Chongfei Manual - Chapter 170.3

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Chapter 170.3

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Chapter: 170.3 out of 171

Li Song froze for a moment. In this lifetime, she didn’t know him. Of course, she wouldn’t be willing to come with him. Moreover, even if she knew him, based on the degree of hatred she felt for him in their previous lifetime, she would be even less likely to come with him. Li Song just looked at Wei Luo without saying a word. His staring made Wei Luo feel even uneasier.

A long time later, he finally quietly said, “I’m Li Song." After he said this, he clenched his hand around the umbrella as if he was trying to control his emotions. His voice became even quieter as he said, “I… I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

Wei Luo felt surprised and confused. “Why are you looking for me?”

Li Song raised his eyes to look at her. His eyebrows were slightly low and he looked away from her.

It was only at this moment that Wei Luo discovered he had a very unique birthmark under his eye that resembled a butterfly. The butterfly looked worn out resting underneath his eye and made his face look more unique.

Wei Luo stared at his birthmark while he was lost in thought.

A short while later, Li Song looked at her again. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed and it took a long time before he quietly said, “Don’t you want to go inside Duke Ying’s residence and be reunited with your family? I’ll help you.”


When Lu Shi carried the newly purchased clothes into the residence, he felt puzzled. Why did young master bring home a girl and specially have him buy clothes for her? What was going on? He was with young master every day. Why didn’t he know about this person before?

Moreover, young master didn’t directly bring her back to Prince Ru Yang’s residence. Instead, he had settled her down in another place. Li Song had previously purchased this house to rest here for the occasional times when he was drunk. He must have brought her here because he didn’t want Elder Princess Gao Yang and Miss to know about her and cause a huge fuss in Prince Ru Yang’s residence. For him to hide her so securely, he definitely treasured her greatly.

Lu Shi knocked on the doors while holding the clothes. The servant girl inside the room partially opened the doors to allow a small gap, took the clothes, and closed the doors.

There had recently been an autumn rain. Young master was worried that the girl would catch a cold and had specially let her to take a hot bath first.

Lu Shi shook his head in front of the doors and tisked. He had never seen young master so worried over another person.

Lu Shu returned to the study and raised his head to look at Li Song. He was standing by the window.

Li Song had already changed into a light purple robe. Noticing that Lu Shi had arrived, he asked without turning his head, “Did you deliver the clothes?”

Lu Shi nodded, “To respond to Young Master, the clothes have been delivered.”

Li Song didn’t ask further questions.

After about an hour passed, he left the study and arrived at the room that Wei Luo was temporarily staying in. He directly entered the room without having someone announce his arrival.

The room was scented with incense that Li Song often liked to use. He stopped himself from walking past a small divider with a cloisonné center. He looked at the girl that was sitting on the arhat rattan bed. Wei Luo had just finished taking a bath. She was wearing the cherry blossom pink top and skirt that Lu Shi had bought. A sash that was two palms wide was wrapped around her waist. Her waist was slender and seemed as if it could be held in one hand. Her head was currently lowered as she was drying her black hair that was hanging down on one side and her slender, white as snow neck was exposed. The side of her face was exquisitely beautiful. Her eyelashes were long and curling upwards. It was only in moments like these that she looked an especially obedient doll that had been carved from jade.

Li Song stared at her. It felt as if he could never look at her enough.

Wei Luo saw a pair of ink-black shoes embroidered in golden thread appear on the ground. When she raised her head to look, she was faced with Li Song’s unfathomable black eyes.

Wei Luo put down the towel in her hands and slowly straightened her posture. She thought for a moment before asking, “What did you recent words mean?”

He had recently said he would help her reunite with her family, but as for why would he do this… Wei Luo was sure that they had never met. So, what was his reason?

Li Song didn’t move. He looked at her and said, “My younger sister is engaged to Duke Ying’s family’s Sixth Young Master.”

His seemingly nonsensical words made Wei Luo stiffen her back. She naturally knew who Duke Ying’s Sixth Young Master was. He was her younger brother, Wei Chang Hong. She had hovered outside Duke Ying’s residence for several days, but she still hadn’t seen him even once. How was he right now? They had been separated for so long. Did Chang Hong still remember his older sister?

Li Song added, “Li Xiang doesn’t want to marry Wei Chang Hong. It won’t be easy to cancel the engagement. The only way is to start with Du-shi. If Du-shi’s moral conduct is dishonorable and has a malevolent heart, then Prince Ru Yang’s household will have an excuse to cancel this engagement.”

Wei Luo wasn’t stupid. Although she had lived in a village for ten years, her mind was still clever. “How do you know that Du-shi’s moral conduct is dishonorable? How do you know about my past?”

Li Song was silent for a moment. His bottomless black eyes looked at her. There were many emotions hidden in his eyes. In the end, it morphed into one sentence, “I know everything about you.”

Wei Luo, “…”

A servant girl came into the room to bring a bottle of ointment that would improve circulation. She left the room after bring the bottle to Li Song with her head lowered.

Li Song waited until Wei Luo had finished drying her hair. Then, he sat down next to her, raised his leg, placed her wrist on his knee, poured some of the ointment onto his hand, warmed it up, and gently rubbed the ointment onto Wei Luo’s wrist. This was the first time he was calmly touching her wrist and he discovered that her wrist was unspeakably slender compared to his wrist. It felt as if he could break her wrist with a snap. Her body was so delicate. Where had she gotten the strength to stab that hairpin into his body?

Li Song lowered his eyes. After he finished applying the medicine, he still held Wei Luo’s wrist.

Wei Luo looked at him. She tried to pull her wrist away, but she didn’t succeed.

Wei Lup pursed her lips and called his name, “Li Song?” That seemed to be the name he had recently introduced himself with.

The words, “Li Song”, brought him back to his senses. He raised his head. When Wei Luo had called his name in the past, it was always with a tone of disdain or loathing. Her eyes always showed a deep sense of hatred and bitterness.

Right now, she was right in front of him. Her clear eyes held only held curiosity and confusion. Perhaps, it was because she had just finished taking a bath. Her cheeks were rosy and her entire body exuded a faint fragrance. Li Song’s pupils narrowed. He tightened his hold on her wrist.

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