Chongfei Manual - Chapter 121.2

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Chapter 121.2

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Chapter: 121.2 out of 171

First Madam knew that girls were thin-skinned, so she didn't put Wei Luo in a difficult spot. Instead, she smilingly helped Wei Luo out by saying, "Ah Luo, you here. Mi-erhas been looking for you everywhere. That child really likes to bother you. How about you go over to main room to see him?”

Wei Luo nodded, took a small black box outline in gold from Jin Lu, and brought it over to First Madam. "This is a protective charm I asked from Ci Temple before I came to Tian Chan Mountain. It's used to ensure a person's health and smooth sailing in one's life. First Madam, please give this to older cousin Chang Yin for me."

First Madam was very pleased and praised Wei Luo for her thoughtfulness. "Of course. I'll personally hand this over to him soon."

Reassured, Wei Luo said with a smile, "I heard that First Aunt hasn't been sleeping well because of older cousin Chang Yin's problem. I just happen to have pomanders for soothing nerves. First Aunt, you can send someone to take some from my room. Heaven helps the worthy. Older cousin Chang Yin's injury will definitely improve."

First Madam sighed and said, "I hope so."

Then, worried that Zhao Jie had been waiting to long, she bid Wei Luo farewell and said to Zhao Jie, "Your Highness, I've kept you waiting. Let's go."

Zhao Jie casually glanced at the brocade box in First Madam's hand, then he looked at Wei Luo's figure from behind. He looked away and said, "Okay."


Although several people were gathered in the main room out of concern for Wei Chang Yin's leg, Wei Chang Yin wasn't here currently, so their conversation shifted to another topic. The group of people started to talk about Tian Chan Mountain's hot springs and scenery.

Third Madam Qin-shi said, "I only briefly soaked in the hot spring last night. When I woke up early this morning, all of the weariness from my body has vanished."

Second Madam said, "That's so true. My skin doesn't even feel dry anymore..."

Liang Yu Rong had gone to sleep early last night and didn't experience the benefits of the hot springs, so she didn't have anything to say. Because Wei Chang Mi was pestering her, Wei Luo didn't have a chance to speak either. So, she simply played along with him and only silently listened to the conversation.

Wei Bao Shan had even less leeway to speak. She stood behind Second Madam with her head lowered and an absent-minded appearance.

Second Madam originally didn't want to bring her here, but she was worried that Wei Bao Shan would complain to Second Master about being the only one left behind at home. So, she unwillingly brought her along. Second Madam didn't want to see her, so she was staying at a very remote courtyard. It took Wei Bao Shan at least 10 minutes to walk from where she was staying to Jin Ji Courtyard.

After standing for a while, Wei Bao Shan said to Second Madam Song-shi, "Madam, Bao Shan isn't feeling well. I want to go back to rest."

Second Madam didn't want to see her to begin with. She waved her hand and said, "You can leave. If you're not feeling well, then don't come out. I feel unlucky seeing you."

Wei Bao Shan's face paled. She saluted and left the main room.

Wei Luo looked Wei Bao Shan's figure as she left and had a strange feeling. But at the moment, she couldn't figure out why she had that feeling.

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Wei Chang Mi held up an osmanthus cake to Wei Luo's lips and said with overly seriously tone and expression, "Ahhh. Old sister Ah Luo, eat this..."

Wei Luo went along with his action and bit off a piece of the osmanthus cake and chewed.

With bright eyes, Wei Chang Mi asked, "Is it yummy?"

Wei Luo nodded, "En, it's just a bit too sweet."

Wei Chang Mi stuffed the remaining part into his mouth. His cheeks were bulging as he said, "It doesn't taste too sweet to me."

Wei Luo suddenly thought of something. She abruptly stood up, dropped Wei Chang Mi into Liang Yu Rong's lap, and started walking outside. "Help me look after him. I'm going outside to walk around.”

Liang Yu Rong asked, "Eh? Where are you going?"

Wei Luo didn't have time to reply. She lifted up her skirt and left the main room. She headed towards an osmanthus tree in Jin Ji Courtyard. This tree was located at the center of Jin Ji Courtyard. Regardless of where one came out, he or she would have to pass by this tree. Wei Luo had recently seen this decade-old tree on her way in. Its leaves had already fallen and only bare branches were left.

At the moment, Wei Bao Shan was currently standing underneath that tree. A burst of wind had blown her handkerchief onto the osmanthus tree's branch. She was standing on her tiptoes and trying to reach her handkerchief.

In the distance, Zhao Jie was coming out of Wei Chang Yin's room and was heading over here.

Wei Luo was idly standing in the verandah with her arms folded and watching with the cool eyes of a bystander. She didn't step forward to help Wei Bao Shan or greet Zhao Jie. She only stood there.

At first glance, Zhao Jie immediately saw Wei Luo and walked over to her in large strides. Seeing that she was only wearing a thin pomegranate red robe and a white dress beneath the robe, he immediately took off the black cloak with fox fur that he was wearing and draped it over her. "Why did you come out wearing so little clothing? Why are you just standing there? Aren't you worried about freezing?"

Wei Luo looked up. Her smile was as bright as fireworks as she sweetly said, "I didn't know when big brother would come out. I could only stand here and wait."

Zhao Jie scratched her nose. This wasn't a good place to talk. Anyone could come by here. He held her hand and started leading her out of the courtyard, "Perfect, this prince also has something to say to you."

Wei Luo didn't struggle. She obediently followed him.

When they passed by Wei Bao Shan, Zhao Jie didn't even glance at her as if he couldn't see her trying to get her handkerchief.

Wei Luo wasn't afraid of Wei Bao Shan seeing them. Wei Bao Shan didn't have any status in Duke Ying's household. No one would listen to her words. Wei Luo turned her head to look at her. Wei Bao Shan was also looking at them with a strange expression. She was barely able to smile at Wei Luo as she greeted, "Fourth Miss."

Wei Luo curved her lips and lightly said, "Miss Bao Shan."

Wei Bao Shan's expression changed. Wei Luo called her "Miss Bao Shan" instead of "Miss Wei". This meant that Wei Luo didn't consider her a member of House Wei. She wasn't wrong. After all, Wei Bao Shan had been staying in Duke Ying's household for so long, but her name still hadn't been entered in the family genealogy records, much less included in the ranking. She was an outsider.

These words were also faint reminder for Wei Bao Shan to pay attention to her status.

Wei Bao Shan looked at Zhao Jie and Wei Luo's departing figures. Zhao Jie's eyes only had Wei Luo. He looked at her like she was treasure. He even intentionally walked slower out of concern for her footsteps. Wei Bao Shan looked at the handkerchief above her head. She didn't try to reach for it again. She turned around and also left.

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