Chongfei Manual - Chapter 60.1

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Chapter 60.1

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The two young women looked at each other. They hadn’t expected that his response would be so cold.

One of the two beautiful young women that were wearing peach pink robes went forward with a smile. She said with a soft and velvety voice, "To respond to His Highness, it was Her Majesty Empress Chen that ordered us to serve you. I'm called Liu Jiang. She's called Ye Mei. We're both dancers that were trained by Her Majesty Empress Chen's Mama Qiu..."

After she finished speaking, she didn’t see Zhao Jie showing any response.

Liu Jiang brazenly lifted her head up to look at him. The room lit by candlelight was dim. She could only clearly see his silhouette with effort. His face was handsome and his dark and deep eyes didn't show a trace of emotion, but it made a person sink into captivation. When she looked down, his shoulders were broad, his hands were powerful, and his two long legs were right in front of her... If a man like this could love her, she would be indescribably happy. Even if it were only one night, she would still be perfectly happy.

Before Liu Jiang had time to take back her line of sight, she heard a cold and cruel voice come from the bed, "Did you see enough?"

She suddenly stiffened and quickly bowed down to acknowledge her mistake, "Your Highness, please forgive me. Liu Jiang was rude..."

Before the words were finished, Zhao Jie expressionlessly interrupted her, "Leave. Regardless of who had you come here, wherever you came from, go back there."

Liu Jiang's face paled. She anxiously asked, "Has Liu Jiang angered Your Highness? If Your Highness is displeased, then please punished Liu Jiang instead..."

On the side, Ye Mei saw that Zhao Jie's expression had become colder and immediately stopped Liu Jiang's words. She was barely able force her a smile on her face as she explained, "Your Highness, please calm down. Liu Jiang's nature is outspoken. If she has angered Your Highness, please be magnanimous and forgive her. Please don't lower yourself to her level..."

She paused and earnestly said, "The Empress had ordered us to serve Your Highness. If Your Highness drives us away on the first day, the Empress will definitely think we were thoughtless in serving you and will severely punish us..."

Zhao Jie's sleepiness had vanished like smoke in air after being disturbed by these two people. His mood was very irritable. Hearing her words, he raised his eyebrows and said, "How is that related to this prince?"

Ye Mei's speech was blocked. She lifted her head up to look at him in astonishment. She probably hadn't expected that he would be such a cold person.

Zhao Jie wasn't in the mood to deal with them. He called for Zhu Geng and asked with an unhappy face, "Who allowed these two to enter the residence? And who arranged for them to enter this prince's room?"

Zhu Geng glanced at the two young women on the ground whose flower-like countenances were turning pale. He bowed, cupped one fist in the other hand, and said, "To respond to the prince, it was this residence's head steward, Lu Sheng Ping."

Prince Jing's residence had two stewards. One was head steward, Lu Sheng Ping. The other steward was Xu Tian Ning. Lu Sheng Ping was a person that knew how to pander and flatter and was dependable with his work. He had stably held the head steward position for three years. Today, he had allowed these two young women to enter here. Originally, he had thought that this would make Zhao Jie happy with him. He hadn't expected that not only had his boot-licking failed and hadn't made Zhao Jie happy, he had touched Zhao Jie's explosive point.

Zhao Jie furrowed his eyebrows and said, "He shouldn't have acted without the consent of his superior. Punished him with half a year of salary and drive him out of the residence.

Zhu Geng nodded and vocally acknowledged his command.

Hearing this, Liu Jiang and Ye Mei felt more terrified. He was punishing even the steward. It seemed that His Highness Prince Jing was really unhappy... What would happen to them? Would they really be driven out of here and back to the palace?

As expected, Zhao Jie looked at them, gestured with one hand, and simply said, "As for the two of you... do you want to go back yourself or do you want this prince to drive you out?"

They looked at each other and made the discerning judgment to kowtow, then they said, "Thank you for being merciful Your Highness... We'll leave on our own."

The two of them immediately left the bedroom while supporting each other. They didn't dare to have any further unrealistic fantasy about him.

Zhu Geng followed them in retreating. The room was finally peaceful and quiet, but Zhao Jie wasn't sleepy anymore.

He was resting his head on a pillow embroidered with golden thread. One hand was behind his head. The other hand was on his stomach. In the dark room, his phoenix eyes were especially dark and deep. Who knew what he was thinking? He slowly closed his eyes. He felt as if he was in the middle of an icy cold stream. The stream gently and slowly flowed over him. The tactile sensation was wet and slippery as if were a young woman's soft hand.

The imaged changed. He was lying on Wu Jiang's vast and boundless prairie. Behind him, there was a battlefield with two powerful armies. He could clearly hear the fighting on the battlefield. His nose could even smell the scent of blood. However, there was a lovable and delicate girl sitting on him. The girl's appearance was exquisite. Her skin was as white as snow and ice. Her hands that were so soft it seemed boneless was placed on his chest. They constantly teased his heart.

Zhao Jie's body gradually became heavy. The war behind him and the girl on top of him had stimulated the blood hidden in his body. His fiery hands held the girl's slender waist and firmly pressed her body down on his. He wished that he could crush her into his arms. The girl’s lovable voice called out once and her body fell onto his body. Her arms went around his neck and she whispered into his ear in a cutely spoiled way, “Big brother, it hurts…”

Zhao Jie abruptly opened his eyes. There was only darkness in front of him.

The sky hadn't brightened yet. The night's colors were still strong.

The night was silent. There was only the sound of his breathing becoming heavier and heavier.

In the end, that cutely spoiled voice hovered near his ear and didn't dissipate for a long time. His hand went down. He thought of that girl's delicate and lovely face as he continued the actions from the recent dream.

He desired her too much. She would appear even when he was dreaming.

The bed curtains were hanging low. The scene inside couldn't be seen. No one’s voice could be heard. About the time it would take to steep a cup of tea, his hoarse voice called out in remembrance, "Ah Luo..."

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