Chongfei Manual - Chapter 155.2

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Chapter 155.2

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Chapter: 155.2 out of 171

When they arrived at Emerald Restaurant, Wei Luo held Zhao Jie’s hand for support as she came out of the carriage.

It was currently late in the evening and Emerald Restaurant was packed with people. The manager of the restaurant personally led Zhao Jie and Wei Luo up the stairs and into a private room.

Wei Luo was wearing a lilac, gauzy dress embroidered with plum blossoms. The dress was made of layer upon layers of cloth that was diaphanous as a cicada’s wing. When she wore it, it felt as she walking through clouds. Although it was beautiful, it wasn’t convenient to walk upstairs in this dress. Wei Luo had to lift up the skirt as she walked and couldn’t see the staircase. A moment of carelessness and she ended up stepping on empty air. She started to fall forward.

Zhao Jie promptly reached out to catch her. One hand held her shoulder and the other hand supported her waist. In a helpless tone, he said, “Why can’t you walk properly?”

Wei Luo was only left startled, but not hurt. After she regained her footing, she twitched her mouth and said, “Who told you to not hold my hand? Why are you walking so quickly?”

Zhao Jie couldn’t help laughing. Two fingers tapped her forehead. “So you’re saying it’s my fault?”

Wei Luo said, “You’re the one that said it.”

Zhao Jie looked at her and didn’t lower himself to argue with this little fellow. As they continued walking upstairs, he stretched his hand out and said, “Little great aunt, let’s go.”

Wei Luo curved her lips and placed her hand in his palm. Her pleased with herself smile said in shining words, “Good, you’re being sensible now.”

However, just as they reached the second floor, Wei Luo almost stopped smiling.

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Song Hui was standing near the top of the stairs. He was wearing a light brown woven robe with a plum blossom pattern. His hair was gathered up into a jade guan hat. He stood across from them and his gaze fell on Wei Luo. He had probably seen what had recently happened.

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Wei Luo’s smile froze. A long time later, she finally said, “Older brother Song Hui.”

Since they had seen each other, it would be rude to not greet him. Wei Luo still felt guilty toward Song Hui. Because of her prejudice, she had sentenced him to a capital punishment in her heart early on. From the very beginning, she believed that a relationship with him wasn’t possible. She had delayed Song Hui’s marriage for several years. It had been wrong of her to wait until their families were discussing the wedding date to say she wanted to cancel their engagement.

Song Hui returned to her senses and lightly smiled. He walked closer to Wei Luo and Zhao Jie and said, “What a coincidence that we would meet here.”

Wei Luo asked, “Older brother Song Hui, did you come here to eat also?”

As they were talking, Zhao Jie squeezed the palm of Wei Luo’s hand without changing his expression. Although he didn’t use much force, Wei Luo still shrunk back for a moment.

Song Hui nodded, “I came here with my wife.”

It was only now that Wei Luo noticed there was a pretty, young woman standing next to Song Hui. She looked to be around seventeen or eighteen years old. She was wearing an apricot-colored jacket and a blue skirt embroidered with flowers and butterflies. Her hair was arranged in a zhui ma hairstyle. She looked gentle, virtuous, and graceful.

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Wei Luo couldn’t help feeling surprised when Song Hui addressed that young woman as “wife”. “Older brother Song Hui, when did you get married? I didn’t know.”

“Over a month ago.” Song Hui smiled and introduced her to Wei Luo, “This is my wife, Chen-shi.”

Chen-shi saluted, “Greetings Prince Jing. Greetings Princess Consort Jing.”

Wei Luo looked at her face and finally remembered where she had seen her before. She had seen Chen-shi at some of the palace banquets. Because Chen-shi had a gentle and soft-spoken personality and was always around talented scholarly women, she rarely had any interactions with Wei Luo. Chen-shi was Assistant Minster Chen’s granddaughter and her full name was Chen Jing Rong. Wei Luo hadn’t expected that she would marry Song Hui.

