Chongfei Manual - Chapter 158.1

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Chapter 158.1

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Chapter: 158.1 out of 171

Wei Luo had been watching the doctor’s expression this entire time. Seeing the change in his expression, her heart clenched and she nervously asked, “What’s wrong?”

Doctor Sun’s expression was grim and he asked Wei Luo a few common questions. For example, did her lower abdomen hurt the most when her period came? Did her hands and feet feel very chilly during winter? He continued asking other similar questions. Wei Luo nodded yes to all of his questions.

After Doctor Sun finished asking these questions, he had a solution in mind. He said to Wei Luo and Zhao Jie, “To respond to the prince and princess consort, the princess consort has the condition known as “cold uterus”. Her qi and blood is lacking. If she wants to conceive a child, I’m afraid it’ll be more difficult compared to other women.”

Wei Luo couldn’t resist tightly gripping the cotton-padded cushion beneath her body. She instinctively looked at Zhao Jie. 

Zhao Jie was slightly calmer than her. He asked, “Is there a way to fix this? Will the method be bad for her health?”

Doctor Sun was after all a doctor that specialized in treating problems that afflicted women. This type of illness was easy for him to treat. As he put away the silk cloth, he said, “There’s naturally a way to fix this and it won’t have any adverse effect on the princess consort’s body. Enriching the blood will only make the princess consort healthier.”

Doctor Sun had made the situation seem serious enough. Seeing Wei Luo’s nervous expression, he finally smiled and said, “First of all, the princess consort should pay special attention to keeping warm. Don’t let yourself be too cold. Second, soak your feet in hot water every day for half an hour. Furthermore, if two acupuncture points, qi hai xue and guan yuan xue are warmed by a moxa every day, then the treatment will be significantly more effective.”

(T/N: Qi hai xue and guan yuan xue are acupuncture points that’s an inch and a half and three inches, respectively, below the bellybutton.)

Wei Luo earnestly recorded his words in her mind.

Doctor Sun stood up and leaned over a small, vermillion-lacquered table with curved edges to write down a prescription. “Your Highness, please also use this lu tai ointment along with the other treatment methods. This ointment shouldn’t be used more or less frequently than twice a day.”

 (T/N: Lu tai ointment is made from deer fetus and antler and over thirty Chinese herbal medicine.)

Wei Luo had Jin Lu take the prescription. She couldn’t help asking, “Will I be able to conceive a child if I follow your instructions?”

Doctor Sun smiled, “It’s possible. Your Highness, you’re still young.”

Wei Luo asked another question, “How long will it take?”

Doctor Sun said, “This varies from person to person. This old doctor can’t say for sure. If Your Highness’s body becomes healthier, you should be able to have a little heir soon.”

Wei Luo wouldn’t feel safe trusting someone else with this task, so she ordered Bai Lan to follow the Doctor Sun with getting the medicinal ingredients and paid the doctor separately for his diagnose.

After Doctor Sun was sent off, Wei Luo kept thinking about Doctor Sun’s words. She immediately ordered Jin Lu to boil water. She wanted to soak her feet and try the moxibustion. The prince’s residence didn’t have a doctor that was an expert in moxibustion, so they had to find a doctor first. Wei Luo impatiently looked at Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie felt her gaze and walked to the doorway to call Zhu Geng and Yang Hao over.

“Your Highness.” The two of them said in unison.

Zhao Jie said, “I’ll give you one day. Bring over all of the capital’s doctors that are experts in moxibustion here.”

The two of them froze for a moment. It would be difficult to just walk through the entire capital in one day, much less look for all of the moxibustion doctors. However, when they raised their heads and saw Zhao Jie’s solemn expression that didn’t show the slightest hint that he was joking, they lowered the heads and said, “Understood. This subordinate will leave right now.”

When Zhao Jie walked back to the room, Wei Luo was already sitting on the couch and soaking her feet. Seeing that he had return, she asked, “Did you send people to look?”

Zhao Jie nodded and sat down by Wei Luo’s side. “Can you stop worrying now?”

Wei Luo curved her eyes and nodded. But, she quickly became depressed again. Her small face twisted as she asked Zhao Jie, “What if my health doesn’t improve? What if I can’t ever have a child?”

Zhao Jie held her hands in his hands and matter-of-factly said, “Then, you won’t give birth to a child.”

Wei Luo incredulously looked at him, “But you have to have a child. The empress has wanted a grandson for such a long time.”

Zhao Jie tilted his head and looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

Wei Luo took her hands out of his and traced the edge of the couch. After she considered for a long time, she finally decided and said, “You can’t have a concubine or have any other women.” She pursed her pink lips. Her voice was slightly choked with emotion as she said, “If you really need an heir and have to touch another woman, don’t let me know or let me see. Don’t bring her back to this residence until after we’re divorced.”

The room was extremely quiet. There wasn’t any sound for a long time.

Wei Luo didn’t realize that Zhao Jie’s expression had turned gloomy and cold until she finally raised her head. His expression was so ugly that it would terrify other people.

He asked with gritted teeth, “What did you say?”

This was the first time that Zhao Jie showed this type of expression towards her. In the past, he would only direct this type of expression towards other people. His expression always had a hint of a smile when he looked at her. Even if he was in bad mood, he couldn’t bear to say a single harsh word to her. As a result, this expression made Wei Luo want to shrink back. “I…”

Before she could finish speaking, Zhao Jie fiercely interrupted her, “Impossible.”

Zhao Jie’s hands were clenched into first. He was so angry that he almost wanted to squeeze the young girl’s neck, eat her raw flesh, and drink her blood. She didn’t understand his meaning. He didn’t care if she couldn’t give birth to a child. As long as he could have her, it would be enough. But, what had she said? She wanted to divorce him and could accept him marrying another woman. Zhao Jie really wanted to pry open her brain and see what she was thinking in her mind.

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