Chongfei Manual - Chapter 155.1

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Chapter 155.1

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Chapter: 155.1 out of 171

When Zhao Jie came back from Shen Ji Barracks today, he directly went to Wei Luo’s room.

In accordance to Yu Mama’s rules, he could sleep with Wei Luo today. Honestly, after the past several days, Zhao Jie had been forced to the point that he felt it wasn’t important if they had sex or not. Right now, he just wanted to hug Wei Luo and chat with her. He would be satisfied with just falling asleep while holding her in his arms.

Yu Mama was worried that Zhao Jie and Wei Luo would secretly meet each other, so she had arranged for Zhao Jie to sleep in a room that was in Zhang Tai Courtyard’s eastern wing. It felt as if this room was a million miles away from Wei Luo’s room. The feeling of someone else controlling when he could hug his own wife was truly unbearable.

Just as he reached the entrance to the main room, he heard Wei Luo’s voice.

“Why is it pork liver again? I’ve been eating pork liver for several days. Can’t I eat something different?” Wei Luo pitifully complained.

Jin Lu consoled her, “Miss, this is what Yu Mama instructed. Yu Mama said that eating pork liver is good for your spleen and liver. It’ll help you get pregnant. Miss, just endure this for a bit.” Even though she said these words, Jin Lu was also very dissatisfied with that Yu Mama. Relying on the fact that she was sent here by Her Majesty, Yu Mama meddled in many of Prince Jing’s residence’s matters, which made many people dislike her.

Wei Luo rummaged through the dishes on the table. There actually wasn’t a single dish that she was interested in eating. It was the same old options: pork liver, lentil congee, and winter melon and pork soup. She gloomily put down her chopsticks. “Go tell Yu Mama that I want to eat sliced fish in cream sauce and crispy pigeon.”

(T/N: Below is a picture of winter melon and pork soup and crispy pigeon.)

Hearing these words, Zhao Jie chuckled. This little fellow really didn’t have a conscience. He missed her so much that he wasn’t even able to have a restful sleep, but she was more interested in eating this and that.

Just as Zhao Jie was about to step inside, a voice from behind suddenly called out, “Your Highness, please stop here.”

Zhao Jie turned around. When he saw Yu Mama’s face, his phoenix eyes sunk. “Yu Mama, is there something wrong?”

The only reason he addressed her as “Yu Mama” was to give face to Empress Chen. Zhao Jie was a person that didn’t have a good temper. If someone else had tried to control him the way she was doing, he probably would have already sent this person to the underworld.

However, Yu Mama couldn’t see Zhao Jie’s impatience. Lacking discernment, she continued to say, “This servant consulted a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller said today isn’t an auspicious to share beds. Your Highness, please sleep in the eastern wing tonight. You can’t sleep with the princess consort.”

Zhao Jie lowered his eyes and his emotions couldn’t be seen. A long time later, he curved his lips and thought-provokingly asked, “Then Yu Mama, when would be a suitable day to sleep together?”

Yu Mama said, “It’ll be an auspicious day five days from today.”

A layer of frost covered Zhao Jie’s eyes. Ignoring Yu Mama’s earlier words, he continued walking inside.

Yu Mama said, “Your Highness, please cooperate with this servant!”

Zhao Jie halted, turned his head and calmly asked, “What are you going to do if this prince goes inside today?”

Wei Luo had heard the voices from outside and was about to open the doors to walk outside. Seeing Zhao Jie and Yu Mama standing at the doorway, she didn’t even have to guess to know what was happening. She was also feeling vexed with Yu Mama, so she didn’t step forward to persuade them. If it weren’t because of Empress Chen, she would have already driven this old creature out of the residence.

Yu Mama resolutely said, “If His Highnesses insists on entering, then there’s no reason for this servant to stay here. This servant will leave tomorrow and report to Her Majesty.”

Zhao Jie said, “That’s perfect. This prince has already grown tired of seeing your old face. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Leave here now.”

It was only now that Yu Mama’s face showed slight panic. Her previous threatening words usually worked with most people. She had thought that if she mentioned Empress Chen, Prince Jing would show restraint. Unexpectedly, he didn’t value this at all. Yu Mama said, “Your Highness…”

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly took out the sword at his waist. He placed the sword against Yu Mama’s neck, narrowed his eyes, and said, “If you say another word, this prince will take your life.”

When the icy blade touched her skin, Yu Mama’s legs trembled and she wanted to run away. She wasn’t able to show any of her earlier arrogance and could only do her best to remain calm as she said, “Your Highness… Your Highness, calm down…”

Zhao Jie coldly said, “Leave!”

Yu Mama immediately let out a sigh in relief and frantically escaped.

Standing next to the treasure grid shelves, Wei Luo also let out a sigh in relief. Wonderful, she didn’t have to continue eating pork liver.

Zhao Jie sheathed the sword and said to Zhu Geng, “Move everything back from the eastern wing.”

Wei Luo came forward, hugged Zhao Jie’s waist, and rubbed against his chest. She raised her head and asked, “Aren’t you worried that Her Majesty will be mad if you drive Yu Mama away?”

Zhao Jie nodded, stroked her forehead, and said, “I can’t let my Ah Luo go hungry every day. Let husband see. Have you gotten thinner?”

At the mention of this, Wei Luo had a stomach full of grievances. She pointed at the food on the round, red sandalwood table that was carved with a pair of lions and complained, “You can say that again. It’s vegetarian dishes every day. I’m not a rabbit. How can I be full eating this? If I want to eat meat and fish, I can only eat pork liver and knuckle. It’s so pitiful.”

(T/N: Below is a picture of pork knuckle.)

Zhao Jie started laughing after hearing her words and his previous malevolent aura disappeared.

When Zhao Jie had recently used a sword to threaten Yu Mama, his expression had been gloomy and he was exuding a murderous aura. No one dared to look at him. They had been afraid he would lash out at them. If it wasn’t because he didn’t want to let Wei Luo see blood, he might have really cut off Yu Mama’s head. Wei Luo was only person that wasn’t afraid of him and even warmly rushed into his arms to amuse him into laughing.

Zhao Jie pinched Wei Luo’s small face. As expected, she had become thinner. His heart naturally felt distressed and he proceeded to say, “I’ll bring you to Emerald Restaurant to eat tonight. Since that person is gone, you can eat whatever you want.”

Emerald Restaurant’s most famous dish was mutton soup. Wei Luo’s mood immediately improved when she thought of eating their tender and mouthwatering mutton.


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