Chongfei Manual - Chapter 41.2

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Chapter 41.2

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anual Ch 41.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Author: 风荷游月
Chapter: 041.2 out of 171

The couple finished shoveling the last layer of soil and put away their things. They stopped in front of the grave to say a few words, and then holding the bamboo basket, they were about to descend the mountain.


Wei Luo trembled with endless anger, “Capture them, big brother… capture them…”

At this time, Zhao Jie and Zhu Geng finally understood what was happening. Their faces had become imposing. After Wei Luo finished her words, Zhu Geng was like a shot arrow. He quickly arrived in front of Lin Huilian and Bai Yang and took out the sword at his waist and pressed it against his necks, “Stop!”

The couple was dressed normally. They looked simple and honest, but their hearts were vicious. The two of them didn’t think a person would appear at this time. Frightened, their conscience became guiltier.

Lin Huilian stubbornly maintained her arrogance and said, “Who are you? Why are you blocking our path?”

Zhu Geng directly asked, “What were you burying?”

Bai Yang was a thin and weak man and he couldn’t walk nimbly. Covered in cold sweat, he said, “We weren’t burying anything. Today is the anniversary of my child’s death. I’m here with my wife to burn paper in offering… how is this related to you?”

After saying this, he turned around to leave using another path. Unexpectedly, another person carrying a young child came from that direction. His presence wasn’t ordinary and he seemed like a person that shouldn’t be provoked. The two of them guessed that their business had been revealed, but they couldn’t guess the identity of these people. They gritted their teeth and prepared to run away.

They had only run a few steps away when Zhu Geng caught up to them.

Zhu Geng unloaded them from his arms and dropped the two of them in front of Zhao Jie. He cupped his hands in obeisance, “Prince, how should they be dealt with.”

The two of them lied on the ground and wailed incessantly.

Zhao Jie’s eyes were cold. He asked the young girl in his arms, “Ah Luo, how do you want to deal with them?”

Wei Luo was worried about Ah Dai. She hadn’t been buried for a long time and might still be alive. She looked at the people on the ground. Seeing them again, her mood didn’t go up or down the slightest amount. She said, “First, make them dig that person out.”

Lin Huilian and Bai Yang’s faces changed and they shook their heads, “No… You can’t…”

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Zhu Geng placed his sword on Bai Yang’s neck. With the smallest amount of pressure, Bai Yang’s neck started bleeding. Bai Yang paled in fear and he quickly changed his words, “Okay okay, we’ll dig.”

They didn’t know which deity they had provoked. Their plan had originally been going well. They couldn’t have expected that these three people would suddenly appear. They were clearly not people from their village. Since they weren’t, why would they intentionally come here? It couldn’t possibly be because they knew Bai Lan? They thought of this, but they hastily rejected this idea. These three people were clearly not common people. How could they have any relationship with Bai Lan?! But other than this reason, what other reason could there be?

Lin Huilian and Bai Yang couldn’t figure it out. Forced by Zhu Geng’s sword, they once again dug out the coffin that they had just buried.

He looked at Wei Luo’s grave face and hurried them, “Hurry up. If you’re too slow, I’ll have your lives.”

The two of them were resentful, but they could only obey. After the time it would take an incense to burn, a black coffin was revealed at the bottom of the grave.

Wei Luo tightly clenched her fists. Her soft voice solemnly said, “Open it.”

Bai Yang and Lin Huilian wanted to make a final effort. It wouldn’t be good if the coffin opened. Their son wouldn’t be peaceful in the underworld without a marriage. They said with hesitation, “Our son is inside. It’s been too long. Only a heap of bones is left… Why do you want to look at this? There’s nothing else inside.”

This didn’t move Wei Luo. Her voice became more resolute, “Open it!”

They could only obey. They slowly opened the coffin to reveal what was inside. A bundle of white bones appeared in their line of sight. Zhao Jie was behind Wei Luo and he covered her eyes. When the top of the coffin was completely removed, there was also a teenage girl wearing a bright red wedding dress inside. Because she had been sealed inside for too long, her face was deathly pale. Her eyes were closed. She had lost conscious a long time ago.

Wei Luo slowly pulled Zhao Jie’s hand away and looked inside. Her gaze stopped at Ah Dai’s body. After a long time, she asked, “Is she still alive?”

Zhao Jie looked up to see inside. Although the girl’s face was very pale, after the coffin was open, her chest had been moving up and down. She was probably still okay. He finally knew why Ah Luo wanted to come here. Even knowing why, he was still curious what relationship Ah Luo had with that teenage girl, “She’s okay.”

Wei Luo let go of her worries and turned her head to look at that couple.

Lin Huilian and Baiyang were under Zhu Geng’s watch. They were both kneeling on the ground. They knew that they couldn’t keep their secret and started talking about their bitter predicament. After all, if this were told to the authorities, they would be punished. They knew their actions were wrong, but they still went through with it.

Could a dead person’s marriage be more important than a person’s life?

Zhu Geng had taken Ah Dai out from the coffin. Ah Dai remained unconscious at Ah Luo’s feet.

The redness of the wedding dress was horrifying. The firelight shined brightly in the Ah Dai’s golden hairpin. Because her family was poor, the hairpin was only gilded with a thin layer of gold. The golden polish was tapering. Without any warning, Wei Luo took off the hairpin on Ah Dai’s head and took a step towards Liu Huilian!

Lin Huilian had stiffly put her hands on the ground. She saw a little girl looking at her coldly and holding up the sharp-end of a golden hairpin. Before she could understand what was happening, the little girl had viciously struck the hairpin down at her hand!

She let out a painful shout. Fresh blood splashed out on the ground.

Ah Luo hated that hand. It was that hand that had saved her and brought her home. It was that hand that raised her to adulthood, cooked her food, and washed her clothes. And, it was also this hand that pushed her into a coffin and completely smashed her feelings of warm-heartedness and gratefulness.

And now, she was using this hand to harm someone else. Why was she so wicked? Ah Luo’s eyes were cold as she pulled the hairpin out from Lin Huilian’s hand. Then, she resolutely pierced her right hand. One stab wasn’t enough. She need to stab a second and third time. She wanted her to feel pain. The more pain that Lin Huilian felt the better. She wanted to make it so that this pair of hands would never hurt anyone else by making silk flowers, or picking up a shovel.

Lin Huilian was in so much pain that her entire body was twitching and sweating. She wanted to push Ah Luo away, but Zhu Geng was behind her. Her body was powerless and she couldn’t make a single movement.

Not much time passed before Lin Huilian fainted. Wei Luo held the hairpin and slowly stopped.

She bowed her head and stayed motionless.

Zhao Jie stepped forward to hold her. As he was about to wipe away the blood on her face, he saw that she was crying and suddenly stopped his action. Tears were stored in her eyes. Drop by drop, her tears fell. She cried silently as if she had suffered a big grievance. She looked far too fragile.

Zhao Jie crouched down in front of her and asked in surprise, “Ah Luo?”

She stretched out her arms, hugged his neck, threw herself onto his chest, and began to loudly cry. Her sobs changed into howling and wailing. Her warm tears slid down his neck. It seemed as if her heart-broken and sad tears were endless.

Zhao Jie held her in his arms and surrounded her little body. At this moment, his heart ached for her.

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