The Guardian - Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Winners

As if it were a celestial weapon, a physical lightning bolt struck the ground, causing a gigantic explosion that covered hundreds of meters.

Many drones that were recording were torn apart, and either disappeared completely or were pushed away.

From afar, an immense cloud of dust could be seen as if some kind of missile had fallen and when the dust settled, everyone could see that enormous crater that the explosion had created.

Lightning was faintly in the center while covering the entire crater were hundreds of lightning bolts.

The destruction was at a level that could be called a ‘war spell’... comparative to a strategic missile.

How was it possible for an S-Rank Archmage to launch such an attack?

Everyone had that question and unanimously looked at the person who caused such destruction.

It was an absolute victory and that archmage, after stabilizing his posture rather tiredly surveyed his surroundings with a solemn expression from the sky.

“Brilliant,” declared Emperor Victor, clapping his hands as the projection faded out.

Now all the academies and their respective students were in the center of the room where they entered the first time.

Unlike the first time, many students were hit hard, and their competitiveness diminished over time.

But there was one thing they agreed on when they looked at the Hero Academy.

It was that the championship title was well deserved.

It was true that the showdown with Merlin Academy they pushed the heroes to the limit and the mages managed to land many blows on the heroes that left them reeling and weakened it to the point of near defeat.

But seeing back that spell... No one doubted victory.

“Edward Palmer, may I ask what this dazzling spell is called?” Emperor Victor, who was on the platform in front of everyone, asked and with a smile, added. “I think everyone wants to know the spell with which the hero academy was crowned champion.”


Now the students from all the academies were in this great hall watching the top winners of this long and eventful international tournament.

Cernunnos Academy proved what they couldn’t do with the Hero Academy and defeated Elementalist Academy taking third place.

However, it was the final of the tournament that attracted all the attention.

The battle was tense and Merlin Academy proved to be a very tough opponent, managing to put in a hard position who had held the first place in points.

Even so, that spell changed everything, and it was certainly what marked the end.

“The name is ‘Wrath of Zeus’,” answered Edward, who stood in front of his academy members.

Simple and calm, even though he was extremely pale, even when he rested for a few hours after the fight, he still looked exhausted.

“Oh, that name is nice... You have great ambition,” Emperor Victor said, giving Edward a teasing smile.

Calling it Wrath of Zeus... It was a dominant name that showed what Edward wished to achieve.

The Greek gods and those of many other cultures were not the ‘Gods of Earth’.

In the long history of mankind, many otherworldly entities took form as religious ‘icons’ or took a position within some religion.

One example was the ‘angels’, which was actually a ‘celestial’ race, another example was demons and if one spoke on a higher level, there was a Primordial God who had the title of ‘Devil’.

A name that was heard on earth, but took an evil form as some kind of terrifying and vile demon.

In that sense, the Greek gods perhaps existed only not in this world and here only ‘came’ their story.

It was difficult to say when the rituals with which they could be contacted were unknown.

Adding that it was known that the dimensional barrier was not always completely secure, it was possible that sometime a spirit from another world, an intelligent creature or simply someone’s soul would arrive and settle on earth, managing to spread the influence and stories of such existences.

However, regardless of whether they existed or not, following his story, Edward was likening his attack to that of a god.

In this silence, Emperor Victor looked around at all the academies and then smiled.

“We have come to the end of this long event. Hero Academy took first place both in the championship and in terms of points. Therefore, they will now take the first prize,” Emperor Victor announced, officially ending the tournament.

Applause resounded throughout the room and the Hero Academy students only gave victorious smiles, but in the solemn atmosphere, they did not celebrate.

However, one could see how excited they were.

No one judged them, anyone in their position would be the same.

After all, the first prize was ‘Elixirs’, capable of helping them move up the ranks.

All B-ranked students could be fully promoted once they drank the elixir ahead of their peers.

That extended not only to the fighters but also to the four students who participated in the respective extra tournaments.

It may not have seemed important for the non-combatants, but sometimes having a greater amount of magical energy or psionic energy helped too much.

In case of the computer student, he might not be able to control such ‘energies’ like his fellow psionics, blacksmith, or mage, but there was definitely a way to help him.

Be it an elixir to strengthen the body, increase mental capacity, or some other way.

The authorities had already informed that before it was created they would talk to the winners to see what kind of help they needed or what kind of elixir they wanted.

Different students had different constitutions or needs, so the empire was quite accessible at that point.