After she bid Song Hui farewell and they arrived at the private room, Wei Luo was slightly preoccupied with her thoughts.

Zhao Jie’s expression was very ugly. After the manager of the restaurant asked them what food they liked to order, he fearfully withdrew from the room.

Wei Luo turned her head and saw that Zhao Jie’s forehead was so furrowed that it could squeeze a fly to death. She couldn’t resist bursting out in laughter for a moment. She hugged his arm and went closer to snuggle up to him. “Big brother, don’t overthink. I was totally innocent with older brother Song Hui. There was nothing between us in the past and there won’t be anything in the future either. I was just feeling surprised before. Moreover, he’s also married. What is there for you to be unhappy about?”

Zhao Jie lowered his head and gave her a look, “Older brother Song Hui?”

Wei Luo immediately corrected herself, “Elder brother Song Hui.” Seeing that Zhao Jie’s expression hadn’t changed, she modified her words again, “Heir Song. Compiler and Editor Song.”

Song Hui was currently working as a compiler and editor at Hanlin Imperial Academy.

Zhao Jie sneered, “You don’t have feelings for him, but he has feelings for you.” Song Hui’s gaze hadn't strayed from Wei Luo during their entire conversation.

Wei Luo blinked, “What?”

The food soon arrived. Zhao Jie helped Wei Luo stand up, patted her her head, and said, “Never mind. Let’s eat.”

Song Hui’s thoughts were beyond his control, but it was fine as long as he watched over the thoughts of the little fellow in front of him. This young girl didn’t have a conscience. She would go with whoever treated her the best. In order to keep her heart, he would have do his upmost to treat her the best.

Wei Luo was currently feeling guilty, so she mixed a saucer of sauce for Zhao Jie, cooked a finely sliced piece of mutton, dipped it into sauce, and placed it in Zhao Jie’s bowl. “Here, you eat it.”

Wei Luo had been craving for meat for a several days. It wasn’t easy for her to resist the fragrant meat smell and give the first piece of meat to Zhao Jie.

Zhao Jie glanced at her. The young girl was impatiently looking at him and seemed one step away from snatching the meat back in regret. He curved his lips and deliberately teased her, “Did you dip it in sesame sauce?”

Wei Luo nodded, “Yup.”

Zhao Jie supported his chin in his hand and said, “Ah Luo, you forgot. I don’t like sesame sauce.”

Wei Luo didn’t mind that she had forgotten at all. She plucked the piece back with her chopsticks as if nothing could be better. “Then, I’ll eat it myself.”

Right after that meat entered her mouth, Zhao Jie pinched her chin towards him and tyrannically stormed into her mouth and seized the mutton back.

At the end, he rubbed his lips against hers as if he wished to continue. His deep voice held laughter as he said, “You said it was for me. How could you eat it yourself?”

Wei Luo pursed her lips, moved back slightly, and silently expressed her complaint with her bright, limpid, almond-shaped eyes.

Those eyes were clearly saying, “I’m hungry, but you won’t let me eat.”

Zhao Jie’s eyes softened after he looked at her. He scratched her little nose and said, “Come here, this prince will add food to your bowl.”

Zhao Jie ladled a bowl of mutton soup and placed it down in front of Wei Lui. He said, “First, drink some soup to warm your stomach. It’ll be good for your body.”

Wei Luo picked up the small bowl that had a pattern of peony flowers and branching stems. She drank the entire bowl of soup by sipping.

(T/N: Below is a picture of a bowl with that type of flower design.)

Zhao Jie had cooked the mutton perfectly. It was rare and tender. When it was combined with the sauce that Zhao Jie had personally mixed, Wei Luo, who had only eaten vegetables and pork liver during the past several days, felt this meat was the most delicious food on earth. A short while later, Wei Luo had eaten so much that her stomach was bloated, but Zhao Jie hadn’t eaten a single bite. Wei Luo couldn’t let things continue this way. Embarrassed, she said, “You should eat too. Don’t worry about me.”

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