Chongfei Manual - Chapter 96.3

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Chapter 96.3

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Today, Wei Luo was visiting fourth branch's Plum Courtyard. Fourth Madam Qin-shiwas helping Wei Zheng by embroidering her wedding veil.

Wei Zheng's mother was in Gingko Courtyard and couldn't help her, so Qin-shi was helping Wei Zheng with these things. Seeing Wei Luo enter the room, Qin-shigestured for her to come to her side. "Ah Luo, come look. How does the embroidery for this pair of mandarin duck look?”

Qin-shi's embroidery skills were very good. She was the best in her family before she married. Her skills hadn't diminished over the years. The pair of mandarin ducks in her hands was very vivid and realistic as if there really was a pair of birds right in front of them.

Wei Luo moved closer to look and praised, "It's really good. If I didn't look carefully, I might mistakenly believe they're real. Fourth Aunt, will you teach me how to make this later?"

Wei Luo's embroidery skills weren't very good because she hadn't seriously spent time learning it. Every time she tried, she would prick her fingers. Later, she became disinclined to continue practicing because of her dislike of pain.

Qin-shi smiled after hearing her words. The gloomy mood she had during the past few days also improved.Please read from the original source at fuyuneko dot org. It's very discouraging to see people reading from aggregator sites after I spent hours translating.

Qin-shi's eyes felt strained from embroidering, so she stood up and put the needlework to the side on a flat basket-tray. She sincerely said to Wei Luo, "If you want to learn, I'll teach you whenever you come over here. As a girl, it's better if you know how to embroider. When you marry into your husband's family, they'll have a better opinion of you." Then she paused and thought of the matter in the residence. She couldn't help sighing, "Definitely don't be like Wei Zheng... Even if she's getting married, her husband’s family will look down upon her."

Wei Luo pursed her lips and didn't say anything. Wei Zheng's ending was her own fault. It couldn’t be blamed on someone else.

Qin-shi sat down next to her and took her hand to say, "Ah Luo, you're a clever and understanding child. Fourth Aunt has never had to worry about you... But, this type of thing has happened to Wei Zheng and your engagement with House Song has been canceled. I've been feeling uneasy during the past few days."

Wei Luo faintly smiled and asked a rhetorical question, "What is Fourth Aunt worrying about? What could happen to me?"

Qin-shi paused and finally said, "You're so good. House Song is blind. You'll definitely marry someone even better... Fourth Aunt only hopes that you'll know your place and not be as foolish as Wei Zheng. She gave herself before marriage and her husband's family won’t treat her well after she’s married.

Wei Luo froze for a moment. She thought of something and her expression immediately became uneasy.

Although she and Zhao Jie hadn't taken anything too far, he always couldn't resist holding and hugging her every time they met. She didn't know if Fourth Aunt was referring to this... It was totally Zhao Jie's fault. It was one thing for him to kiss her. Last time, when they were at the countryside, he said he would help her by rubbing... She blushed, coughed, and pretended to be calm when she said, "Fourth Aunt, don't worry. I definitely won't follow in her footsteps.”

Hearing her promise, Qin-shi patted her hand and let go of her concerns.

Wei Luo had dinner with Qin-shi, then Wei Chang Mi, that little calf bothered her for an hour. When she left Plum Courtyard, the sky was already completely dark. She went back to her room to take a bath, then she changed into a magnolia-colored thin robe. After her hair dried, she lied down in bed and quickly fell asleep.


The moon was suspended in the sky. The night was silent.

Most of the people in Pine Courtyard were resting in their rooms, only the occasional servant girl responsible for night vigil would be walking in the verandah.

There was the sound of lonely insects chirping in the courtyard. Occasionally, the wind would pass through and leave behind the sound of rustling leaves.

A tall body came to Wei Luo's bedside, leaned over, picked her up, and walked to the window.

Wei Luo was sleeping soundly. She only felt that her body was becoming lighter and lighter as if she was floating on clouds and drifting towards the sky. Not much later, she fell onto a hard wall. Although this wall was hard, it was warm. The wall grew a pair of hands that wrapped her up tightly. Wei Luo slowly opened her eyes and saw the vast, starry sky. The boundless sky of stars spilled over her eyes as if she could touch them if she only stretched her hand out. She blinked in puzzlement. She hadn't quite returned to her senses yet. She heard a quiet voice by her ear say, "Little one, are you finally awake?"

She turned her head in surprise, looked directly into Zhao Jie's phoenix eyes that were as dark as ink, and slightly opened her mouth to ask, "Older brother Prince Jing?"

She was only wearing a thin sleeping robe. Zhao Jie was afraid that she would be cold, so he took off his outer robe and wrapped it around her. He smiled and said, "It's me."

But, why was he here? Also, where were they?

