Chongfei Manual - Chapter 161.1

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Chapter 161.1

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Chapter: 161.1 out of 171

After Zhao Jie ordered Zhu Geng to prepare their carriage, he looped one arm behind Wei Luo’s shoulders and the other arm underneath her legs and personally carried her out of the guest room.

There were still many people standing outside the guest room. After Marquis Guang Xin had hurriedly rushed here from the receiving room and found out that Wei Luo was pregnant, he had immediately grinned from ear to ear. He thought that even the heavens were helping him. After all Zhao Jie had found out about this joyful news here, he would definitely be more caring towards this household in the future because of what had happened today.

When Marquis Guang Xin saw Zhao Jie walking out of the guest room, he walked forward with a smile across his face and expressed good wishes, “Congratulations to Prince Jing and Princess Consort Jing.”

Zhao Jie lowered his eyes to glance at him, but he didn’t respond.

Marquis Guang Xin followed after him to try to curry favor and said, “I’ll have someone prepare a carriage. Your Highness, please wait for a bit. The princess consort’s body is very precious right now. We definitely have to be as careful as possible…”

“Marquis Guang Xin.” Zhao Jie stopped walking. His chilly phoenix eyes turned to calmly look at Marquis Gaung Xin. “Your second son and his honored concubine worked together to bump into this prince’s wife. Tell me, how should this prince deal with his matter?”

Marquis Guang Xin’s smile stiffened. Faced with Zhao Jie’s gaze, he gradually felt sweat running down his back. “This…” He turned his head to glance at Wei Bao Shan, who was standing in a corner. He didn’t know where Chen Teng, that hoodlum, was hiding. When Marquis Guang Xin looked at Zhao Jie again and saw the killing intent that flashed through his gloomy and cold expression, his legs felt weak and he kneeled down to beg for mercy. “Your Highness, please spare him. My unfilial son was wrong for acting disrespectfully. This subject will definitely discipline him properly. Your Highness, please be merciful.”

Zhao Jie’s expression didn’t change. He indifferently threw down these words, “Send him to Sheng Ji Barracks. This prince will personally discipline him.”

It wasn’t possible for Marquis Guang Xin to not know what kind of place Sheng Ji Barracks was. It was an important place where the imperial guards controlled the supply of weapons and also a place where Zhao Jie had complete control of the troops. There was also a dungeon specially set up to interrogate prisoners in Sheng Ji Barracks. Rumors said that the cruel torture that happened in this dungeon was comparable to purgatory. There had never been a prisoner that came out of that place alive. Painful screams could be heard from that dungeon every day. Once someone went to that place, it was better to die quickly than to try to survive.

As soon as Marquis Guang Xin heard Zhao Jie’s words, he was shocked to the point that he couldn’t coherently speak, “Y-Your Highness…” Although he blamed his second son for failing to live up to expectations, he wasn’t willing to send him onto the path of death.

There wasn’t the slightest hesitation in Zhao Jie’s steps as he walked past Marquis Guang Xin. There didn’t seem to be any leeway for discussing.

After Zhao Jie left, Marchioness Guang Xin wasn’t able to continue standing. Her body crumpled to the ground.

Everyone was alarmed. They hurriedly went over to help her up, “Old Madam!”

The marquis’s household was thrown into complete disorder.


After they returned home, Doctor Sun was summoned to the residence to examine Wei Luo’s pulse again. There was negligible difference between Doctor Sun’s words and the previous doctor’s. He also wrote down a prescription for medicine that would help prevent miscarriage and strengthen the body. He left after congratulating Wei Luo and Zhao Jie several times.

Zhao Jie ordered the servants to give Doctor Sun another gift to thank him. The improvement in Wei Luo’s health was due to his care during the past few months.

As they were walking in the verandah, Doctor Sun suddenly thought of something. “Your Highness, this old one forgot to remind you about something.”

Zhao Jie said, “What?”

Doctor Sun said, “Madam is pregnant. The pregnancy won’t be as stable during the first three months and last three months. It’ll be best to avoid copulation during this period.”

Zhao Jie slightly paused in walking. Soon after, he said, “Thank you doctor, this prince will keep this in mind.”

Doctor Sun left the residence.


On the very same night, Zhao Jie sent this news into the palace. Empress Chen was overjoyed when she found out. She hurriedly sent a message that it was more important for Wei Luo to care for her body. There was no need for Wei Luo to be anxious about entering the palace to see her. She also had people bring over a great deal of supplements meant to prevent miscarriage. Worried that Wei Luo didn’t have any experience since this was her first child, Empress Chen specially sent over two mamas that specialized in attending to a pregnant woman’s daily activities and diet. She was only one step away from treating Wei Luo like a goddess.

Wei Luo looked at the herbal supplements that Empress Chen had sent over and furrowed her eyebrows in frustration. “I had to eat herbal supplements when I couldn’t get pregnant. Why do I still have to eat herbals supplements after becoming pregnant?”

Zhao Jie chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Be good, imperial mother is just worried about you. If you don’t want to eat them, you don’t have to. It’s fine as long as you take good care of the baby and yourself.” As he said this, he pinched her little face.

He indulgently said, “Ah Luo is our family’s little ancestor right now. If you don’t want to do something, who would dare force you?”

Wei Luo stretched her hands towards his neck and looped her arms around his body. She curved her eyes and asked, “Really? Will you do everything that I say?”

Zhao Jie laughed and said, “I’ll do everything that you say.”

Wei Luo was very excited. As it turned out, there was a huge benefit to becoming pregnant. She tilted her head and contemplated for a while before saying, “What if I say that I want to eat fish that was personally caught by you?” Other than wanting to eat fish, there hadn’t been any recent changes to her eating habits.

“Just this?” Zhao Jie raised an eyebrow.

Wei Luo sincerely nodded.

Zhao Jie loudly laughed and said, “Look at you, you’re becoming quite promising. I’ll prepare a fishing rod tomorrow and bring you to the back of the residence to catch fish.”

Wei Luo added, "The fish has to be personally cooked by big brother.”

This put Zhao Jie in a slightly difficult position. Zhao Jie’s hands were used to kill people, not cook food. But, he was willing to make an attempt for Wei Luo. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

Wei Luo leaned against his chest and secretly smiled. Although Zhao Jie was absolutely obedient towards her in the past, it wouldn’t have been good for her to act excessively unruly and indulgent. Now that she was pregnant, all her wishes were considered natural and expected as a matter of course. Obviously, she couldn’t waste this opportunity.

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