Chongfei Manual - Chapter 122.2

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Chapter 122.2

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Chapter: 122.2 out of 171

As the wedding day came closer, Wei Luo's heart felt as if it was suspended on tenterhooks.

Her future felt uncertain. She was leaving a familiar place for an unfamiliar one. But, she wasn't too obvious about her trepidation. Other than occasionally dazedly look through the window, she didn’t show any signs.

Fourth Madam was worried that she wouldn't have enough servants after the wedding, so she gave her four servant girls and two older female servants. Old Madam also sent over two servant girls and handed over their ownership papers to Wei Luo, so that it would be easier for Wei Luo to give them orders.

The next day, Liang Yu Rong specially came over to see her and also brought along gossip.

"Do you remember the Wu Rong prince that came to the capital last year? I heard that during this summer he took a group of concubines with him when he went hunting. On the road, they encountered a group of unknown assassins and that fourth prince suffered serious injuries." Liang Yu Rong sighed, "This wouldn't be a big deal, but when he went back, he beat Gao Dan Yang in an outburst of rage. His beating caused Gao Dan Yang to miscarry..."

Wei Luo hadn't heard about this. Stunned, she stared at her and asked, "Wan Qi Zhen personally caused the miscarriage?"

Liang Yu Rong repeatedly nodded. "That Gao Dan Yang is really pitiful. She secretly sent a letter to her mother to ask her to bring her back home... But, why didn’t she realize that this would be impossible? She was someone that married over there as part of the alliance agreement. If she came back without permission, it would destroy the relationship between the two countries. Even though Duke Ying's wife was extremely distressed, she couldn't help her. She could only send another two servant girls over there to serve her."

She hadn't expected that Gao Dan Yang's life would be full of hardships. Wei Luo actually felt slightly sympathetic towards her. "Why do you know so much about this?"

Liang Yu Rong rubbed her nose and said, "My mother recently went over to Duke Zhen's residence and Duke Zhen's wife cried as she told her this. Then, my mother told me this when she came back. My mother also told me to sharpen my vigilance when it comes to my marriage partner in the future and to not marry a beast in human shape.

Wei Luo gave her a meaningful glance, "Oh, then what kind of person are you looking for?"

When all was said and done, Liang Yu Rong was an unmarried girl. She felt bashful when this topic came up. She pinched Wei Luo and said, "I'm not going to tell you."

Wei Luo laughed, "I still know even if you don't tell me. Isn't it..."

Liang Yu Rong immediately became anxious. She was scared that someone would overhear. She flung herself at Wei Luo and covered her mouth. "You still have energy to laugh at me. You should be thinking about what you’ll be doing on your wedding day tomorrow."

Wei Luo blinked, "Doing?”

Liang Yu Rong quietly moved to her side and whispered into her ear, "I heard from my older sister-in-law, it's very painful for women the first time..."

Wei Luo's face burned. She pushed Liang Yu Rong away from her, "Y-you, go away!"

Her action didn’t deter Liang Yu Rong from continuing to say, "Believe me. I wouldn't lie to you..."

Two girls that were closed with each other would be willing to mention anything. Wei Luo thought about what happened in Chen Hua Hall's side chamber and the object that Zhao Jie revealed... Wei Luo had been too embarrassed to look at the time. She felt like she had been holding a burning iron. Her blushing face was unbearably red. She had originally wanted to tease Liang Yu Rong, but instead, she was the one that was being teased. Wei Luo pushed her towards the door and said, "It's not early anymore. You should go back. I still have many things I need to prepare."

Liang Yu Rong knew that she was only acting angry because she was feeling embarrassed, so she only smilingly said, "You don't need to push me. I'll leave, okay? After you marry Prince Jing, we won't be able to talk like this anymore."

That was true. Today was Wei Luo's last day as an unmarried girl.

Thinking of this, she actually felt faintly sad.


In fact, there wasn’t anything left for her to do. The servants had already packed up her dowry. They were just waiting to carry it over to Prince Jing's residence tomorrow.

Wei Luo's dowry was quite large. After all, Wei Kun privately loved her more. The dowry he had prepared for her was ten thousand taels more than Wei Zheng's. In addition, Old Madam had added twelve thousand taels to her dowry. Wei Luo also had the dowry that Third Madam had given to her when she was seven years old. In a total, a hundred thirty-six people were needed to carry over her dowry.

This wasn't a small number. It made Second Madam slightly jealous. When her two daughters had married, their dowries hadn't been as extravagant. But, when Second Madam thought about it again, she consoled herself with the thought that Wei Luo was marrying a prince. If her dowry was too little, other people would look down on her and this would damage Duke Ying's family's reputation.

Wei Luo finally endured until evening. She used essential oils made of osmanthus flower in her bath and plum blossom balls to scent her hair. She sat on the couch and was eating a wu xiang pill. This wu xiang pill was made with orchid, osmanthus, angelica, white fu ling, and Korean mint. Honey had also been added to it. Eating it every day could improve the breath and natural body scent. Wei Luo had already been eating this for half a year. Not only did her body emit a faint fragrance, a sweet fragrance lingered in the space between her lips and teeth.

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