“The second prize will go to Merlin Academy and the third prize money will go to Cernunnos Academy,” Emperor Victor added and with a smile, he commented. “But surely everyone is eager to do something with their points... And I won’t let them down. Then you will be sent the list with the things you can get with the points you won so decisively.”

“As for those have points in negative...” Emperor Victor muttered and, looking at some academies, in particular with a smile, he revealed. “There are always consolation prizes.”

It was a half-joke that seemed slightly cruel, but the truth was that the situation got a bit out of hand in some cases and some academies ended up with negative points.

That happened when there were too many strong academies and the number of ‘weak’ academies was fewer.

One example was the random duels before the tournament, where the chances of playing with a stronger academy were higher and the few victories against other academies were lost because of the ten points subtracted for each defeat.

That was what happened to the Russian Academy, who, despite having increased points, ended up with -9 points after the six consecutive defeats of the duels.

“Tomorrow we will officially end the tournament at a big closing party. So I hope you will all attend,” Emperor Victor said and waving his hand, he ordered. “You may now retire to look at your prizes.”

With those words, the holographic clocks of everyone present beeped.

The awards and the list of what they could do with their points arrived.


In a room at the Hero Academy hotel, everyone sat in their respective seats.

“I can’t believe it,” Cristian said and when everyone looked at him, he commented. “I guess that’s how it feels when things happen that are too unbelievable.”

Some laughter echoed around, and Aurora was one of them.

When unbelievable things happened, such as winning first place in a long and important tournament, it was normal not to believe it.

“Face it. We are the champions,” Niels said in a serious tone.


There was a moment of silence in the great hall and...

“We are the champions!” Jordan exclaimed in excitement.

Shouts echoed throughout the rooms.

Even Aurora felt the excitement of it all.

The Hero Academy were the champions.

There was no doubt that it was very exciting.

Jordan was one of the most excited and that was because he got an elixir to move up the ranks.

For someone who spent a long time stagnating, this was a huge reward.

“That’s not all. Now there are the point rewards to choose from,” Edward said, managing to get their attention.

They all looked at the list on their holographic clock.

They had 240 points and were at the top of the points list.

As a reward, they could exchange them for many things.

Classes from some renowned masters, weapons, valuable magic potions, armor, sword techniques, mage spells, and the list went on.

They could buy many things and some were cheap for one or two points, but the more important what was traded, the more valuable it was.

One example was a wand that could cast saved spells.

It was something that others had, however, the spells engraved on it were of S-rank.

This kind of wand would be in the hands of SS-ranked mages or important people who could afford them.

Handcrafted, they used important materials and cores from high-ranking magical beasts.

The price would normally be several million to over ten, however, here it was at 100 points.

Sure, there was a little mishap with the prizes.

“We can’t buy everything we want.” Precised Clémentine with a serious look.

240 points was a lot, that was true.

However, when it came to attractive items, they could only buy two or three of them before their points ran out.

That meant they had to rationalize it or choose wisely.

Maybe other academies would say that those who won their bouts would get the points, but here, that wasn’t thought of.

If someone bought what they liked, the others would be left with nothing.

That was the sad reality.

And for the effort everyone put in that way was unpleasant.

“Then it remains to choose this last one.” Edward pointed out in a simple tone.

Aurora looked at the reward Edward pointed out.

It was simple enough.


A reward where all the points were spent, but at the same time, it promised that all students would receive a reward.

There were some hard looks, and that was because the rewards were random.

That meant that they could receive a stone as a reward... Maybe they were being too pessimistic and it wasn’t to that extent, however, the random decision was panicky.

After all, it didn’t say what the rewards were and even though the South American empire had been generous, now they hesitated.

The ‘what ifs’ rang in everyone’s head, but Aurora sensed that this was what the authorities were looking for.

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—It is possible. Maybe those who supported the tournament want to get closer to the students, and this is the way. Or maybe the emperor will choose the rewards according to what each student desires.

Listening to her system, Aurora agreed with the first hypothesis.

The international tournament was huge and there were many people supporting, not just Emperor Victor.

While he may have organized everything and arranged the ins and outs, others surely offered support.

If that were not the case, then the academies may not have come or the tournament may not have had as much media importance as it actually did.

“My master indirectly told me that he is likely to be giving a lot of personal lessons in the future,” Edward said suddenly, and under everyone’s gaze, he added. “He also pointed out that it’s possible that others at his level were similar... Many of them will be ‘surprise’ students.”

