Chongfei Manual - Chapter 96.4

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Chapter 96.4

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Wei Zheng and Li Song's wedding was scheduled for the end of the July.

The day before the wedding, Wei Zheng visited Gingko Courtyard and told everything to Du-shi. Du-shi was naturally happy when she heard that her daughter would be marrying Prince Ru Yang's heir. She kept praising Wei Zheng for being a person blessed with good fortunate.

Du-shi had lived here for eight years. She was no longer that leisurely and noble Fifth Madam. Time had worn away all of her calmness and bearing. She had become an ordinary woman. She was one year younger than Qin-shi, but she already had a lot of grey hair and the wrinkles on her face were obvious. Her clothes were old-fashioned and had lost their dyed color. Her down-and-out state made it difficult for people to recognize her as Duke Ying's family's Fifth Madam.

Li Song was Prince Ru Yang's only son. When Wei Zheng married him, she would be the only daughter-in-law. In the future, the residence's general affairs would be under her control.

Du-shi was naturally happy. She hugged her and kept saying, "And there's my Mi-er. Our whole family will be together again..."

Although Wei Zheng didn't like Wei Chang Mi, Du-shi would mention him every time she visited her. So she nodded and promised.

It was okay if Li Song didn't like her. After all, she didn't like him either. She only agreed to marry him to preserve her reputation. In the future, she would have a place to stay. As for other things, they weren't important.


The next day was the wedding day.

When all was said and done, Duke Ying's granddaughter was getting married. Inside and outside, the entire residence was celebratory. There were bright red lanterns suspended in the verandah. Fireworks were set off at the entrance in the early morning. It was very lively.Please read from the original source at fuyuneko dot org. It's very discouraging to see people reading from aggregator sites after I spent hours translating.

When the auspicious time came, Prince Ru Yang's people came to escort the bride.

Li Song was wearing a bright red wedding robe and sitting on a fine, tall horse. His handsome face didn't have the slightest trace of happiness. Instead, it was so cold that it was frightening.

When the people in the residence carried Wei Zheng outside, he didn't even look at her. His thin lips were pressed into a line. Without saying a word, he struck the horse to signal for it to leave. The procession of people escorting the bride reached Prince Ru Yang's residence. As the groom and bride did their ritual kneeling to heaven and earth, the outsiders were very celebratory, but Prince Ru Yang and Elder Princess Gao Yang couldn't even manage to smile. On the side, Li Xiang disdainfully made a sound of disapproval and looked at Wei Zheng with contempt.

After the ceremony was over, it was time for the wedding night.

Li Song didn't enter their room. He didn't even share a nuptial cup with her or take off her veil. Instead, he turned around and went to drink with the guests. The bride chamber that should have been lively and cheerful was left empty. She didn't know where Li Xiang went. It seemed as if the bride was below everyone’s notice. No one cared about her or welcome her.

As Wei Zheng's dowry servant girl, Yin Lou had a stomach full of grievances, "Miss, isn’t this bullying…”

Wei Zheng lowered her head. Underneath her veil, her little face was full of humiliation. There were tears in her eyes and the silk handkerchief in her hands was almost crumbled into pieces.

She had originally thought this was Ru Yang's family’s initial show of strength, but she was too naive. This was only the beginning. The worse was yet to come.

Wei Zheng sat on the bed and waited until 7pm. It was pitch-black outside the window. Li Song still hadn't returned. She had sat for so long that her entire body felt numb. She finally couldn't resist taking off her veil and saying to Yin Lou, "I want to change my clothes. I'm not going to wait anymore."

However, just as she said these words, there was movement outside the door.

Li Song had returned.

She pressed her lips tightly together and looked at the door.

She was still slightly scared of Li Song. The feeling of him almost choking her to death was fresh in her memory. He was too brutal when he was angry. Wei Zheng didn't dare to make him angry. However, because of her temperament, she wouldn't easily lower her head in front of other people. So, when the two sides met, neither of them said anything.

Li Song had drunk a lot of wine, but he was very clear-headed and his expression wasn't good. He didn't walk forward. He settled on carefully looking at Wei Zheng.

How did he mistake her for Wei Luo? How were they similar?

One was heaven. The other was hell. It was the difference between clouds and mud.

A long time later, Wei Zheng saw that they couldn't continue this stalemate. Just as she was about to say some words to ease the tension, she saw several men walking out from behind Li Song. They were Li Song's friends and had drunk a lot of wine. Elder Princess Gao Yang described them as a pack of scoundrels. These people were families with slightly lower status. While their fathers were officials in the imperial court, these sons were ignorant and incompetent. They spent their time watching cockfights and dog races. They had done many evil things. At the moment, they were drunk and utterly shameless. Their eyes held wicked intentions as they looked at Wei Zheng.

Wei Zheng retreated backwards, looked at Li Song in horror, and incredulously said, "Li Song, you can't..."

Li Song seemed to ignore her words. He ordered a servant to bring a bowl of medicine that would prevent pregnancy. Then, without any mercy, he immediately left the room without looking at her.

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