Buddha’s Palm - Chapter 246

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Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: [War God Records]. The Overseas Ancestors.

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“It is the Venerable.”


“The Venerable has come out.”


Xuan Ku was shocked, his face was full of excitement.


He was still worrying about whether Su Qin would be trapped in the War God Temple just now, but Su Qin came out. How could he not get excited?


“Third Uncle.”


Li Wan’s eyes were wide open. She doesn’t know why, but she felt that Su Qin was strange. It was as if the entire War God Temple was under him.


“Finally out…”


Su Qin also showed a smile. Some accidents occurred as he was refining the War God Temple’s Artifact Spirit, which delayed him for a few days. However, the refining process was finished within a month.


For nearly a month, apart from refining, Su Qin was not idle, and naturally Signed In on time every day.


In addition to the one Primordial Spirit Pill that he obtained on the first day, Su Qin had subsequently obtained more than 50 Primordial Spirit Pills. The number of Primordial Spirit Pills he got during each Sign In was at least one and as many as ten.


Other than the Primordial Spirit Pill, Su Qin also obtained some other pills, such as the Imperial God Pill, Spirit Transformation Pill and so on.


However, these pills were basically useless for the current Su Qin. They were far inferior to his urgent need for the Primordial Spirit Pills.


“Oh right.”


“Today’s Sign In is still available.”


Su Qin suddenly thought of something and stopped. He stood in front of the entrance of the War God Temple and muttered in his heart: “System, Sign In.”


[Congratulations to the Host for Signing In successfully! Obtained ‘[War God Records]’!]


A cold and mechanical voice rang in Su Qin’s ear.


“[War God Records]?”


Su Qin’s face changed slightly.


If he remembered correctly, the 49 carvings on the stone wall in the depths of the War God Temple left by Hou Yuan was an inheritance called ‘[War God Records]’.


The name of the War God Temple Temple itself was taken from the War God Records, which means the palace where the [War God Records] were stored.


Su Qin didn’t expect to obtain it through his Sign In. He actually obtained the inheritance that even the master of War God Temple had not been able to comprehend, even after spending hundreds of years.


If a Divine Art was obtained through the System, even if it was difficult to understand, Su Qin will naturally achieve full mastery of it, just like the [Past Amitabha Sutra]. For thousands of years, no one was able to cultivate it. But Su Qin would be able to achieve Great Accomplishment in a short time.


The owner of the War God Temple spent countless resources and was still unable to comprehend the [War God Records]. He even had countless geniuses of the future generations to have a go, but there was very little effect. At least, Su Qin had never heard of anyone, who had entered the War God Temple, receiving the [War God Records].


Su Qin also did not hope that he would be able to Cultivate the [War God Records].


After all, not to mention that [War God Records] was damaged, even if it was not damaged and it was put in front of Su Qin intact, Su Qin probably wouldn’t understand it.


But now, he obtained the [War God Records] through the System. Even if the [War God Records] was something heavenly, Su Qin can master it.




Just as Su Qin was thinking, a huge amount of information came into his mind.


“Not good.”


Su Qin’s expression changed and immediately sealed the overwhelming majority of the information in his mind. With the magnitude of this information, if Su Qin really started to absorb them at this moment, he would have blacked out.


Hence, at this moment, Su Qin only took a glance at the information about the [War God Records]. He’ll only dwell on it once he gets back to Chang’an City.


“The [War God Records] is not a technique for the body, nor is it for True Essence or Divine Sense.”


“It is a Divine Art about domain.”


Su Qin’s face wore a thoughtful expression. Although he only slightly peaked at the huge amount of information of the [War God Records], he was able to roughly understand what kind of Divine Art the [War God Records] was.


According to the information that Su Qin had learned, cultivating the [War God Records] would allow the user to condense the War God Domain. The War God domain was far more terrifying than the ordinary domain.


The domain here refers to the Great domain and not just the Mini Domain condensed by a Legend.


“This [War God Records] is amazing…”


Su Qin was surprised as he thought in his heart.


Regarding the Great Domain, Su Qin was far from being able to fully comprehend it. It was said that only an Earth Immortal can create the Great Domain. With just a single thought, the Great Domain could cover a hundred li, like a real god.


It can be said that even for Earth Immortals, the Great Domain was a very powerful tool.


“No, it’s not right.”


“If it’s just a type of domain, why would the owner of the War God Temple pay so much attention to it?” Su Qin slightly frowned.


According to his guess, the owner of the War God Temple may have surpassed the Earth Immortal Realm and reached the level of a supreme powerhouse.


For such a powerhouse, although the domain was important, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. There was no need to use a huge spatial item to store this inheritance.


“No hurry.”


“It’ll come slowly.”


“It can wait until I return to Chang’an City. By then, I will start to comprehend the [War God Records].”


Su Qin settled down and a satisfied look appeared on his face.


