Chongfei Manual - Chapter 128.2

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Chapter 128.2

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Chapter: 128.2 out of 171

After breakfast, Zhao Jie went to the study in the outer court. Wei Luo originally wanted to try the spices she had purchased yesterday, but Zhao Jie wouldn't allow her to stay in Zhang Tai Courtyard by herself. Since he was in the study, he had her sitting on the couch next to the southern window to practice writing. He even justified his actions by saying, "Didn't imperial father give you a set of calligraphy tools recently? Use that to practice writing. If you're not willing, you can also grind ink for me."

Wei Luo couldn't stand to hear the word "grinding". She glared at Zhao Jie, who was smiling with wicked intentions, and said, "... I'll practice writing."

Zhao Jie smiled and didn't continue to tease her. Seeing that she was obediently practicing writing, he started his own work.

Before their wedding, Zhao Jie had handled his current matters in advance, so that he could relax while accompanying Wei Luo for a month. However, a problem had popped up over Prince Ru Yang's matter and he had to handle it as soon as possible.

Zhao Zhang had hidden over ten thousand weapons in Xu Zhou's southern mountain. Zhao Jie was preparing to spread this information to lure Prince Ru Yang to the southern mountain, then communicate with Xu Zhou's prefectural magistrate to coordinate plans. At that time, there would be irrefutable evidences. Even if they wanted to argue, they wouldn't be able to. It would be a serious setback for Zhao Zhang to lose Prince Ru Yang, his right-hand man.

In addition, Zhao Zhang would be found guilty of secretly storing weapons. Emperor Chong Zhen would be vigilant against him and would never promote him to an important position.

But, Prince Ru Yang had somehow heard some news. Zhao Jie had no choice but to put his plan in motion earlier.

After Zhao Jie finished thinking a thorough plan, he wrote his letter, sealed the envelope with sealing ink, handed the letter to Zhu Geng, and said, "Deliver this letter quickly to Xu Zhou's prefecture magistrate. He'll know what to do."

After Zhu Geng left, Zhao Jie's gaze swept over to the couch next to the window. Wei Luo was wearing a light pink silk outer robe embroidered with lotus flowers, which was paired with a brightly colored pomegranate skirt. Underneath the shining sun, the pomegranate skirt was spread out on the couch like a bright, blossoming pomegranate flower that was full of beautiful vitality.

Zhao Jie admired this wife for a while. But then, seeing that Wei Luo still wasn't paying any attention to him, he couldn't help feeling slightly jealous. He walked forward and asked, "What are you writing? Why are you so focused?"

Wei Luo raised her head to look at him. She blinked, "The Heart of the Wisdom Perfection*.”

* (T/N: This is one of the most popular and well-known Buddhist scriptures.)

Seeing her beautifully written words in regular script, Zhao Jie couldn't help saying a few sentences of praise.

Wei Luo brushed his hand away. As she lowered her head and prepared to write the remaining lines of the scripture, Zhao Jie had already sat down behind her and extended his long arm to pull her closer, "You haven't told me what Fourth Madam told you yesterday at Duke Ying's residence. Why was your face so red?"

Wei Luo froze after hearing these words. She very quickly thought of the method that Qin-shi had taught her. After struggling to think of an answer, she said, "Nothing much..."

Zhao Jie naturally didn't believe her. If it was nothing, why was her face so red? His hand covered her curves and he interrogated her with his mouth next to her ear, "En, are you going to say or not?"

Wei Luo shrunk a bit. Her cheeks were slowly stained in a layer of red, "It really was nothing."

Zhao Jie's black eyes deepened and his hand became more forceful. Wei Luo whimpered and conceded, "I'll tell you tonight."

That night, as Zhao Jie pressed Wei Luo's body beneath his and leaned his forehead against her forehead, he breathed heavily and hoarsely said, "Are you trying to kill me..."

Wei Luo's little face was covered in sweat. Her entire body was trembling like a little boat. This boat was being unceasingly struck by the sea's waves. Fourth aunt must have lied to her. She said that if she tightened and squeezed, then a man would quickly surrender... But it was taking even longer tonight! Was this method really effective?

After going through this night, Wei Luo's little waist that had finally recovered started to feel sore again.


When Jin Lu and Bai Lan cleaned the bed in the inner room, they would be so embarrassed that they couldn't raise their heads. They hurriedly rolled up the quilt on the bed and left. Without even looking, one could guess that that the bedsheets had been unsightly with damp spots.

Wei Luo really hated Zhao Jie. Why couldn't he show more restraint? The skin on her face had thickened. She had learned to keep her expression the same when she was faced with the servant girls' ambiguous eyes.


Wei Luo received a letter for Zhao Liuli today. It was invitation to take a trip outside the capital.

The letter didn't mention the specific location. Wei Luo was slightly puzzled. When Zhao Liuli invited her to go somewhere, it was usually inside the capital. Where did Liuli want to go?

Around noon, Zhao Liuli came to pick her up.

Wei Luo entered the carriage and asked Zhao Liuli where they were going, but Liuli stayed reticent and was much quieter than usual. Liuli would normally be lively and energetic. What was going on today? Noticing that Liuli's strange behavior, Wei Luo didn't continue to question her. The carriage past the capital's gates, traveled many kilometers, and stopped at a hillside.

There was a man and a horse at the hillside. Wei Luo looked into the distance and saw that the person was Yang Zhen.

There was a vast army beneath the cliff. The soldiers were wearing zhao jia armor and heading towards south.

(T/N: Below is a picture of zhao jia armor.)

Wei Luo suddenly thought of the rebel band running amuck in the south. Previous kings had used their soldiers for their own use and hadn’t cared about the poverty-stricken citizens that were in an abyss of suffering. This army was heading towards Guang Dong to bring order to this disaster.

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