Chongfei Manual - Chapter 90.2

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Chapter 90.2

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Clearly, they were the same age and had been born on the same day. So, why was Chang Hong so much taller than her? Wei Luo subconsciously compared and discovered that she only reached his shoulders. She looked at him and couldn't help thinking of another person. Zhao Jie was taller than Chang Hong. When she stood in front of Zhao Jie, she only reached his chest. Every time he kissed her, he had to bend down or wrap his arm around her waist and force her to cater to him by standing on her tiptoes

As she thought about this, Wei Luo started blushing.

Chong Hong was slightly lost and felt disappointed. But, it was fine. The gift was his and couldn't run away. He lifted his hand and stroked her forehead, then he asked, "Why is your face slightly red? Did you catch a cold from Wei Zheng?"

Wei Luo shook her head. Her little face was still red, "No... I just feel a bit warm."

She couldn't continue to stand out here with Chang Hong. Otherwise, she would expose herself. She moved to the side to let him go, "Aren't you going to see Mister Qi? If you go there late, Mister Qi might be resting. You should quickly go."

Chang Hong looked at her again. After convincing himself that she was okay, he left in the direction of Mister Qi's courtyard.

Wei Luo returned to her room, opened the box, and took the white jade hairpin out of the box. When she was buying it, she wasn't thinking calmly. Now, after buying it, she started to worry. Would she really give him this? If she kept it in her room and someone saw it, he or she would definitely feel suspicious. This was clearly a man's object and Chang Hong wouldn't be using this. Who could it belong to?

While she was holding the jade hairpin and letting her imagination run wild, from behind her, Jin Lu walked inside while carrying a cup of silver needles and casually asked, "Miss, are you going to give this jade hairpin to Prince Jing?

Startled, Wei Luo turned around and asked in panic, "Who said I would give this to him?"

Jin Lu, "..."

Wasn't Miss thinking of giving this hairpin to Prince Jing when she was buying it?

She and Bai Lan weren't stupid. They had known about Wei Luo and Zhao Jie's relationship a long time ago. They both thought that Zhao Jie was pretty good. He treated their Miss well and pampered her as if she was his beloved. They had never seen a man treasure a young girl like this. In addition, Zhao Jie's status and identify was very respectable. If their Miss married him, she definitely wouldn't suffer any grievances.

When they were inside the jade store, Wei Luo looked reluctant to part with this jade hairpin. Clearly, she had already selected and bought her gift for Young Master Chang Hong. If this hairpin wasn't for Prince Jing, then whom else could it be for?

Jin Lu had mercilessly exposed Wei Luo’s thoughts. Wei Luo’s pretty cheeks were red again. She felt slightly embarrassed.

She did want to give this to Zhao Jie. Zhao Jie had given her so many gifts and she had only given him a hua tiao puppy called Si Xi when she was seven. When Wei Luo was eleven, it had become sick and didn't recover. Half a month later, it had died. She had been thinking about giving him something else and thought of the jade ornament that Zhao Liuli had given Yang Zhen. If she gave him something that would be worn on his body, he would think of her whenever he saw her gift.

She sent Jin Lu out of the room and sat down on her couch by herself. She wrapped her arms around a purl pillow, curled her body up, and buried her small face into the purl pillow. Only a red ear could be seen.

It seemed that she really did like Zhao Jie a lot...

Since the time he was injured and she realized that cared about him, she couldn't help thinking about him everyday. Actually, she liked his kisses. Her heart would tingle and soften when he was kissing her. Last time, in the carriage, when she had instinctively responded to him, he had frozen for a moment before holding her face and kissing her more intensely.

Even after living two lifetimes, she hadn't liked someone before, so she was a bit slow-witted in this area... When Zhao Jie suddenly kissed her a month ago, she felt confused and bewildered. So, she gritted her teeth and always refused him. But, after thinking about this for a month, she gradually realized it wasn't that she wanted to refuse him. It was only that she wasn't used to this feeling.

That day, when Zhao Jie was injured and was sitting in his bed while faintly smiling at her, her heart ached. This was the first time that she felt he had been gone for a long time and she missed him. Later, when Gao Dan Yang escorted her out of the residence and said those words to her, her heart was actually very unhappy. Why couldn't she go to Prince Jing's residence? Was Gao Dan Yang going to marry Zhao Jie? Was their relationship that had existed since they were children that good? She used to never care about things like this, but at that moment, her heart carefully considered everything. It was difficult to describe the complication emotions she was feeling.

She didn't want Zhao Jie to marry or have any contact with Gao Dan Yang. It wouldn’t be okay for him to even say one word to her.

Wei Luo hugged the pillow and thought for a long time before falling asleep. In her dream, she and Zhao Jie were riding horses together inside a peach tree grove. The horses stepped on flower petals as they moved forward. There wasn't an end to the path. Hailstones started to fall from the sky and one landed on her head. Her head slightly hurt. She clutched her head and softly called out to the person in front of her, "Big brother."

The person in front of her turned around. It wasn't Zhao Jie. It was clearly Chang Hong's expressionless face!

Shocked, she fell down from the horse and woke up.

When she opened her eyes, Chang Hong's face was right in front of her.

He curved two fingers and knocked her forehead. His expression didn't look good. Wei Luo had just woken up and dazedly thought, so this was the hailstone in her dream...

Chang Hong was standing in front of the couch and holding a white jade hairpin in his hand. With a complicated expression, he asked her, "Ah Luo, who are you give this to?"


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