Chongfei Manual - Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44.1

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Wei Kun didn’t have an objection to this. He only warned her to be careful with her actions and to not be impulsive on that day before allowing her to leave the residence with Wei Luo.

Wei Zheng thoughtfully glanced at Ah Luo and nodded. She said with a laugh, “Don’t worry daddy. I’ll listen to elder brother Song Hui’s words.”

Then, Wei Kun said some minor and not very important details. Seeing that the three of them were seriously listening, he felt reassured, so he stood up and left.

As soon as Wei Kun left, Wei Zheng also followed his action and left.

Wei Luo sat in her chair and attentively watched the direction that Wei Zheng departed.

Wei Luo’s dark eyes moved and her lips held a fake smile. The nearby people just thought that she was in a good mood, but they didn’t know what she was thinking in her heart. As Wei Zheng was leaving, she had deliberately glanced at Wei Luo with clear provocation.

How could Wei Luo not see? The reason that Wei Zheng wanted to go with them wasn’t because of the Spring Lantern Festival, but because of Song Hui.

She didn’t know if Wei Zheng liked Song Hui. But, she knew that Wei Zheng wanted to have Song Hui. There wasn’t any other reason than that Song Hui was her fiancé. She didn’t know when Wei Zheng started to like to snatch away her things. But, as long as it was something that she liked, Wei Zheng would think of a way to get that item. Of course, there were very few times that Wei Zheng succeeded. This time wouldn’t be an exception. Wei Zheng’s intention was too obvious. If she couldn’t see, then she was a fool.

Wei Zheng wanted to snatch away her fiancé to see her what she looked like when she suffered.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any romantic feelings towards Song Hui. Even if Wei Zheng snatched him away, she wouldn’t feel sad or hurt. It was only that she would feel somewhat unhappy if she saw that something that belonged her being stolen away.

Wei Luo couldn’t help feeling somewhat curious. In her previous life, when Wei Zheng married Song Hui, did she have the same type of mentality? At that time, she was no longer a threat to Wei Zheng, so why did she still remember her? Was the reason because Wei Zheng liked Song Hui?

If that was true, Wei Luo thought this would be more interesting.

If Wei Zheng liked Song Hui, how could she let her have him easily? To give him to her for nothing, wouldn’t that be letting her off too easily?

Wei Luo curved her eyes and showed a bright and lovely smile. Her heart had a sinister idea, but her face was shockingly pure and innocent.

By her side, Chang Hong called out with a somewhat unhappy tone, “What are you thinking about? I tried to get your attention several times, but you didn’t respond.”

Wei Luo turned her head and said smilingly, “What did you say?”

Chang Hong didn’t answer her question and stubbornly said, “Tell me what you were just thinking about first.”

She held her cheek on the palm of her hand and intentionally made a show of being mysteriously, “Not telling you.”

After she said this, Chang Hong didn’t say anything for a long time. He looked as if he had suffered a setback. After a while, he mustered up his courage to ask, “Were you thinking about Song Hui?”

She turned her head in surprise, blinked, and didn’t say anything.

Chang Hong thought he had guessed right. His handsome face immediately changed and he couldn’t resist speaking his mind, “Actually, I can take you outside without Song Hui accompanying us.”

Right before she had entered the room, he had been discussing this matter with Wei Kun. He was grown up now. He wasn’t that six-year-old child anymore. It wouldn’t be a problem from him to bring Wei Luo outside to walk around. But, Wei Kun insisted that Song Hui go with them.

Ah Luo was currently in the prime of her youth. Chang Hong didn’t know why his father didn’t worry about other people gossiping. What was he thinking?

Wei Luo couldn’t resist laughing. When she laughed, it was the same sweet and beautiful sound that she had as a child. Her laughter would make a person feel entirely free of worry when hearing it. “Chang Hong, did older brother Song Hui secretly bully you when we were children?”

Chang Hong shook his head, “He didn’t.”

She became more curious, “Then why don’t you like seeing him?”

Chang Hong didn’t say anything. In his mind, he thought that it was probably because Song Hui will marry Ah Luo in the future. He thought that Song Hui wasn’t good enough for Ah Luo. Ah Luo was so wonderful. Even if there were ten Song Hui, he would still think that it wasn’t good enough.


The next day, the weather was nice with a soft wind that made people feel warm and comfortable and a cloudless sky.

Because they were leaving towards the evening, Wei Luo was worried that it would get colder during the night, so she wore a cloak with a creamy white marten fur trim. Then, she followed Chang Hong to the entrance. House Zhongyi’s black and flat roof carriage was waiting at the entrance. There was a young man standing in front of the carriage and talking with Wei Zheng.

Wei Zheng had arrived here very early. A single glance showed that she had carefully dressed up. Her hair was arranged with two loops on the top and the rest of her hair was down. She was wearing a hairpin made of golden wire that was inlayed with rubies and had bluish-green coloring at the two raised edges.

(T/N: Wei Zheng’s hairstyle is called chui huan fen xiao ji. Here’s a picture of that hairstyle below. And if you pretend that the hairpin below is split into two instead of three at the top, its close to what Wei Zheng might have worn. )

Below, she was wearing an autumn color top with wide sleeves, a skirt that was embroidered with numerous butterflies, and a red silk outer layer with a stylized flower pattern. She was naturally pretty. Dressed up like this, she was even brighter and more eye-catching.

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Wei Luo didn’t know what the two of them had talked about. But when Wei Zheng’s lips were curved up in a smile and the sharpness in her eyes were diluted, she seemed more obedient and lovable.

Song Hui had a warm smile on his lips. When he looked at Wei Zheng, it was the same look that he had towards his younger sister, Song Rui Wei. When he talked to her, it was also the same absent-mindedness.

But when he looked up and saw that Wei Luo and Chang Hong had arrived at the entrance, the smile in his eyes deepened. He gave off the feeling of a warm and comfortable spring breeze and his gaze also became more focused.

When Wei Luo walked closer to them, he said, “Younger sister Ah Luo is here.”

The originally handsome and elegant teenage boy had grown into a handsome, tall, and slender man. He was wearing an elegant loose gown with a wide belt. When he spoke, the sound of his voice was as pleasant as the sound of flowing water as it murmured. He was the same as that time when they had sat in the carriage many years ago. Back then, he had gently rubbed her face and helplessly smiled as he said, “Truly a delicate girl.”

Wei Luo nodded, “Older brother Song Hui, have you been waiting here for a long time? I didn’t know you had already come, so I dawdled before coming here. You won’t be angry, right?”

Song Hui smiled as he shook his head. How could he be angry with her? He had never been able to be angry with her. Seeing that it was now dusk, he thought that the streets must already be quite lively. He said to them, “Let’s set out early.”

And so Wei Luo and Wei Zheng went inside the carriage and Song Hui and Chang Hong rode horses to follow the carriage. The four of them headed toward the liveliest area in the capital.

The Spring Lantern Festival’s carnival was held in the western part of the capital. The sight of the countless colored lanterns would dazzle the eyes. Every color and style of lanterns under the sun could be seen. The carnival also had many activities: guessing riddles written below the lanterns, watching puppet shows and people walking on stilts, and releasing the colored lanterns into the night sky. The streets were crowded with people and were very lively.

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