The Guardian - Chapter 197

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Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: Analysis

In a darkened room, projections revealed a mage of space magic entering the stage.

The battle against the Elementalist Academy had begun, but the mage at first moved to the side of the curse mage.

Then, taking him to his side, he went to find all the A-Rank members to form a team, and once gathered, they moved.

“Even though they are all mages, it’s a pretty balanced team and their teamwork is perfect, making it clear, they worked together,” Edward said, and changing the scene, let the background of the group members show.

That group was actually a group of A-Rank adventurers with quite a few missions done by themselves.

They were noticeable that they were not inexperienced or simple students because of their high background and the analysis given.

“They have worked before for quite some time and are ‘veterans’... More so than some heroes who have done missions during their time at the academy,” Edward added, and returning to the battle projection, he specified. “They come together fast and move fast, completely taking the advantage at the start of combat.”

As he had shown both in this match against the Elementalist Academy or as in the quarterfinals against Aetherium Academy, Merlin Academy took the lead at the start.

With an overwhelming advantage.

“The group is trained enough to take on an S-Rank, worse yet... Trained and intelligent enough to know when to retreat or when to attack.” Edward pointed out letting another scene show.

This time, they had encountered the S-Rank of the Elementalist Academy, but they retreated wisely.

Just as they did when they encountered other groups, they thought they could not defeat.

They had tremendous capability, but they were taking no chances and were cautious.

“Just as I said, it’s a well-balanced team for mages. A space mage who represents mobility, a light mage who focuses on defense and support, a dark mage who focuses on attack, a magic swordsman with fire magic in melee cases, and finally their core... The curse mage who focuses on weakening their opponents,” Edward explained calmly and, giving a serious look, he stated. “The battle plan is simple. Go in and hide. When you see the group, flee and regroup with your comrades.”

It was difficult to pinpoint what the best strategy was when facing such a versatile and balanced group.

However, facing a group that could exert superior force was meaningless and could be the cause of defeat.

So the simplest plan was opted for... Hide or run.

“Andrés and Leslie will activate the drones to activate the communication network at the start of everything. This time it’s going to be different than before where Andrés will infiltrate the communication network. Now he will attack immediately, trying to make their network fail,” Edward revealed the battle plan and, looking at the students, he added. “However, they are mages and magic has many methods of communication.”

Using air magic to send the voices, using earth magic to generate tremors that can become a type of signal, and not to mention other more sophisticated methods such as using magical artifacts or mind magic spells.

Hero Academy needed their communication network active as fast as possible and at the same time, they needed to hit Merlin Academy’s communication network to prevent them from organizing.

“Their support students, be it crafting, healing, and the others, have finished second or third in the tournament. That means they have great skill and should not be underestimated,” Edward pointed out and, as if remembering something, he warned. “The vampire bats that appeared in our previous confrontation were creatures that could pose threats even to Rank A. Remember before attacking a beast to take a weapon, pay attention to the power of the weapon and the strength of the beast. The idea is to have profit without loss.”

The number of vampire bats posed a threat even to some weak S Ranks, and it was all because those bats were too many and if someone did not have an area effect attack, they could suffer many wounds before retreating.

Just because of some spears the vampire bats were incited, and it led to everything ending chaotically and unfavorably for Cernunnos Academy.

They did not have to make the same mistake and should pay attention before attacking.

“Surely there are many things to say. Be careful to be ambushed, be careful when ambushing or just stay away from poisonous areas or creatures,” Edward added and with a sigh, looking around at all the students, he announced. “We are facing a powerful enemy. Now it’s time to let them see everything they’ve got.”

The seriousness rose as the expression he gave became even more solemn.

“No holding back or hesitation. Attack with everything and with the sole aim of winning.”

Merlin Academy was a very difficult opponent, and even though they were mostly all mages, they were still a tricky team to face.

Edward’s words were directed at some students who kept their cards hidden and, at the same time, those who held back out of fear.

An example of the latter was Rachael, who, because most of the scenarios had a forest, found it difficult to show the power of fire magic.

Setting a forest on fire could be terrifying not because of the nature itself, but because with a large fire her companions could get hurt.

As for the hidden cards, it was true.

Andrés had stood watch, using his communication network and acting as the command center, not revealing his combat skills... Which everyone knew he had.

He wasn’t the only one, other students were also hiding some ability that they hadn’t been able to demonstrate because they were never pushed hard enough or kept as hidden weapons.

It wasn’t as if they hid it from everyone, since they arrived at the international tournament, they revealed it to Edward privately so he could better organize the situation.

