Chongfei Manual - Chapter 96.1

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Chapter 96.1

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When Zhao Liuli and Liang Yu Rong received the news that Wei Luo would be immediately leaving, they hurriedly came over to ask why. She had only been here a day and had previously said she would stay here for a month to keep Zhao Liuli company. Why was she suddenly leaving?

Zhao Liuli naturally didn't want her to leave. Broken-hearted at the idea that she was leaving, she asked, "Do you have to go? Was it because you weren't used to living here? I'll have the servants change your room. You can stay with me at Yu Quan Courtyard."

The problem wasn’t that she felt uncomfortable staying here. Wei Luo simply shook her head and said, "Something happened with my family and I have to go back. When my family matter is resolved, I'll come back here."

Wei Luo didn't elaborate further. It wasn't because she wanted to give consideration to Wei Zheng's reputation. She was doing this for herself. If other women found out about what Wei Zheng had done, it wouldn't be good for any of the unmarried women in Duke Ying's residence. It might even damage her reputation. She knew that Zhao Liuli and Liang Yu Rong wouldn't gossip, but before the matter was resolved, it would be better if she didn't tell them for now.

Zhao Liuli felt very lost. Originally, she had wanted Wei Luo to stay for a few more days, so that this summer wouldn't be boring. She hadn't expected that she would be leaving so early. In the end, she didn't succeed in persuading her, so she prepared a carriage and arranged a few guards for her so that she would be safe when descended the mountain.

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When Wei Luo returned to Duke Ying's residence, it was dusk. She asked the servants about Wei Kun's location and found out that he was in the main courtyard talking with Duke Ying and Old Madam. So, she directly went to her maternal grandparent’s main room instead of going back to Pine Courtyard.

When she arrived, she heard them discussing her marriage.

Yesterday, Song Bai Ye had come to Duke Ying's residence to cancel the engagement. He said that previous decision to engage their children before Wei Luo was born was too impulsive. Now that Jiang Miao Lan wasn't here, they should consider their children's opinions. Anyways, it was a bunch of words that didn't have any logic behind them. Duke Ying was so angry that he didn't even ask him to stay to drink tea before hurrying him out.

Wei Kun also felt this was rather unexpected. Their discussion had been fine a few days ago. They had settled the marriage and were about send the betrothal gifts. Wei Luo would be married after her hairpin ceremony. Why did they suddenly change their minds?

Right now, Duke Ying was still angry. He asserted that he would no longer have any dealings with Count Zhong Yi's family. The mama next to Old Madam tried to persuade, "Old Master Duke, calm down. It's better that Count Zhong Yi’s family broke faith and canceled the marriage now. Otherwise, Fourth Miss might suffer after she's married... Fourth Miss is beautiful and clever. If she doesn't have an engagement, the people coming to the residence to propose will be as numerous as fishes in a river. Why is there any reason for you worry about finding her a good marriage?"

Listening to her words, Wei Kun nodded in agreement. Just as he was about to speak, a servant girl came inside to say, "Old Master Duke and Old Madam, Fourth Miss is here."

Then, they saw Wei Luo walk out from behind the servant girl. She passed through the doorway and saluted to the people inside, "Daddy, paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother."

Wei Kun was wearing a navy blue silk robe and sitting in an ironwood chair. Seeing that she had come back without any notice, he was rather startled, "Ah Luo? Why have you come back? Didn't you go Zi Yu Villa to accompany Princess Tianji?"

Duke Ying and Old Madam also had surprise expression on their faces.

Wei Luo lifted her skirt, kneeled in the center of the room, looked down, and said, "Ah Luo has something to say to daddy, paternal grandfather, and paternal grandmother."

She was rarely this solemn. Wei Kun vaguely felt that something meaningful must have happened.

As expected, Wei Luo had Jin Lu bring a small porcelain bottle over to him as she said, "This was found underneath fifth younger sister's pillow. Daddy, please look."

Wei Kun took the bottle, turned it over, and suddenly stiffened when he saw the word on the bottom of the bottle. Although he didn't go to the red-light district, he had heard of some officials using this type of thing to increase interest as their hobby after being immersed in the depravedness of officialdom for so many years. He knew that this was something that came from the red-light district. Utterly shocked, he looked at Wei Luo. "You said that you found this underneath Wei Zheng's pillow?"

Wei Luo nodded and immediately said, "It's Ah Luo's fault for being useless. I didn't teach younger sister well, so she learned this type of filthy method..."

Then, she narrated what had happened this morning. She didn't add any details to make the story more interesting. She only said what she had seen, but this was already enough for the people to clearly understand what had happened. By the time she finished speaking, one after another, Duke Ying and Old Madam had gasped in surprise.

Although she had put the blame on herself, no one here would blame her. Instead, they would compare her to Wei Zheng. This would only clearly and obviously show her sensibility.

Wei Kun's face was ashen. He didn't seem able to say a single word.

Duke Ying's face turned white for a period of time. He was a stubborn old man that followed the rules inflexibly and couldn't stand a disregard for authority and social decency. He loudly slapped the Eight Immortal style table and raged, "Where's Wei Zheng? Bring Wei Zheng here to see me!"

Wei Luo said, "Fifth Younger Sister is still at Zi Yu Villa."

Duke Ying didn't care where she was. He immediately ordered people to go Zi Yu Villa and bring her back. There couldn't be even a moment of delay!

He had already been in a bad mood over Song Bai Ye breaking the engagement and now Wei Zheng had caused this type of scandal. It really was pouring oil into a fire. He was so angry that there was almost steam coming out from his head.

On the same day, very late at night, Wei Zheng returned from Zi Yu Villa

Just as she came down from the carriage, Duke Ying called her to the ancestral hall that was in the back of the residence.

Duke Ying had her kneeling in the ancestral hall to receive her punishment. Faced with the long table that was lined with the ancestral tablets, she was disciplined according to family law. Wei Zheng knew that Duke Ying was truly angry and couldn't avoid being beaten today. She didn't beg for mercy and only lowered her head without saying a word. She knew it would hurt, but when then cane struck her body, she still couldn't help crying out in pain.

When Duke Ying saw the light green and purple bruises on her neck, he angrily struck her again instead of becoming more lenient. "Where did you learn this from? Did Du-shi teach you this? How could such a shameless girl come from my residence? I... I have to beat you to death!"

Wei Zheng had been scared of the Duke Ying since she was a child. He was too solemn and stern. She didn't dare to resist even though her body was covered in injuries. Crying, she collapsed on the ground and begged Wei Kun, who was on the side, "Daddy, I know I was wrong... Please save me..."

Wei Kun was also angry that she had done something so immoral. He waved his sleeve and walked out of the ancestral hall.

In total, Duke Ying had hit her twenty times. Just as he was about to continue, her painful body twitched, her eyes rolled back, and she fainted.

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