Zhao Jie saw the puzzlement in her eyes. He lowered his face, rubbed his chin against her forehead, and intimately said, "We're on the roof of your room."

Wei Luo opened her eyes wider and instinctively looked down. They really were sitting on glazed roof tiles. The wide courtyard was beneath them. At this time, the courtyard was empty and totally silent. As far as her eyes could see, the entire capital seemed to be asleep. It felt as if they were the only two people in the world.

Wei Luo was slightly scared of heights. She burrowed closer to Zhao Jie's chest. "Big brother, why did you bring me here?"

Zhao Jie's hands made their way inside the outer robe that was wrapped around her. He placed his hands on her soft waist and wrapped her in his arms. "I miss you, so I came here to see you."

Although summer was hot, it was still slightly cold at night. In addition, they were sitting on the roof. The cool wind faintly blew past them and brought chilliness. Zhao Jie's outer robe held his body's warmth. Bundled up, Wei Luo felt warmth and peace of mind.

Wei Luo originally felt emotionally touched. But after his hand paused on her waist, it went inside her sleeping robe and gently rubbed twice. "Does it still feel sore here?"

Wei Luo's cheeks were so red that blood could drip out. She wanted to fling his hand out, but his hand was stronger than her. How could she drag it out? After she tried pulling back and forth, he twisted his fingers and brought her closer. Her soft, lovable voice cried out. Snuggled close to him, she protested and sobbed, "It hurts."

Zhao Jie didn't let go of her. He lowered his head to kiss her and swallowed her whimpers into his stomach. To prevent her from falling down, one hand was around her waist and the other hand was left there to rub and torment her. His movement was slightly gentler than before. How could Wei Luo withstand this type of teasing? Her body immediately softened. Fortunately, she still had awareness and bit his tongue, "Don't... Other people will see..."

Zhao Jie quietly chuckled. His voice was compelling when he said, "At this time, other than you and me, who else would be awake?

That wasn't absolutely true. What if someone raised their head and looked at the roof? Wouldn't that person see everything? She had recently promised Fourth Aunt that she would be responsible. Only half a day had passed, how could she go back on her words?!

Wei Luo moved back to avoid him and stared at him with watery eyes, "Older brother Prince Jing, if there something you want to say, say it. I’ll be mad of you keep touching me like this.”

Zhao Jie knew when to stop before going too far. Just now, he had missed her too much and couldn't resist. At the current moment, he finally exercised restraint. He held her small waist and hoarsely said, "Ah Luo, this prince heard about what happened that night."

Wei Luo could vaguely guess what night he was referring to. She paused and didn't reply.

Not much later, he continued, "For every day this prince isn’t married to you, it’s another day I feel anxious. How about I come to Duke Ying's residence to propose marriage tomorrow?"

Li Song's evil intentions wouldn't die. He even dared to enter Wei Luo's bedroom at night. Li Song's hand had just healed and he had the audacity to go after his woman. Fortunately, the person in the room was Wei Zheng. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough even if he sliced his flesh off his bones a thousand times.

If that had really happened, Prince Ru Yang's family wouldn’t be allowed to continue existing either.

Hearing his words, Wei Luo repeatedly shook her head. She held his arm and said, "You can't. You can't propose marriage right now."

Zhao Jie's expression sank, "Why?"

She argued with the courage of her convictions, "My daddy is already busy and troubled over Wei Zheng's matter. His mood isn't good. If you propose marriage at this time, he definitely won't agree." Then, she paused, tilted her head to look at his chin, and said, "Wait for a while."

Zhao Jie rested his head on her neck, inhaled to breathe in her light scent, and in a slightly displeased tone, he said, "This prince doesn't want to wait. This prince wants you now."

Wei Luo's little face blushed and she charmingly scolded, "You can't."

They were sitting on the roof. She kept worrying that she would fall down, so she tightly held onto his waist. As she burrowed closer, she said, "Big brother, wait until after Wei Zheng is married... Then come to my home to propose marriage."

The young girl was seriously earnest as she said these words. She didn't notice that her tone seemed like coaxing a child. Zhao Jie held her small body, hoarsely laughed, lifted his head, and said, "Then give this prince a kiss?"

Wei Luo hesitated for a while and looked at his thin lips with her slippery, dark eyes. In the end, she slowly went forward. She rarely took the initiative and was very unfamiliar. She stretched out her small, pink, and tender tongue to lick his lips. She blinked and looked at him. "Is this okay?"

Zhao Jie's dark eyes turned and he huskily said, "Not good. Ah Luo, it has to be like the way I kiss you."

Wei Luo's face wasn't as thick as his. After kissing him twice, she retreated. She pursed her lips and said, "I don't want to kiss anymore. It doesn't taste good."

Zhao Jie couldn't help laughing. He held her little face to kiss her. He didn’t willingly let her go until he had repeatedly tasted her.

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