From weaknesses to strengths, everything was revealed with the intention that they could better prepare for combat.

Now it was time for them to show their full potential.

That was Edward’s idea, and that feeling of pressure Merlin Academy caused in them.


In the garden of a mansion in Elelin City stood a woman looking at the sun.

“It’s good to sunbathe, isn’t it?” Emperor Victor asked with a smile.

The person to whom the question was directed was the woman who, a few weeks ago, led a powerful organization.

Right now they were in the courtyard of a mansion while the sun was overhead, illuminating the woman.


The woman did not answer and just looked at the bright sun.

“Do you watch your freedom go?” Victor asked with a teasing half-smile.

The Queen of the North... No, Eva Santos lowered her gaze in Victor’s direction and frowned, revealing anger and annoyance.

“Now that I accept, what do you want me to do?” Eva asked with a serious tone.

She lost everything... She literally lost everything.

That was all anyone could feel when they lost their freedom.

“Come on, don’t be so tragic. We can’t start our partnership this way,” Victor said, and shaking his head in disappointment, he commented. “And here I thought you wanted to sunbathe and watch some fights for fun.”

His disappointed performance only earned a very obvious frown.

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In the end, Eva only sighed, unable to say anything more.

There was nothing she could do.

This was the only fate left to her when she decided to live... At least this decision she made on her own and wasn’t forced into it.

“Greco went through the same thing as me?” asked Eva without changing her expression.

Greco... Her right-hand man, a man whose family was killed by Emperor Victor himself.

That man’s hatred was real and just like the fact that the entire family was killed by Victor.

It was why the only answer for such a person to be working for someone like the man in front of her was that she had fallen into his clutches.

“Yes, he was tougher than you... But it’s understandable when one thinks about what happened,” Victor said and yawning with boredom, he commented. “He must be escaping to the West African Republic now. You know, to pull weeds from the roots.”

Eva’s expression quivered, but that’s all she could manage.

“He was there when I and the others were caught. Do you think they’ll believe him?” Eva asked seriously, and noticed a smile spread across Victor’s lips.

“Does it matter, whether he manages to make them believe him or not, he will strive for it by trying to achieve it to the best of his abilities... If he dies, then too bad, if he lives he will still be useful,” Victor replied in a simple tone.

Eva couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily.

If the public media were saying that Emperor Victor was a tyrant, it was undermining what he truly was.

A lunatic who seemed to have no compassion and to be indifferent to the lives of others, capable of using any means at his disposal and most certainly without changing his expression.

The worst thing was that he had the intelligence, patience, and the ability to carry out his craziest plans.

Faced with such a person, a comparison came to Eva’s mind.

“You are just like the ‘Enemy of Mankind’...” Eva muttered in a strange tone.

A lunatic who didn’t care about anyone, a psychopath who could murder with a smile, a genocidal person who didn’t tremble when killing old people, women, or children to exterminate an entire race... Such were the descriptions of that individual who had disappeared.

A big smile appeared on Victor’s face and it grew until he laughed in amusement.

“Your Majesty, the fight for third place is over.”

Without Eve being able to notice, a white-haired elf woman appeared at Emperor Victor’s side.

The former Queen of the North looked at the woman seriously.

What the hell was a Terra nova elf doing next to Emperor Victor? She wisely swallowed all her doubts and questions, recognizing that asking too many questions could be dangerous.

“You must be wondering why an elf serves me, right?” Victor asked as he noticed the look and, with a cheeky grin, declared. “It’s because I’m too handsome.”

“Your Majesty, beware of work boundaries,” Ersin warned with a serious, professional look.

Eve watched Victor chuckle in amusement and then glanced at the white-haired elf, whose performance as a professional secretary was perfect, not knowing what to say.

The Emperor finished laughing and smiled good-naturedly.

“Come, let’s go inside. Soon the finals will start and it will be fun to watch,” Victor said, smiling at her without caring what she thought.

The former Queen of the North took a look at the sky and the tall buildings that could be seen of Elelin City, only to finally follow Victor.

“When do I start work?” Eva asked, recomposing her composure.

She didn’t reach the position she had reached by complaining about her situation, and she wasn’t going to survive by lamenting her past.

“When it’s necessary. In the meantime, you can enjoy a comfortable life... As if nothing has changed,” Victor said, smiling at her attitude.

Eva could only nod and, giving one last glance behind her, where the light illuminated gloriously, she followed Victor.

She knew that her life had changed... And all that was left was to move forward.

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