Chongfei Manual - Chapter 35.1

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Chapter 35.1

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Wei Luo was wearing a blue-green top embroidered with small golden flowers and a white silk skirt. On top of this, she had a snow white fox fur cloak. Flower buds had been combed into her hair. From far away, she looked like an exquisite, sparkling, and translucent little snowball.

She had come to the reception pavilion from Pine Courtyard. The reception pavilion was already full of women. Most importantly, first madam and fourth madam were here to receive the guests.

Old madam had been in bad health for the past few years, so she had given some of Duke Ying’s residence’s accounts and business to the dignified first madam to manage. First madam had done her work clearly and orderly. Her punishments and rewards were fair and the residence’s servants followed her orders faithfully. Old madam was very satisfied with her. Recently, old madam had made the decision to hand over the entire management of the residence to the first madam to manage.

At present, there were many young girls in the reception pavilion. One by one, first madam arranged for a place for them to sit, ordered the servant girls to serve tea and snacks, and handled everything else.

Behind a wooden folding screen that was inlayed with numerous treasures designed to look like birds and flowers, fourth madam Qin-shi was holding sixth young master Wei Chang Mi to meet everyone. After one month under her care, Wei Chang Mi had become much rounder and rosier compared to when he was just born.

(T/N: Here’s a picture of a similar screen.)

His facial features had opened up to reveal a cute face. His eyes were like Du-shi’s. His nose and mouth were like Wei Kun’s. He could be considered quite nice-looking. His face wasn’t like a scrunched up little monkey’s face anymore and his personality was relatively lively and bold. He didn’t cry or fuss when meeting strangers. Instead, he would only curiously stare at them.

However, there was an exception. As soon as Wei Zheng was near him, he would start to cry loudly. It was probably because of that time when Wei Zheng uncomfortably held him after he was recently born. Even now, he still remembered. So much so that whenever he saw Wei Zheng, he would be scared.

In contrast, he really liked being near Wei Luo. They didn’t know what was wrong with him. Wei Chang Mi would always beam with delight as soon as he saw Wei Luo. He would stretch his hands towards her and start babbling at her. He also liked to grab her fingers towards his mouth to lick.

Wei Luo truly disliked this behavior. After he nibbled on her fingers, she would wash her hand many times. If she didn’t let him nibble, he would cry. Were all children so troublesome? Or was it because he was Du-shi’s son, so he was extremely annoying?

Wei Chang Mi didn’t know her train of thought. From Qin-shi’s arms, he wiggled out his head. As soon as he saw her, his eyes brightened, his mouth babbled, and his hands was stretched out towards her.

Ah Luo subconsciously took a step back and hid both of her hands behind her back.

Qin-shi saw this and smiled. She beckoned with her hand at Ah Luo to come closer.

“Ah Luo hasn’t seen Chang Mi for several days, right? Come here to look at your younger brother…”

Wei Luo shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle toy.

“I don’t want to see him. He’ll eat my hand.”

Qin-shi explained with a smile, “That’s because he likes you.”

But, why would he like her? She never expressed any goodwill or kindness towards him. Wei Luo pursed her lips. She couldn’t figure it out. Instead of walking forward, she looked at Wei Chang Mi from a distance.

Since today was Wei Chang Mi’s one month birthday, the womenfolk’s attention was focused on him. Everyone knew that a new young master had been recently born in Duke Ying’s residence. It was fifth branch’s child, but why was this child with fourth madam? Why didn’t they see fifth madam?

Qin-shi had explained to everyone, “Fifth younger brother’s wife’s was unhealthy after giving birth. So far, she can’t leave her bed and has been in her courtyard recuperating. I’m afraid she won’t be able to meet everyone today.

After everyone heard this, they said they could understand. The madams in attendance had all given birth before. Some of them even offered their favorite postnatal remedies.

Qin-shi faintly smiled as she listened. She didn’t say any extra words.


Liang Yurong pulled Wei Luo behind a yellow rosewood tree, and then she mysteriously asked Wei Luo, “Is that your stepmother’s son?”

