Chongfei Manual - Chapter 152.1

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Chapter 152.1

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Chapter: 152.1 out of 171

After Wei Luo said these words, Zhao Jie finally noticed that her fingers were icy cold. He didn’t know how long she had been standing outside. Zhao Jie didn’t think any further. He turned his hand over so that he was the one holding her hand and asked, “When did you come?”

Wei Luo tilted her head to think. “Around 8PM. I didn’t wait that long.”

It was almost 10 PM and she said it wasn’t long! Zhao Jie’s face sunk. His cold and dark eyes looked at Jin Lu and Bai Lan. Caught off guard by the cold glare, the two servant girls trembled.

Wei Luo knew what he was thinking and explained, “It’s not their fault. I insisted on coming here. Don’t be angry.”

Zhao Jie rubbed both of her hands in his and they became slightly warmer. He said, “Let’s go inside the carriage to talk.”

They didn’t realize that other people would see this gesture as very intimate.

The soldiers, who were wearing zhao jia armor, couldn’t help gaping at this scene. These soldiers followed Zhao Jie as he did his work and were used to seeing him callously and unwaveringly slaughter people. But, they had never seen him act so considerate and gentle towards another person. Look, he had even personally warmed her hands. These were hands that had recently broken a prisoner’s neck.

They had never heard of Zhao Jie mentioning his young princess consort, but they had heard about her from other people. They said that Prince Jing pampered his young princess consort greatly and wanted to give her the best of everything. He had even personally released water lanterns in Huai An River for her. Of course, these were just rumors. They hadn’t actually seen this with their own eyes and didn’t believe these rumors. But after seeing this sight today, their eyes were opened to the truth. Look at his tender posture. Not just precious objects, he seemed as if he would even be willing to give his life to her.

A few of the soldiers came forward and respectfully said, “Greetings, Princess Consort Jing.”

The solider that had been dragging the assassin also came over. He dropped the half-alive and half-dead assassin. Just as he was about to speak, Wei Luo furrowed her eyebrows and retreated.

“Yu Zhi.” Zhao Jie said.

That person immediately stood ramrod straight. “Your Highness.”

Zhao Jie expressionlessly said, “Go away.”

Under the gaze of everyone, Yu Zhi silently dragged the prisoner away.

Zhao Jie gently patted Wei Luo’s back, then he picked her up without any warning and instructed the soldiers, “The rest of the work will be handed over to this group to handle. This prince won’t come back until tomorrow.” He looked at the departing Yu Zhi, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Also, the task of next month’s training exercises will be led by Yu Zhi. The training will be running around the capital ten times while weighted down with 150 kilograms.”

In their hearts, the soldiers felt very sympathetic towards Yu Zhi, but they only said, “Subordinates will follow orders. Your Highness, please take care as you leave.”

Wei Luo didn’t feel better until she got into the carriage.

Wei Luo had been exposed to the chilly winds. As soon as she sat down in the carriage, she sneezed three times. Zhao Jie’s clothes had been stained by someone else’s blood, so he couldn’t take it off to give to her to wear. So, he wrapped her up with quilt inside the carriage and stretched his fingers out to tap her head. “Silly, Ah Luo. Next time, you’re not allowed to come to place like this.”

Wei Luo wasn’t convinced. She blew her cheeks out and said, “Who told you not to come home? I waited for you for a long time. I was worried that something happened to you.”

Zhao Jie brought her and the quilt into his arms and asked, “How could something happen to me?”

Wei Luo said, “People tried to kill you on Huai An River yesterday. Who knows if there was another ambush waiting for you today?”

Zhao Jie felt both helpless and moved after hearing her words. He lowered his head to touch her forehead and said, “Nothing will happen to me. Ah Luo, I still have to go back to see you.”

Wei Luo nodded and honestly said, “Big brother, you should go take a bath after we return home. You stink.”

She had already tolerated this smell for too long.

Zhao Jie, “…”


After Zhao Jie finished taking a bath and walked out from the cleansing room, Wei Luo was lying down on the couch and reading an anecdotal story.

Her two little legs were raised and her eight-treasure style skirt decorated with pearls slid down to reveal a pair of smooth white legs that resembled lotus roots. They were so snowy white that they dazzled the eyes. Jin Lu was holding a jar of wild rose ointment. First, she rubbed the ointment between her palms to warm it up, then she rubbed it on Wei Luo’s legs. The weather had recently been very dry, so Wei Luo used wild rose petals to create a skincare ointment. A little bit would be applied to her skin every night so that her skin would be smooth and soft the next day.

Zhao Jie was wearing a forest green sleeping robe with his hair behind his shoulders. He stepped forward and took the wild rose ointment from Jin Lu hand. “I’ll do it.”

Wei Luo heard his voice and turned her head. “Are you done washing up?”

Zhao Jie nodded, poured a little bit of wild rose ointment into palms, rubbed his hands, and placed them on Wei Luo’s swinging legs. “En.” By now, he was very used to doing this type of thing. Or perhaps, it should be said that Wei Luo had taught him well.

Zhao Jie’s hands were coarse. When they were placed on Wei Luo’s soft and smooth legs, she felt very itchy. “Aiya, it’s better if Jin Lu does this. There are callouses on your hands. It hurts when you do it.”

Zhao Jie didn’t listen to her. He only said with a smile, “You’re too delicate.”

It was one thing if he was only applying wild rose ointment, but his hand wasn’t honest. It slid upwards on her legs. Wei Luo grabbed his hand and turned her head to glare at him, “What are you doing?”

Zhao Jie said, “Didn’t you want to play with me last night? I’m giving you the chance right now.”

Wei Luo blinked and remembered what she said yesterday.

Whenever they were intimate, Zhao Jie was always the one taking charge. She would just accept whatever posture he positioned her body into and pander to his wishes. Some positions made Wei Luo feel like she was going to die from embarrassment but Zhao Jie really liked them. Moreover, whether it was length of time or force exerted, it was too much for Wei Luo to endure. She complained to him many times. He would say sweet, agreeable words that left her feeling as if she was floating on clouds, but he went back to his old habits the very next time.

If Wei Luo were allowed to take control, this would truly be a novel experience.

Wei Luo kicked his waist. “Dry your hair first before you catch a cold.”

Zhao Jie put the towel in her hand. “Help me dry my hair.”

Wei Luo sat up. She wasn’t bashful as she diligently dried his hair. Then, she used a double-edge fine-toothed comb to brush it over once.

After dinner, Zhao Jie told the servant girls to withdraw from the room. He raised his chin and smiled at Wei Luo.

Wei Luo understood his intention. He was waiting for her to “play” him.

Wei Luo pretended that she was calm as she rinsed her mouth and said, “Go to the inner room to wait for me.”

Zhao Jie raised his eyebrows, “Oh, is the princess consort going to prepare something?”

These words were too teasing.

Wei Luo glared at him, “I’m just going to change my clothes.”

Zhao Jie snickered.

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