Chongfei Manual - Chapter 92.2

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Chapter 92.2

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Wei Luo turned her head back and just realized that Liuli had already handed the item over to him. No wonder he had hurriedly chased after her. She pursed her pink lips and tried to cover up the truth by saying, "I didn't buy this especially for you. When I was looking for a gift for Chang Hong, I saw this. It looked nice, so I bought it in passing." Her words only made the matter more conspicuous. She raised her long eyelashes to look at him with her large, glittering eyes. "Do you like it?"

Zhao Jie couldn't resist scratching her little nose. "I'll like anything if it’s a gift from you.”

Wei Luo didn't know how to reply. She slowly said, "Oh." She didn't want to seem too happy, but her lips involuntarily curved up into a big smile.

Zhao Jie placed the jade hairpin onto her palm, "Ah Luo, help this prince put this on."

He currently had an ivory hairpin on his head that looked more expensive than her gift. Wei Luo had only inserted a hairpin for Zhao Liuli once. This would be the first time she did this for a man. She straightened up and the cloak slid down to reveal a dainty and delicate body. But, she still couldn't reach the top of his head. "Lean over and lower your head more."

Zhao Jie's phoenix eyes smiled. He listened to her words and lowered his head.

One hand held his jade guan hat with a hornless dragon pattern in place and the other hand took out the ivory hairpin from his hair and replaced it with the white jade hairpin. Although this was the first time she did this, she did a good job imitating the correct form. After she earnestly scrutinized her handiwork, she curved her almond eyes, "It looks really good."

Zhao Jie stared at her. His eyes gradually deepened. Before she had time to put away her smile, he hugged her and sucked and nipped at her lips to vent the emotion in his heart.

Wei Luo made a noise of surprise, then she pushed against his chest with both of her hands in an instinctive refusal.

They were on a road in broad daylight. This was a public place. Did he want other people to see them?

Zhao Jie didn't let go of her. Sticking close to her soft lips, he asked, "Why did you decide to give a present to this prince?"

Wei Luo twisted her head to hide. He caught her and lightly nipped her lips. He had an attitude of unwilling to give up until he received her answer. "Ah Luo, why?"

Wei Luo had been firmly confined by him. Her body was entirely covered by his scent. "No reason... I thought it looked good, so I gave it to you."

Zhao Jie kept pushing, "Then, why didn't you give it to someone else?"

Her thick eyelashes quivered. Her conscience was its guiltiest. She opened and closed her mouth and was preparing to confess. But, at this moment, she saw a glimpse of a couple passing by them in an oxcart from her peripheral vision. The peasant woman was looking at them with a smile in her eyes. Her expression was mocking and teasing. Wei Luo's face rapidly became red. She threw herself at Zhao Jie's chest and pinched his arm, "Not here... Other people will see"

Zhao Jie involuntarily laughed. He deliberately distorted the meaning of her words, "Okay, we'll go inside the woods then."

Wei Luo didn't utter a word or sound.

They rode the horse into the woods. After seeing that there was no one else around, Wei Luo lifted her head from his chest.

Zhao Jie's hand was around her waist and the other hand was holding the reins. He huskily said into her ears, "And you said you didn't like me... little liar."

Wei Luo was unexpectedly obedient and didn't refute his words.

He bit her ear and slowly nibbled on it. His voice became quieter and quieter, "Little liar..." His hand wasn't honest and went up from her waist to grasp her dainty and delicate peach. He almost couldn't stop himself from possessing her here.

Wei Luo whimpered. That area was still sore. How could it be touched?! She tried to remove his hand and speak about a serious matter. "When we go back, I'll tell daddy... to cancel the engagement between me and older brother Song Hui."

She didn't know yet that Zhao Jie had talked to Song Bai Ye, so she was wholeheartedly thinking about canceling her engagement. She didn't know that this engagement had already reached the end of the road with no way to continue further.

Zhao Jie smiled and comforted the girl in his arms. "Don't worry. Before three days have passed, Count Zhong Yi's son will go to your home to rescind the marriage agreement."

Wei Luo and Song Hui weren't formally engaged. It was only an informal agreement before Wei Luo was born. If Count Zhong Yi's family rescinded the marriage agreement, at most it would be them not keeping their promise, it wouldn't harm Wei Luo's reputation.

Wei Luo curiously turned her head and directly looked at him, "Why? What did you say to Count Zhong Yi's family?"

Zhao Jie didn't tell her. He touched her forehead and said, "Anyways, after you come back from Zi Yu Villa, you just have to wait until you marry this prince."

Wei Luo wanted to continue to ask, but his hand tightened around her and he quietly said to her, "This prince heard that if you rub it, it’ll stop feeling sore. Ah Luo, do you want to try?"

