Chongfei Manual - Chapter 133.2

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Chapter 133.2

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Chapter: 133.2 out of 171

On the day of Prince Yong An's heir's one month birthday, Wei Luo and Zhao Jie went to sixth prince's residence.

Princess Consort Yong An had previously given birth to two daughters. Now that she had finally given birth to a son, Prince Yong An Xue Rong placed a huge importance on this son. He had organized a banquet and invited all of the important high-ranking court officials and aristocratic families. The occasion was very lively. As soon as a person entered the residences, they could feel a strong sense of joy.

Zhao Jie and Wei Luo's carriage stopped at the residence's inner gate. Wei Luo held Jin Lu's hand for support as she came down from the carriage. As soon as she lifted her head, she saw Princess Consort Qi Gao Wan in front of her. Gao Wan was wearing a moonlight-colored outer robe embroidered with a pattern of golden lotus flowers. Gao Qing Yang was next to her. She was wearing an autumn-colored jacket and skirt. Gao Qing Yang and Gao Wan were cousins on their paternal side of the family.

They had bumped into each other by coincidence and it wasn't unreasonable for them to walk together. But, as Wei Luo looked Gao Qing Yang's expression, she could see that Gao Qing Yang wasn't very close to her paternal cousin.

As Gao Wan was talking with Gao Qing Yang, she saw Wei Luo and hastily revealed a smile. She waited until Wei Luo had walked closer before saying, "Imperial sister-in-law, I was just speaking about you to Qing Yang. I didn't expect that you would be behind us. It seems that I really can't talk about people behind their backs."

Gao Wan had a naturally smiling expression on her oval-shaped face and almond-shaped eyes. She naturally looked very lovable. If they weren't on different sides, Wei Luo could have probably been her friend.

Wei Luo politely conversed with her, "What were you saying about me?"

Gao Wan deliberately looked behind Wei Luo. Seeing that Zhao JIe hadn't come, she finally said with a smile, "My words can be a bit too frank. Imperial sister-in-law, don't think too much about them."

She held Wei Luo's hand and drew her closer. As they walked towards the inner courtyard, she said, "I just feel that you're too different from Prince Jing. Prince Jing is so cold-hearted and you seem so amicable and approvable. You look so delicate and soft as if you could break with a snap. I'm worried that Prince Jing mistreats you in private."

Amiable and approachable. This was the first time that someone described Wei Luo with these words. Wei Luo smiled and her voice was calm as she said, "Older brother Prince Jing treats me very well."

Gao Wan naturally didn't believe her and thought that Wei Luo was only saying these words to preserve Zhao Jie's reputation. Besides, who would say her husband wasn't good in public? Wouldn't that be the same as slapping your own face?"

Gao Wan didn't take Wei Luo's words to heart.

The three of them walked into the reception pavilion.

Princess Consort Yong An led the group of madams in saluting Wei Luo and Gao Wan and invited them to sit in the seats of honor. Her attitude was very modest. After all, Prince Yong An was only an outer prince. Back then, he had been bestowed the title of prince because he had supported the founder of the dynasty during the establishment of this dynasty. Now that many years had past, he didn't have much power and was only an empty shell. This was why Princess Consort Yong An had to be at her best when she was facing the princess consorts of first ranked princes.

Princess Consort Yong An said, "Your Highnesses, it's my dear son's honor that you graced us with your esteemed presences by attending this gathering at my shabby residence."

Then, she turned her head and ordered the wet nurse to bring the little heir forward. She pursed her lips into a smile and said, "This delicate child became ill right after he was born. Your Highnesses, please don’t be annoyed by the sound of his crying."

Gao Wan was calm and quiet in front of the crowd, without any of her earlier strange behavior, "How could that be? I like little children the best."

The wet nurse brought the little heir forward. Wei Luo looked at him. The little fellow was exquisitely cute with big, round eyes, pouting pink lips, and a fine little nose. No wonder Princess Consort Yong An smiled as she soon as she saw him. He was very much a child than easily garnered love and affection.

Gao Wan liked the child enough that she almost didn't want to part with him. She held him in her arms and coaxed him. "This little fellow is really good-looking. I wonder if my future child will be as beautiful as him."

Gao Wan had only married one month before Wei Luo and was already diagnosed with pregnancy.

Princess Consort Yong An flatteringly complimented her, "Your Highness, your child with Prince Qi will naturally be outstanding with a dragon's talent and a phoenix's appearance."

Gao Wan smiled and didn't express an opinion.

"Imperial sister-in-law, you should look at him too. He's so lovable when he smiles." Gao Wan walked to Wei Luo's front while carrying the baby.

Wei Luo put down a colorful teacup lid and didn't brush away Gao Wan's attempt. She stretched her hand out and touched that child's cheek. This little fellow unexpectedly wrapped his hand around her finger and moved her finger into his mouth.

Wei Luo froze for a moment before instinctively pulling her hand back.

Princess Consort Yong An hurriedly took the child into her arms and moved him away. She tried to lighten the mood by joking, "Dearest child seems to really like Princess Consort Jing."

Wei Luo's finger was stained with the child's saliva. She didn't say much. "It's fine. He's still young." Jin Lu used a silk handkerchief to wipe Wei Luo's hand.

Wei Luo couldn't help thinking. What would her future children with Zhao Jie be like? She hadn't thought about this issue before. After all, she had only recently married Zhao Jie. But, now after seeing someone's recently born child and Gao Wan was also pregnant, it was hard to avoid thinking about this topic.

Afterwards, Princess Consort Yong An ordered someone to bring the little heir back inside and led Wei Luo, Gao Wan, and the other other people to view the plum blossoms in the rear courtyard.

Prince Yong An's residence had a garden with plum trees that blossomed earlier than other places. It had only recently turned to winter, but the plum flowers had blossomed one after another on the plum trees. The branches were all full of flowers.

Not long after, it started to become windy. Princess Consort was worried that the guests would feel cold, so she suggested that they go inside a nearby building to sit.


With only half a day's effort, Wei Luo left behind a favorable impression among the noble madams and won over a lot of goodwill. She wasn't arrogant or hot-tempered and she seemed well educated. She was also witty and ingenious. However, they couldn't help sighing. She was such a good girl, but she had been married off to Prince Jing, the "King of Hell". Who knows how much suffering she endured each day?

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