Silent Lover - Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

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“In this world, death is such an easy thing, how could I let you off so easily?”

The princess leaned down, looking at Shen Yu silently.

“If you want to blame me, why don’t you blame His Highness for favoring you too much. You see, I had to do so many things for him to hate you and get tired of you. His highness loves this fragile body of yours, I could feed you a little poison and you wouldn’t be able to survive.”

“In addition, His Highness himself wouldn’t even pity XiangXi Yu..”

“Actually you don’t have many years to live anyway, but I’m getting too impatient already. You… living in the palace even for a day, I would have to suffer with hatred for a day as well…”

Shen Yu took a deep breath. Perhaps he was being selfish, never considering that his own existence could bring so much misfortune to the princess. Hating herself would be understandable.

“I just can’t wait anymore! So go and ask His Highness to bring you to the JuXu Wolf Mountain for hunting together. Brother even hid from me that he let the guards disguise as the Huns just so he could have a chance to be alone with you!”

“He even demanded from me not to hurt you… I don’t understand! How could my brother side with you like this?! He had never hit me before, so why? Because of a bitch like you, he raised his hand towards me for the first time…! I know… pushing you off the cliff is the right thing to do! You are a scourge for bewitching men!”

The Emperor sent out men to disguise as the Huns?

Shen Yu was shocked, Emperor Ye said that he was just passing by ShaoHua pavilion, was it actually on purpose?

“What a shame, the plan didn’t go as I expected,” the princess let out a rueful laugh, “It would have been so good if you just died but you were way too lucky, His Highness and Brother were about to go crazy trying to look for you! What exactly is so good about you?! I’ve never seen His Highness acting like this, staying beneath the cliff for a whole night!”

Shen Yu’s heart, which became numb, was struck with a needle ruthlessly.

“ZhenBei Wang really looked for me the entire night?” Shen Yu was staying with the Emperor in a cave for the entire night. When he came out with him from the cave, seeing his cold expression, assuming that Shen Yu and the Emperor had a secret relationship after all.

Shen Yu always felt wronged by him due to some misunderstanding, but he never would have thought that he was risking his life looking for him through the snow storm only to see him coming out of the cave with the Emperor and feeling disappointed.

Shen Yu felt his chest tightening up with pain, if it is not with all of these misunderstandings, would he and ZhenBei Wang be able to go back to the way it was before? And not coming all the way to this point?

“What are you shedding tears for? Pretending to be sorrowful for who to watch?” The princess said viciously.

“If it wasn’t my brother helping me, trying to make His Highness’s feeling into hatred and disappointment! Aren’t you wondering why the jade pendant given to you by His Highness ended up in the hands of Sun LaoLiu?”

Needless to say, when Sun LaoLiu took out the jade pendant. Shen Yu remembered in the cave that night, Emperor Ye took his jade pendant away and planned out everything for the princess to follow..

Shen Yu felt so confused, whether Emperor Ye is on his side or not?

“Today, I can finally let out a bad breath!”

The princess’s face full of hatred, trampled Shen Yu’s face to the ground.

His face stuck to the ground, his skin starting to bleed from the constant contact with the ground. It made him look dirty, his face covered with a mix of his blood and dirt.

“You feel proud having this face? And this slutty body of yours? Don’t you love being ridden by men and be fucked by them? Then tonight I will make your wish come true and have a blast! Come!”

Several naked muscular men came out from the hidden door with only a loincloth covering their bottom.

Shen Yu’s eyes widened with horror, while the princess was having fun from looking at his horrified expression.

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“This is the secret pavilion of QinHuai Tower. Not to mention that you are a mute who can’t call for help. Even if you make a sound, you won’t be able to call for help! These men especially helps the prostitutes of the QinHuai Tower, dealing with new disobedient people… like you! So just close your eyes and enjoy….”

Shen Yu’s body began to tremble violently, desperately fighting back but the rope binding him started to sink into his flesh. Shen Yu continues to fight back only to bleed more..

Few muscular men surround him with their loincloth taken off..


“Stop…I beg of you…please…let me go….”

Shen Yu tried to fight back again, he tried to call for help but to no avail, he felt nausea and pain in his stomach preventing him from mustering up any strength to call for help…

He wants to live…with no filth on him…his mother is still waiting for him…

“We’ve been in this tower for so many years but we have never seen such beauty, how fortunate of us!”

The princess said with a cold tone, “Don’t rush, do it one by one and treat our hidden concubine with grace!”

Shen Yu was lifted and placed on the table, several rough hands running around his body, tearing his clothes apart without a moment to spare..

Help me…

Shen Yu’s limbs were held tightly, two droplets of tears filled with hopelessness fell from his eyes, he would rather faint than having to go through this painful process awake…

They started licking his body, the stink from the group of men disgusts him so much.

Your highness… Why don’t you save me?…

Please just kill me….

Shen Yu’s eyes began to fill with blood red vision and started to shed blood from his eyes…..

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