Su Qin’s trip to the Kunlun Mountains this time was fruitful. Not only did he get an immortal fruit that can prolong his lifespan for a thousand years, he got more than 50 Primordial Spirit Pills and some other pills.


With so many Primordial Spirit Pills, once Su Qin enters the 9th Heavenly Layer, he could directly condense his Primordial Spirit and boost its strength to a very high degree. Once Su Qin steps into the Earth Immortal Realm, in a short time, he will surely become a powerhouse in the Earth Immortal Realm.


Apart from this, Su Qin also obtained the [War God Records] that even the owner of War God Temple could not understand.


Su Qin walked out of the War God Temple while thinking.




“Third Uncle.”


Xuan Ku and Li Wan greeted him immediately.


“Third Uncle, the War God Temple is going to disappear…” Li Wan said, as she looked at the War God Temple. At this moment, the War God Temple slowly became illusory, and it seemed that it would disappear from the sky at any time.


“It’s only temporary.” Su Qin shook his head and said.


Although Su Qin refined the Artifact Spirit and successfully made the War God Temple recognize him as Master, the War God Temple was too large. Even though Su Qin was the owner of the War God Temple, if he wanted to take the War God Temple away with his current strength, it would be very difficult to do.


“But soon.”


“When I step into the Earth Immortal Realm, I will be able to take the War God Temple.” Su Qin was positive.


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According to his estimation, he will be able to start tackling the Earth Immortal Realm in 50 years at the latest. By then, he’ll come and take away the War God Temple. It wouldn’t be too late.


Anyway, the War God Temple will remain here and won’t run away. Before Su Qin enters the Earth Immortal Realm, he would have no shortage of cultivation resources, and there was no need to Sign In at the War God Temple.


Of course, the [Burning Sun Divine Art] was an exception. 


“Time to go back.”


Su Qin thought silently, after seeing the War God Temple disappear completely.


This time he and his party had spent more than a month in the Kunlun Mountains. Although they had a fruitful harvest, they should leave.




Just when Su Qin was about to return to Chang’an City.


In the overseas Martial Arts World, deep in the Snow God Palace. Many Elders, headed by the Palace Lord, were standing respectfully in front of a huge altar.


“108th generation Snow God Palace Lord is here, pleading to the Ancestor to wake up and save the Snow God Palace from the catastrophe.”


The Snow God Palace Lord looked solemn and shouted loudly.


Her voice echoed throughout the altar.


After a long time.


An old voice sounded.


“It’s already the 108th generation…”


This old voice seemed to be sentimental.


The Snow God Palace Lord stood respectfully and did not dare to reply.


Inside this altar was where the Ancestor of the Snow God Palace was sleeping.


“So what happened that you need to wake me up?” The old voice continued.


The Ancestor was struggling at death’s door to prolong their lifespan. Every time they wake up, their remaining time would inevitably shrink.


The Snow God Palace Lord came here and awakened her. Something must have happened that affected the entire Snow God Palace.


“Reporting back to the Ancestor, the current Saintess of the Snow God Palace and an Elder have died…” The Snow God Palace Lord calmed down and said.


“What else?”


The old voice didn’t care.


For the Ancestor, let alone the death of an Elder, even if the current Snow God Palace Lord died, it was not a big deal.


The purpose why the Ancestors were sleeping was to ensure the prosperity of the Snow God Palace’s inheritance. As for other things, it was nothing worth mentioning.


“The battlefield has appeared.” The Snow God Palace Lord said.


The old voice in the altar was silent. After a while, she continued to speak, but her tone was obviously more solemn than before: “You mean, the Elder and the Saintess died on the battlefield?”


The battlefield was related to the core of the recovery of vitality. If the Snow God Palace wants to continue its inheritance for generations to come, it must occupy an area on the battlefield.


Only in that way, can they enjoy the great opportunity brought by the recovery of vitality as much as possible.


Of course, the Snow God Palace can also choose not to fight. However, although it may not affect them at this time, the other Major Sects would have gained great opportunities from the battlefield and the Snow God Palace will inevitably decline, compared to the Sects who fought.




The Snow God Palace Lord’s facial expression was grave: “Currently, there is at least a 7th Heavenly Layer Legend in the battlefield. The Saintess and Elder’s death have been related to that 7th Heavenly Layer Legend…”


The Snow God Palace Lord paused for a while, before continuing:


“The battlefield is very important. The Snow God Palace must be moved to the battlefield, in order to gain enough benefits when the vitality truly recovers towards its peak.”


“And if the Snow God Palace wants to move to the battlefield, the first thing we need to do is solve that 7th Heavenly Layer Legend…”


The meaning of the Snow God Palace Lord was obvious.


She was hoping for the Ancestors to take action and secure a piece of territory for the Snow God Palace in the battlefield.


This was related to whether the Snow God Palace can inherit an important area. As long as the Ancestor takes action, the move can be done with confidence.


“I see.”


“I will go to the battlefield myself.”


After a long time, the old voice finally replied.

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