Chongfei Manual - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

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Chapter: 130 out of 171

Wei Luo curved up her lips and lightly said, "Go away."

Yet, Li Song didn't move. His eyes were still lowered as he looked at Wei Luo with a gaze that held a slight bit of detachment and arrogance.

One of his hands was hanging on the second floor's railing. The posture seemed casual, but his fingers were secretly exerting force. Seeing that he wasn't moving, Wei Luo simply went around him. Towards people that she didn't want to see, the best method to deal with them was to indifferently ignore them.

But, Li Song wasn't willing to let her leave like this. His hand stretched out and he tightly grabbed Wei Luo's wrist.

Wei Luo paused. It was only now that she smelled the strong odor of alcohol on his body. Previously, she was only thinking about leaving, so she hadn't paid any attention to him. Now, she saw that his eyes were blurry and his eyebrows were low. A single glance showed that he was shamefully drunk. She couldn't help disliking him even more. Wei Luo tried to pull her wrist away and her tone had changed to impatience, "Li Song, do you want to humiliate yourself even more?"

These words provoked him. Li Song's gaze became overcast. Instead of letting her go, he tightened his grip on her wrist. His oppressive body pressed closer to Wei Luo until her back was touching the door behind her. He leaned over and looked down. "Tell me, how am I humiliating?" He moved closer to her ear and deliberately said in a quiet voice, "Sister-in-law."

Wei Luo face sank. She raised her hand up towards his face.

This time, Li Song had experience. In the moment before her hand slapped his face, he grabbed her wrist. He said with a smile, "What? You want to slap me again? Are the wounds that you left on my body too few?" He placed Wei Luo's hand on his face. "Here." As he said this, he moved her hand down from his cheek to his chin to his chest, "Here..." Then, he shifted her hand to the left and heavily pressed down for a moment. "And also here. Wei Luo, you're so talented. You've injured me so many times, but I don't want to kill you at all."

Wei Luo's eyes were calm like a lake without any ripples." That's because you deserve it."

"Right, I deserve it." Li Song lightly laughed. He lowered his head and buried it between her shoulder and neck to closely cling to her body's faint scent. "I deserve it for provoking you. I deserve it for feeling softhearted towards you. I deserve it... for liking you..."

Then, he opened his mouth and viciously bit down on her neck.

Wei Luo gasped in cold anger and went all out in her struggle, but Li Song seemed to have lost his senses. He tightly bound her hands and wouldn't let her move. Fortunately, they were at the innermost part of the hallway and most people wouldn't be able to see this area. Most of the guests downstairs were attentively listening to the ping tan. No one paid attention to what was happening in this nook.

Wei Luo's neck felt painful. It even felt as if he had bitten hard enough to draw blood. She gnashed her teeth and cursed, "Li Song, you're crazy.”

Li Song didn't refute. He also felt that he had gone crazy. Since the time that he had seen her in Zhao Yang Hall, he kept thinking about her pomegranate dress and her bright smiling expression when he returned home. He had actually gone to her and Zhao Jie's wedding, but he didn't enter Prince Jing's residence. He only stood outside and looked at them. He saw her as she came down from the bridal sedan, held the red ribbon, and was led into Prince Jing's residence by Zhao Jie.

At the time, he wanted to viciously bite her neck until it broke, so that she couldn't marry anyone else and would never forget him.

Li Song suddenly felt a terrifying wind blowing from behind him that carried surging fury. He could guess who had come. His teeth left Wei Luo's neck, but he didn't let go her. Instead, his tongue came out to lick her wound. He said with a smile, "I became crazy a long time ago."

A hand wrapped around Li Song's neck and he was lifted up from behind.

Zhao Jie grasped his neck. The blue veins on the back of Zhao Jie's hand were raised and he suddenly clenched his fingers closed. It seemed as if he would break Li Song's neck in the next moment. Zhao Jie's eyebrows were soaked in a layer of anger and there was a chilly, threatening aura around his body. Before Wei Luo could clearly see his action, he had thrown Li Song from the second floor!

The people on the first floor had been listening to the ping tan with keen interest, but a person suddenly fell from the sky and landed onto the stage with a thump!

The man and woman on the stage were startled. They took several steps back while holding their instruments. The spectators below the stage were also quite shocked. Someone even went forward to check if Li Song was still breathing amidst the confusion.

As Li Song fell down, he had taken the opportunity to grab the curtain on the stage. Cushioned by the curtain had been completely torn down by him, it wasn't likely for the fall to have killed him. However, he was still injured. His back had painfully collided against an eight immortal-style table. Li Song slightly moved, coughed, and saw that blood had come out from his mouth.

He raised his eyes to look at the second floor of the teahouse. There wasn't anyone there.

He powerlessly closed his eyes and his lips curved up into a mocking smile. In the end, he could only use that the type of method to ensure that Wei Luo would remember him.

If he had known that he would fall into this current predicament back when he was eight years old, he definitely wouldn't have pushed Wei Chang Hong into the lake or shot that arrow at Wei Luo.

He would have found her and given the best of everything to her.

He truly wished that he could have shown his affection for her in a nice way.


On the other side, Zhao Jie had used his cloak to wrap Wei Luo up and was taking her out through the teahouse's backdoor. As he walked, he ordered Zhu Geng, "Bring Liuli out from the teahouse and directly send her back to the palace. Tell her that Wei Luo is with me and that she doesn't need to worry." Then, he narrowed his eyes and added, "Cut off the tongues of the people that saw that scene and deliver them to Li Song."

As for Li Song... he would personally deal with him.

Zhu Geng knew that Zhao Jie meant the female singer and Li Song's personal servant boy. He made a noise in acknowledgement, turned around, and disappeared.

There was a prince's carriage parked behind the teahouse. Zhao Jie normally didn't ride in carriages. This carriage was prepared for Wei Luo and Zhao Liuli. Zhao Jie carried Wei Luo into the carriage and ordered the driver to return to Prince Jing's residence.

Zhao Jie opened the cloak that Wei Luo was wrapped in. The obvious teeth mark on her white jade-like neck was very conspicuous.

Zhao Jie's gaze became cold and his expression sunk. His left hand clenched into a fist. His entire body radiated a terrifying fury.

Wei Luo raised her eyes and met his line of sight.

Wei Luo's round eyes were clear and clean. They were clever and cunning. Zhao Jie restrained the anger in his heart. He lifted his right hand, gently touched her wound, and asked, "Does it hurt?"

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