Chongfei Manual - Chapter 95.1

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Chapter 95.1

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Inside the room, the scent of the incense rose up in spirals and slowly traveled to them. The smell was so sweet that it was sticky.

Li Song felt that there was a wave of fire in his stomach that burned him until his entire body felt hot. He wanted to do something to alleviate this feeling. Today, he had also drunk wine, but his alcohol tolerance was usually good. Drinking a few of those shallow cups of wine shouldn’t have been enough to make him drunk. However, as soon as he entered the room and saw Wei Luo's body, he couldn’t help feeling strange.

When her soft body wrapped around him and her warm breath was exhaled into his ear as she acted spoiled, he couldn't help hugging her closer and fit his body snuggly against hers.

Wei Luo... Wei Luo... He had said this name so many times. He loved her and hated her. She had done so many things beyond measure against him, but he still couldn't truly hate her. Even when he hated her, he hated himself more. There were so many women. Why was she the only one that moved his heart?

He couldn't give consideration to her sudden change in attitude. It was probably because he wanted her to smile at him too much. He couldn't resist tightening his hold on her when she acted cutely spoiled and pitifully said, "I'm so cold.” Today, she was the one that provoked him. He wouldn't stop even if she showed her regret a moment later!

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Li Song flipped them over, pressed her body beneath his, and viciously bit her lips like a wolf. He couldn't wait to swallow her and become one with her. The seductive and lovable body in his arms kept trembling, but he didn't want to be gentle with her. The more vicious he treated her, the better. This way she wouldn't forget him... At this time, he couldn't think about anything else. He only wanted to bully her. He wanted to viciously bully her until she cried and begged for mercy.

The curtains by the bed fell down and blocked the scene inside.

Only the sound of a young man's impatient panting and a girl's delicate moaning could be heard. There was a rustling sound before clothes were thrown out from the bed and messily landed on the floor. The girl was too small and it was rather strenuous to manage. Her coquettish voice was as delicate as a bird. Before her voice could pass through the window, it had already dissipated in the air.

An entire night passed with the two people having different spring dreams.


Early next morning, there was a touch of white at the horizon, the dark indigo started to fade from the mountain, and a faint glimmer of dawn was exposed. A sparrow was resting on the verandah and twittered once before fluttering its wings and flying away. At this moment, the young women hadn't woken up yet and there was only a few servant girls hurriedly walking in the verandah to prepare hot water and towels for each of their family's miss.

Yin Lou was standing outside of Wei Zheng's room. She placed her ear against the door to hear if there was any movement inside. She only dared to knock on the door after not hearing anything.

Carrying a copper basin, she walked into the inner room, passed the divider screen with a landscape painting, and arrived by the bed.

There was a pile of clothes by the bed. She covered her lips, ambiguously smiled, walked closer, and lifted up the curtain. Just as she was about to wake up the two people on the bed, she saw the man on the bed and her eyes immediately widened. Scared, she retreated two steps, dropped the copper basin, and the hot water suddenly splashed out!

The man was awaked by this sound. He furrowed his eyebrows and opened his eyes.

Li Song felt like his head was going to split open. It felt as if someone had smashed something against his head. He didn't why he had such a horrible headache. He usually wouldn't be this hangover after drinking. He half sat up and thought of the images from last night. That pair of dark, peach blossom eyes had shone with a rarely seen gentle light. He had bullied Wei Luo too harshly. She was so small. Her body was completely unable to bear him, but he didn't stop. He had heartlessly entered her deepest part... Was she still feeling pain right now?

Since she was already his, then regardless of how much hatred there was between them, he would be willing to let go of their former hatred. He would take responsibility for her and wouldn’t let her suffer any grievances. When he went back, he would talk with his parents and personally pay Duke Ying's residence to propose marriage... He lowered his head and looked at the young girl in his arms. The smile on his face immediately froze.

His face slowly changed. His eyes became malicious and terrifying. In a single moment, there was a layer of ice!

The person in his arms wasn't Wei Luo. It was her younger sister, Wei Zheng!

It wasn't her. Then the person that he had loved last night...

He clenched his fist. Blue veins protruded on the back of his hand. He raised his head and looked at the servant girl near the bed and squeezed out these words from his teeth, "What happened?”

Yin Lou stood in place and trembled from the terrifying expression in eyes. She couldn't even say a single word.

How would she know what had happened? She also wanted to ask someone. Shouldn’t Young Master Song Hui been the one that came into the room? Why was it this person instead?

Yin Lou felt overwhelmed. She didn't even pick up the copper basin from the floor. Who didn't know that Li Song was the capital's notorious young despot? He was disagreeable, rebellious, rude, and unreasonable. If you offended him, then there was no hope for a good ending. Now, her miss was lying in a bed with him and his face looked so ugly. What should she do next...

On the bed, Wei Zheng was awakened from the two people's movements. Her cheeks rubbed against the pillow and she quietly groaned. Her cheeks were pink and her body was covered in traces of being loved. There were some areas that still ached, especially the spot between her legs... But, she endured the hardship gladly. As long as it was for older brother Song Hui, then she didn't have any complaints. Last night, older brother Song Hui had been very fierce. She hadn't expected it. He looked like such a gentle person, but he was so intense when doing that. He had almost broken her.

Her plan had already been worked out it in her mind and she prepared to show a shocked and startled expression when she opened her eyes. But, unexpectedly, she didn't need to pretend.

The person in front of her wasn't Song Hui. It was Prince Ru Yang's heir, Li Song.

She was suddenly unable to move. Faced with Li Song's gloomy and dreadful face, she felt as if all of her blood was flowing backwards. Utterly shocked, she stuttered, "You... why is it you..."

Li Song also wanted to ask this question.

Why was it her? Why wasn't Wei Luo the person that he had had shared a night with?

He remembered that the servant girl had said this was Wei Luo's room last night. He also remembered that there was a faint fragrance in the dark room. He lifted his hand and grabbed her neck. His five fingers tightened their hold and he hatefully asked, "Was this your scheme?"

She had intentionally pretended to be Wei Luo to make him misunderstand and lit aphrodisiac incense in the room! Li Song wanted to hack her to death. Death ends all troubles.

Wei Zheng wanted to break free from his hand, but there was a big contrast between a man's strength and woman's. She couldn't shake him off. She couldn't breath and her eyes almost rolled back, "Let me go..."

At this moment, her heart had turned to ashes. There were only three words in her mind. She was ruined.

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