Chongfei Manual - Chapter 88.2

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Chapter 88.2

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Did she still have to say these words? If she didn't want to marry him, would she have let him kiss and hug her? Did he think that everyone received this type of treatment? Wei Luo wanted to roll her eyes. She refused to tell him. Let him feel anxious. "Even if I don't marry you, I'll still be able to cancel this engagement."

Zhao Jie choked and couldn't say anything for a while.

It wasn't easy to obtain the word "agree" from her. Never mind, he would deal with canceling her engagement with Song Hui first. He would only have the chance to propose marriage after her engagement was canceled. At that time, he would carefully coax this young girl. She was already in his hands. Did she think she could still retreat? He wouldn't stop until he consumed her completely.

Naturally, Wei Luo didn't know what he was thinking in his heart. She raised her head to look at him and could only see the healthy curve of his chin and protruding Adam’s apple. When he talked, that part would move up and down. She really wanted to touch his Adam’s apple. Why was his neck different from her neck? Her neck was flat. There wasn't anything there. The young girl's heart was itchy. In the end, she resisted the impulse and asked, "Big brother, what were you talking about with my paternal grandfather?"

Zhao Jie lowered his head and coincidentally met her bright eyes. His heart softened. "Nothing much, we just talked about how I got injured."

Since he had decided to help her cancel the engagement, he already had a plan in mind. He didn't tell her because he didn't want to trouble her.

Wei Luo finally remembered that he was currently injured. She left his embrace, looked at his chest and arm, and asked, "Who hurt you? Have your injuries healed? Do they still hurt?"

He had already mostly recovered from his injuries and they had stopped hurting a while ago. It was only that when he was newly injured, he wanted to see her, kiss her, and hug her. Unfortunately, even though he used Liuli's name several times to call her, she still didn't go to Prince Jing's residence even once. While he was lying in bed, he was so mad at her that his teeth felt itchy with the urge to bite her. He thought of how he would bully her when he saw her next. But, when he actually saw her, she had softly and stickily called out "big brother" and more than half of the anger in his heart had been extinguished.

Zhao Jie laughed and his thin lips went up. In a business-like tone, he said, "It won't hurt anymore if Ah Luo kisses me."

Wei Luo, "..."


The two of them were affectionate with each other for almost an hour inside the carriage. If they kept going, the sky would be dark by the time they were done. It was only when Jin Lu and Bai Lan, who were outside of the carriage, carefully reminded them that Zhao Jie finally lossened his hold on Wei Luo and resumed escorting her to the palace.

Zhao Jie hadn't lied. Zhao Liuli was really going to Zi Yu Villa for summer holiday and would probably stay there for a month. Other than her, Zhao Lin Lang and the other princesses would also be going. Each of the princesses would be bringing along one or two playmates they had good relationships with. There were many rooms in the summer villa, so there weren’t any worries about not having enough rooms. It would be very lively there when they all went.

This time, Zhao Liuli had invited Wei Luo to the place to discuss what items they should bring and if she wanted to invite anyone else to come with them.

Wei Luo wanted to invite Liang Yu Rong. Liang Yu Rong was a lively and extroverted girl and would definitely get along with Zhao Liuli.

Zhao Liuli easily agreed and the matter was settled.

During the next several days, there wasn't any movement in Duke Ying's residence or Count Zhong Yi's. No one mentioned Song Hui and Wei Luo’s marriage.

Since Zhao Jie was injured, Emperor Chong Zhen had him stay home to recuperate and didn't arrange any work from him. He passed the past several days very idly. Today, he finally took off the white bandages on his chest and arm, bathed, and changed into a navy blue robe with a four-sided cloud pattern. He straightened the cuffs and said to Zhu Geng, "Go to Count Zhong Yi's residence and invite Song Bai Ye over. Just say that this prince wants to see him."

Zhu Geng was probably able to guess his intentions. Other than that young girl, Wei Luo, there couldn't be any other reason. He didn't ask any further question. He nodded and left the room to complete his task.

Prince Jing had completely fallen into the hands of a fourteen-year-old girl... There had been countless women with seductive bodies. He hadn't been interested in women with perfect curves. Instead, he liked a girl that hadn't fully developed. She was so small. Her hand was small. Her feet were small. Her shoulders were small. When she stood next to Prince Jing, it looked like an uncle with his niece. No matter how he looked, they didn't seem like a matching pair. But, other than being small and young, her other qualities were good. She looked more beautiful than anyone else. Her small face was as delicate and pink as a beautiful and radiant spring peach blossom. Half of a person's heart would soften before she even opened her mouth. As soon as she spoke, the other half of that person’s heart would lose control as well.

Zhu Geng didn't blame his prince for watching Wei Luo so closely and being so impatient to marry her. No man would be able to resist this type of girl. If he didn't hurry to possess her and waited another year or two, she would become increasingly beautiful. What would he do if he had more and more enemies?

Zhu Geng understood.

He went to Count Zhong Yi's residence and not much later, Song Bai Ye anxiously came over to Prince Jing's residence. He fearfully walked to the receiving room and saluted, "Greetings Your Highness Prince Jing."

Zhao Jie was sitting on an ironwood chair carved with birds of prey. He seemed to have leisurely waited a long time for him. He unhurriedly fiddling with the white jade ring around his thumb before he nodded and and said, "You don't need to be overly courteous, sit down."

He sat down in a lower chair with a slightly nervous heart.

Although he rarely interacted with Prince Jing, he couldn't be blamed for overthinking when Zhao Jie suddenly called him over today. Song Bai Ye started to reflect about his past activity. Had he done something wrong and offended Prince Jing? However, even after thinking for a long time, he still didn't have any clues. Instead, he only scared himself into sweating.

He properly and neatly sat in the chair. His palms were sweaty. He asked, "May I ask why Your Highness Prince Jing wanted this Song to come here?"

Zhao Jie looked up and directly looked at him. He didn't beat around the bushes. Neither too fast nor too slowly, he said, "This prince doesn't approve of the engagement between Count Zhong Yi’s family and Duke Ying’s.”

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