The eyes of several students shone like stars.

That kind of hint was all too visible.

While Director Vincent had classes available in those rewards, they were expensive as a powerful weapon.

However, if someone enrolled by that method, then there was no surprise student.

The surprise came from those who chose this reward of chance.

Studying directly from Director Vincent was, in itself, precious.

Perhaps only Dalia, who was an air magic, could learn directly, but her understanding of magic would be very important to anyone.

Edward was an apprentice of that Great Archmage, even though he did not use air magic, but lightning magic.

As for ‘others being similar’ revealed that it wasn’t just Director Vincent who would be present among those random rewards when teaching.

“Then what’s there to think about it so much for? Let’s get on with it,” Jordan urged with a shrug.

They already got the best prize from the international tournament, the others would be extra.

As for those who got simple rewards, they wouldn’t bother.

After all, it was a chance.

“Shall we go with this, then?” Edward asked curiously.

All the students nodded in agreement.

“Excellent. I’ll take my leave then. I’m too tired,” He added, ending this convocation.

It was normal for him to be tired when a few hours ago he launched a powerful attack and, as if that wasn’t enough, he didn’t have time to rest as he deserved.

Aurora knew that Edward was not only tired, but because he pushed himself too hard, he had internal injuries.

While he was attended to, it wasn’t as if those kinds of wounds would heal quickly.

Noticing everyone retreating, Aurora followed her gluttonous sister into the bedroom.

“You surprised everyone when you got caught,” Aurora muttered, watching Alice eat her chips.

It was true that Alice did manage to surprise everyone when she was caught, and that caused a big hit in morale.

“I didn’t think I was held in such high esteem,” Alice muttered in a strange tone.

She sounded pleasant, but at the same time like she didn’t know what to say.

Aurora smiled.

Alice’s nonchalance in some of her battles gave the surrounding people the feeling that everything was under control.

It was impossible not to hold someone in high regard when that happened.

“But isn’t that normal?” Aurora asked and when her sister looked at her, she pointed. “You always seem to be able to overcome anything.”

Her comment pointed to the fact that this time she could have escaped as well.

Aurora, who knew her better, realized it when she saw her being caught.

If Alice was in an actual situation, then she would only be caught when she wanted to be.

Too much confidence?

Perhaps, but that alone showed how capable Alice was in front of someone who knew her.

“Too much trust will make you suffer when I break it,” Alice announced in a serious tone... Or serious enough would be for a young woman with a bag of chips in her hand and a half-eaten chip in the other.

Aurora thought back to the moment they entered the academy.

That first day, they went to the academy.

At that moment Alice betrayed her for a bag of chips... Which a thug was holding as a ‘hostage’.

Was it possible for that to happen in the future?

Strangely, Aurora felt it was possible.

“I think I know...” she muttered, walking into her room.

Alice, at her back, let out an amused laugh.

“By the way, don’t forget to tell me what kind of elixir you want,” Alice said, and before Aurora could say anything, she announced. “Aside from participating for fun, I did it for the prize for you.”

A serious look and tone from the start.

One could tell she didn’t wish to be contradicted.

An attitude she very rarely took because of her constant indifference.

Aurora sighed as she received that serious look.

It was hard to refuse her when she very rarely took the lead in asking or doing anything.

“I understand... Then I’ll see with my teachers what’s best for me.” Aurora replied and returning her gaze, she stated. “But as a reward...”

“You have to join me for dinner at a new restaurant!” interjected Alice with a solemn expression.

Aurora’s expression quivered.

She went ahead with what she wished for and even though it seemed like a small matter; she made it feel like it had the same importance as an elixir.

Perhaps they were both looking at life differently.

Nodding at the request, Aurora went to grab a drink from the private fridge when her holographic clock chimed.

“What is it?” Alice asked as she saw her expression.

Aurora shivered for a moment as she read the message and hesitated whether to respond.

“Tomorrow we’re invited to visit the city...” she muttered finally and after hesitating again, continued. “To buy dress-up clothes for the closing party.”

The invitation came from Cithrel, but the others accepted immediately.

She had to admit that these kinds of parties and outings were not her thing and if she was honest; she didn’t like being dressed up by others as if she were some kind of doll, either.

Aurora looked at her friend, whose holographic clock chimed.

“Oh, apparently I have another job,” Alice muttered with a chuckle as she watched her tremble.

It seemed her fate was set in stone.

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