Chongfei Manual - Chapter 81.1

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Chapter 81.1

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Recently, while Wei Luo was idly staying at home, Wei Chang Mi had been very sticky. He was always coming over to look for her and she couldn't brush him off. If he wasn't bothering her to go water flowers in the greenhouse together, then it was to go fishing in the back courtyard. There was even one time when he asked her to go with him to the lotus pond to collect lotus seeds.

A few days later, Wei Luo became sick. The doctor said she had gotten sick from the cold weather. She would be fine after a few days of bed rest.

Her sickness was related to collecting the lotus seeds. Her hands and feet had felt sore after she spent the day accompanying Wei Chang Mi collecting lotus seeds, so she didn't have the energy to dry her hair after taking a bath at night. On the next morning, she had felt dizzy when she woke up. Because Wei Chang Hong thought this was related to Wei Chang Mi, when Wei Chang Mi came over to play with Wei Luo a few days later, Chang Hong blocked the doorway and wouldn't let him come closer to Wei Luo.

Wei Chang Mi was young and had a pure heart. When he found out that he was the reason that older sister Wei Luo got sick, he immediately felt guilty. When Chang Hong was away, he secretly snuck into Wei Luo's inner room. Standing next to her bed, he saw that Wei Luo was still sleeping, so he didn't saying anything at first to avoid waking her up. He stroked her forehead and pulled her blanket up. "Older sister Ah Luo, you have to be good and drink your medicine. If you drink your medicine, you'll get better quicker." Then, he lowered his head and murmured, "I'll never ask older sister Ah Luo to gather lotus seeds again... I'm sorry. Older sister Ah Luo, get better soon."

He thought that Wei Luo was sleeping. But Wei Luo was awake, she only had her eyes closed to rest.

This little fellow actually said sorry to her... She thought that he didn't understand anything. It really made her take notice of his improvement.

Wei Chang Mi continued to chatter for a while at her bedside. She didn't know where he had learned this behavior from. He was so young and he already had the bad habit of rambling. In the end, he didn't leave until Chang Hong heartlessly took him out of the room when he saw him standing here. Chang Hong had just come by to bring a bowl of medicine.

Chang Hong forced him out to the verandah. He hugged Chang Hong's leg while crying, "I don't want to go. I want to keep older sister Ah Luo company..."

Chang Hong thought he was very bothersome. Without sparing his feelings, he told him, "Ah Luo only needs me to keep her company."

As soon as he heard there was no hope, his cries became more pitiful sounding. It disturbed Wei Luo to the point that she couldn't peacefully rest in her room. Fortunately, a short while later, Qin-shi appeared and used every means possible to coax him into not crying. While sniffling, he left with Qin-shi.

While lying down in her room, Wei Luo thought little kids were too horrible... Chang Hong never bother anyone like this when he was a child, right? What was wrong with Wei Chang Mi?

But, since he acknowledged his mistake, she would reluctantly forgive him this time.

As Wei Luo thought about this, she drowsily fell asleep.


Today was Liang Yu Rong's father, Marquis Ping Yuan's birthday. Wei Luo couldn't go, so she asked Chang Hong to bring her gift to Liang Yu Rong.

But, after thinking about, she was still worried. She urged him, "Tell her to remember the words I told her a few days ago."

Chang Hong held the box of tea and asked, "What did you tell her?"

She didn't tell him and just told him to remind Liang Yu Rong.

As for what those words were about... Of course, it was the thing with Zhao Jue and Xiang Xuan that she had told Liang Yu Rong about in the carriage. Fortunately, Chang Hong wasn't a curious person. He didn't continue asking. He said he would do what she asked and left.

She hoped that with her reminder, Liang Yu Rong would constantly pay attention to Xiang Xuan's actions, so that Xiang Xuan wouldn't have an opportunity to get close to Liang Yu and there wouldn't be a scene of "illicit sexual relations due to drinking".

As expected, the next day, Liang Yu Rong impatiently came over to talk to her.

At this time, Wei Luo had already mostly recovered. She had just finished drinking a bowl of medicine and was eating the red bayberries preserved in sugar that Chang Hong had brought her.

Liang Yu Rong lifted her hanging curtain made of precious gems, energetically walked into her inner room, sat down across from her, and enthusiastically praised her, "Ah Luo, you truly have incredible foresight! That Xiang Xuan really did have evil plans of wanting to seduce my older brother!"

Today, she was wearing a crimson top with a rose pattern, an olive green crepe skirt, and a thin layer rogue on her face. She looked bright and beautiful.

Wei Luo chewed on her candied fruit and pushed the enamel plate with a lotus pattern towards her. Without any surprise, she blinked her eyes at her and cooperatively asked, "How did she try to seduce your older brother?"

Liang Yu Rong had stomach full of words she had been waiting to say to her. Now that she asked, she naturally didn't hide anything from her. She systematically narrated the story in full details, "Yesterday was my father's birthday banquet. My older brother was in very good mood and had drank a lot at the urgings of other people…”

Although Liang Yu was tall and valiant, his alcohol tolerance wasn't very good. After he had continuously drunk several cups of wine with the guests, he couldn't tolerate the alcohol well and felt muddle-headed. He bid everyone good-bye and prepared to go to his room to rest for a while. On the way to his room, he coincidentally met Xiang Xuan coming out of the bathroom.

Seeing that he was drunk and wasn't accompanied by servant boy, Xiang Xuan’s mind inevitably turned to improper thoughts.

She approached him and with the excuse of helping him to his room, she followed him to his room.

After they went to his room, Liang Yu immediately lied down to sleep and wasn't aware of anything else. Seeing that he was unconscious, Xiang Xuan decided to take off her clothes and sleep next to him for a night. When other people discovered them the next morning, she could falsely accuse him of raping her and threaten him into taking responsibility for her.

Unexpectedly, when she had taken off half of her clothes, Liang Yu Rong had lead Marquis Ping Yuan's wife and several servant girls here and pushed open the door. She was caught red-handed!

Liang Yu was deeply asleep and properly dressed. She was awake and her clothes were disorderly. A single glance told them what was happening.

Liang Yu Rong couldn't help feeling indignant as she told her story. She angrily held a white porcelain cup with a lotus pattern as she said, "I didn't expected that such a proper-looking young lady would secretly act so base! If I didn't get there in time, my older brother might have been forced to marry her!" She flattened her mouth. Her anger still hadn't faded. "Later, Prince Rui's people came. They continuously apologized to my parents and said they would properly disciple Xiang Xuan at home. Who knows if they would really disciple her? For the sake of my older brother's reputation, my parents were planning on hiding what had happened. I don’t know who spread this news out, but after the birthday banquet, everyone already knew what had happened..."

Who spread out this news? Of course, it was Prince Rui's heir's wife, Xiang Wu.

Xiang Xuan seduced her own brother-in-law. Xiang Wu hated her to the bone. Since she didn't restrain herself and ruined her own reputation, Xiang Wu definitely wouldn't hide this information for her.

Anyways, after this matter, Xiang Xuan's reputation was completely destroyed. There probably wasn't any good family that would want her if she wanted to marry later. What family would want a woman that had ruined her reputation and lost her virginity? It would only bring shame to their family!

As a result, Liang Yu was able to escape from Xiang Xuan this lifetime.

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