Liang Yurong had come here with her mother, Lady Marquis Pingyuan. Lady Marquis Pingyuan Zhen Lan was Jiang Miao Lan’s sworn sister. Their friendship had been very deep. If she didn’t have to attend Duke Ying’s sixty-birthday banquet, she most likely wouldn’t have come here today. Since Zhen Lan’s relationship with Jiang Miao Lan had been very good, then naturally, it goes without saying, she didn’t want to see Du-shi‘s child.

At this moment, she was sitting far away on a rosewood chair. She had the cool eyes of a bystander without any happy expression.

“En.” Wei Luo nodded.

Liang Yurong turned to look at the child held by Qin-shi.

After a short while, she turned back to say her evaluation, “He looks ugly.”

Liang Yurong didn’t know about Du-shi’s previous actions, but in the eyes of children, all stepmothers were bad people with malicious hearts and evil schemes. Although Liang Yurong was the person who said these words, it was heavily based on someone else’s prejudice.

Wei Luo didn’t refute her words. It could be considered as an acceptance.

One after another, each of the madams held Wei Chang Mi. The person holding Wei Chang Mi would say a few auspicious words before handing him over to the next person. They also presented their previously prepared gifts afterwards. Since the child was being taken care of by Qin-shi, she would also handle these gifts. She ordered the servant girls to receive them and took Wei Chang Mi back into her arms.

Smiling, Qin-shi said, “I’ll thank the madams on behalf of Chang Mi.”

As long as you gave something that showed kindly intentions, the gifts for a child didn’t need to be too expensive. These gifts were mostly jade ornaments to bless the child with good fortune or to bless the parents with more sons for more happiness, or various silver longevity charms for children. These gifts were dazzling, but also stereotyped and repetitive.

(T/N: The literal translation of that charm is Qilin (Chinese unicorn) sending child, silver longevity lock. Below is an image of one.)

Lady Marquis Pingyuan didn’t hold Wei Chang Mi or prepared a present. She only uttered a polite “congratulation” when it was her turn.

Qin-shi looked at her without any blame, but with understanding instead.

Fortunately, there were many people and not many people cared about this brief interlude. Not long after, someone came by to say that Duke Ying was about to start his banquet, please go to the receiving room.

Everyone stood up and followed old madam and first madam to the receiving room.

Qin-shi didn’t follow them. Lady Marquis Pingyuan also didn’t go.

Zhen Lan calmly sat on the rosewood chair for a long time. Her conduct was very dignified. She seemed as if there was something she wanted to say to Qin-shi. But, Qin-shi didn’t have time to entertain her. Just as she was thinking about ways to persuade her to go, outside the entrance, a person was impatiently following a servant girl here.

This was first time she saw her child. Someone else was holding him. It felt like a knife was being twisted in her heart. It felt like someone was continuously gouging out pieces of her flesh. It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe.

So, this was what her child looked like. His eyebrows were slightly sparse. His eyes were big. His mouth was small…

She didn’t know how she was able to wait this past month. She spent every day painfully. But, amidst the pain, there was hope. She kept telling herself that soon she would be able to see Chang Mi and be able to hold her child. It was these thoughts that supported her until now.

Now that she saw him. She thought that waiting a month was worth it.

Without any warning, Du-shi ran to Qin-shi. She ignored Qin-shi’s attempt at stopping her and forcibly took the child from her! Du-shi held Chang Mi. She unwrapped his swaddling clothes to look at his eyebrows, eyes, and nose… She looked and looked at him. Tears came falling out of her eyes.

Her body trembled and she called out, “Chang Mi, I’m your mom. Look at me…”

T/N: I think the author does a really good at making Du-shi so pitiful that I still couldn’t help feeling a little bit bad for her despite knowing what a horrible person she is.

I wondered what kind of relationship Qin-shi had with Jiang-shi and Du-shi. She’s the only person that treats Chang Mi well without any bias because of his mom, but we never to get to read her thoughts. So we don’t really know what she thinks about this situation.

What could Zhen Lan have wanted to say to Qin-shi alone? Be mean to this child as a way to take revenge for Jiang-shi?

Also, author is so cruel. We won’t see Zhao Jie until the end of chapter 35. Here’s the author’s note for chapter 35 if you want to guess what Zhao Jie will do.

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