with each other. The servant girls knew that they weren't actually angry, so they didn't step forward to stop them and only stood by and watched them with smiles.

Suddenly, Liang Yu Rong stopped talking and pointed at the red mark on Wei Luo's clavicle, "Ah Luo, what's that?"

Wei Luo blinked in surprise, "What?"

She was puzzled until Liang Yu Rong showed her the mark using a small bronze mirror. Zhao Jie had left behind a red mark on her clavicle last night from sucking. It still hadn't fade. Other people usually couldn’t easily see this spot. But when the two of them were previously tussling,  Liang Yu Rong had accidentally grab Wei Luo's clothes, which caused this current scene.

Fortunately, Wei Luo quickly thought of an excuse. In her mind, she wanted to fiercely bite Zhao Jie, but her expression was calm as she said, "Oh, there are many bugs on the mountain. When I was bathing in the hot spring last night, a small bug bit me. It's not big deal."

Liang Yu Rong didn't overthink. Worried that this "bug" bite would inflame the skin, she especially had her personal servant girl go to her room to bring back a bottle of anti-inflammation ointment and told Wei Luo to apply it on her skin every day to avoid the potential for scarring.

Wei Luo didn't refused and thanked Liang Yu Rong for her kind intention.


First Madam and Wei Chang Yin were staying at the villa's Jin Ji Courtyard. The source of the hot springs was in the northeastern corner of Jin Ji Courtyard. It was the most effective spot to soak in for treating injuries and general health benefits.

Just as Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong saw Jin Ji Courtyard’s central room, they happened to see First Madam and the other womenfolk sending a man off at the doorway. When they walked closer, Wei Luo saw that the man was Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie was wearing a navy blue robe with an auspicious cloud pattern and a lotus-shaped crown. A white jade dragon hairpin held up his hair. That jade hairpin was the one that had Wei Luo had given him.

Zhao Jie's demeanor looked impressive with a sense of propriety and his noble bearing looked effortless. He seemed like a completely different person than the one who had peeped at Wei Luo when she was bathing last night. Zhao Jie's eyes were looking down as he was talking with First Madam.

As First Madam was sending him off, she tearfully thanked him, "It's really all thanks to Your Highness Prince Jing. If it wasn't you, than my child's leg..."

Zhao Jie said, "It wasn't much. Madam doesn't need to keep saying thank you."

First Madam took out her silk handkerchief to wipe her tears. She knew that if she continued like this, Zhao Jie would find this bothersome, so she stopped herself. "Your Highness, would you like to see Chang Yin? Doctor Fu is currently treating his leg. You're his benefactor, he definitely wants to personally thank you."

Zhao Jie thought for a moment, then he said, "Then I'll have to bother Madam to bring me there.”

Zhao Jie looked up and saw two girls standing in the verandah across from him. Wei Luo's line of sight collided with his. She hurriedly looked away. She hadn't expected that Zhao Jie would be here. For a moment, she didn't know if she should step forward or back.

Men and women should maintain their distance. Even if Wei Luo and Zhao Jie were engaged, they should still stay away from each other, especially before the wedding. However, Zhao Jie and First Madam were already walking over here. It wouldn't be very appropriate if she turned around and left.... Wei Luo lowered her eyes and waited for Zhao Jie and First Madam to come closer, then she called out, "First Aunt," and didn't say another word.

Contrary to expectations, Liang Yu Rong was the one that saluted and said, "Greetings Your Highness Prince Jing."

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