Wei Luo's face was so red that it looked like she was dripping blood. Who wanted to try? If she was match for him in physical strength, she really wanted push him off the horse!


On the sixth day of the sixth month, a group of people traveled together to Zi Yu Villa at Wang Su Mountain.

Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong were sharing a carriage with Zhao Liuli. The three girls were about the same age and Liang Yu Rong had an extroverted and easy-going personality. Very quickly, she became more familiar with Zhao Liuli. On the way to Zi Yu Villa, the three of them talked, joked, and laughed. They reached Wang Su Mountain without noticing.

Zi Yu Villa was built on a mountainside and faced a large body of water. The area was surrounded by unbroken mountain ranges. It took four hours to go from the bottom of the mountain to the villa. When they arrived at Zi Yu Villa’s entrance, it was already dusk. The rosy clouds set each other off as the sun started to set in the western horizon. The orange light that was scattered over half of the mountain had a roundabout beauty.

Wei Luo and the others came down from their carriages and followed the villa's servants to their rooms.

Wei Luo would be staying in the third room from the east side at Jin Tai Courtyard. One room separated her and Liang Yu Rong. As a princess, Zhao Liuli would be staying in her own separate courtyard that wasn't far from them. They wouldn't have to walk far to see each other.

The inner room and outer room weren't small. They had been properly cleaned and were completely free of dust. Wei Luo walked inside. Just as she was going to have Jin Lu and Bai Lan bring her baggage inside, Wei Zheng came over, stood at the doorway, and seemed to be preparing to discuss something, "Fourth older sister."

She rarely took the initiative to talk to Wei Luo and was even less likely to call her "Fourth older sister." She probably wasn't up to anything good. Wei Luo turned her head to look at her and wasn't moved by her address, "Fifth younger sister, is there something you want to say?"

Wei Zheng lowered her head and twisted the handkerchief in her hands, "I want to change rooms with you."

Not in a hurry to refuse, Wei Luo said, "Oh, why?"

She rarely lowered her head in front of Wei Luo. It seemed as if she was different person. Not only was her head lowered, even her tone was sweet as she said, "The bed in my room is facing the window. I'm not used to it... Could you change rooms with me?"

Wei Luo's lips curved up in a smile and she thoughtfully asked, "I didn't know you have this type of habit. What's wrong with facing the window?"

She pursed her lips, overlooked the displeasure she felt from Wei Luo's mocking, and continued, "I can't fall asleep if the bed is facing a window. I'll be scared at night."

In fact, changing rooms wouldn't be a difficult thing. Wei Luo merely wanted her to suffer for a little bit. She walked towards the doorway, "Has fifth younger sister done something shameful? What's there to be scared of?"

Wei Zheng lifted her head to look at her. Her eyes were red. It wasn't clear whether the redness was from being angry at Wei Luo or from genuine fear, "I..." She shed her arrogant and despotic manner and pretended to be a pitiful, innocent white flower. It looked very realistic.

Wei Luo knew that it wasn't as simple as her being afraid and wanted to see what trick she was trying. Having achieved her objective, Wei Luo agreed, "Since fifth younger sister is afraid, we can change rooms. It's only because you’re the one that’s asking that I'm willing to change. If it’s someone else, I might not agree."

The implication was that she wanted her to remember this favor.

Wei Zheng internally wanted to grit her teeth, but her face only showed a grateful appearance as she said, "Thank you fourth older sister. I'll definitely express my thanks to you after we return home."

Before Wei Luo left, she profoundly looked at her. That glance was meaningful and chilly. For a moment, Wei Zheng thought she had figured something out.


After they changed their rooms, Wei Luo was closer to Liang Yu Rong. Only a wall separated their rooms.

After they respectively unpacked their stuff, Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong prepared to go to courtyards on the eastern side to look for Zhao Liuli.

Just as they walked out of Jin Tai Courtyard, they saw a vermillion-lacquered, flat-roofed carriage parked outside. Wearing a green summer robe, Li Xiang came down from the carriage while talking to Li Song. Li Song was wearing a deep black robe with a treasure flower design.

Li Song's hand was already mostly healed. The bandages had been removed and he could do most normal activities without problem.

Li Song's eyes were looking down as he said something. When he looked up, he saw Wei Luo walking. She was wearing a moon white gauzy top and a colorful skirt with red plum flowers. There was a wonderful smile on her apricot-like face and her cheeks look like peaches. She was talking to Liang Yu Rong, "The scenery from the back of the mountain looks pretty good. Let's go there to take a look…”

His fingers twitched. His heart couldn't resist feeling moved. He wanted stop her here. But, his face didn't show any of his feelings.

Before he had time to say anything, she passed by him as if she hadn't seen him.


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