The Guardian - Chapter 201

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Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Unexpected

Aurora observed those present.

Cithrel, Venali, Clémentine, Nicole, Taqiyya, Érica, Leslie, and Alice.

They were currently in a large restaurant and were all eating while chatting.

However, Aurora felt like she was imprisoned.

On her left side was Cithrel, whose smile only grew bigger every time she looked at her.

And on the other side was Venali, whose serious expression made her feel like a prison guard.

In front was Alice, eating as if there was nothing else in the world.

“Today’s party will be very important,” Clémentine said in a serious tone.

“Yes, my father informed me that he would be attending. And he told me that important people may be there,” Leslie commented, and when they looked at her, she explained. “He told me that the main shareholder of the Cosmos Company may appear.”

Those words took quite a bit of attention from those present.

“Calling him the main shareholder is a joke. The Cosmos Company only has one shareholder, and he is the owner,” Érica specified in a simple tone.

“Sure. The important thing is that few people know him, and he rarely attends events... Well, it’s similar to the main shareholders of Apicius Enterprise,” Leslie replied and, with sparkling eyes, announced. “For my part, I would like to meet the ‘Sage’ of the Cosmos Company.”

It was known that the Cosmos Company had a ‘Sage’ and that was why they were so technologically advanced compared to other companies or even entire countries.

That was the capability of a ‘Sage’.

After finishing their meal and winding up the business talk, the entire group left the restaurant when they were sufficiently rested.

Aurora felt like a prisoner again.

Guided from both sides by Cithrel and Venali, whose expression hadn’t changed, Aurora couldn’t help but sigh.

“Where are we going first? We need to find the best clothes possible!” Cithrel announced with a raised tone and when everyone looked at her, she turned her gaze to Aurora and revealed. “Today I want to see them bedazzled.”

Her sparkling eyes didn’t hide the gallant knight in her, and at the same time, gave a hint of a predator eyeing her prey.

“Sexy, formal, serious or elegant, there are so many styles to try... We need to move fast,” Cithrel added and, looking at the students, she pointed out. “As long as you let me choose the clothes, I’ll pay you for the best outfit possible. That will be my gift for your victory.”

This time she also gave an amused look to the students, being slightly playful yet charismatic.

As a princess of a great empire, Cithrel had money from this world and was very wealthy.

So such a gift was nothing, and more so when she enjoyed it.

“I feel that Akira would like it here...” Leslie murmured in a strange tone.

The muttering didn’t change anything, and they all went off to find the best clothing stores.

Aurora, being closely accompanied, was caught in the clutches of that gallant knight who seemed to be abducting a damsel.

After arriving at a large store of a famous brand, Cithrel had an entire section made private for them, and then the workers began to bring in different dresses.

From elegant ball gowns, formal dresses, or simply dresses that were designed to reveal feminine charm.

Cithrel’s eyes sparkled, looking at the latter, but Aurora gave a glance to Alice, who was far away.

However, her gaze trembled for a second as she watched Alice eat as if nothing happened.

Did Alice betray her?

No, just yesterday, Cithrel had gone ahead and ‘hired’ her.

Now, with the snacks from the store, she was enjoying herself, paying attention only to her food.

Here was a true mercenary willing to betray her family for payment... Though in this case, it was simply food, which was worse.

“Come on, we need to try on all these dresses.” Cithrel urged excitedly as she looked them all over.

Her tone, voice, and look made it clear that no one would escape her clutches.

Perhaps because of her look, no one decided to resist in the face of that inevitability and they grabbed the dresses they liked best first.

Aurora had to do it too, trying to give Alice a look, trying to make that cold-hearted mercenary change her mind.

“If you’re late, I’ll have to help you get dressed...” Cithrel muttered near her when everyone had gone to the changing rooms.

Looking up, Aurora noticed that Cithrel wore a big smile, and her eyes shone like radiant pearls.

She was fascinating and charming in a strange way, but at the same time gave an odd sensation, like a predator looking at an adorable little white bunny.

Aurora shivered involuntarily and her heart skipped a beat when her eyes met that gallant knight who seemed to be revealing another side of her.

Her cheeks turned slightly red at that surprise attack with extreme charm, but that reaction made Cithrel’s smile grow.

Cithrel watched her with blue eyes shining and, letting it be seen that she could not control herself, she moved closer to her and slid close to her ear.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle...” she whispered in a charming tone.

A flirtatious and fascinating tone that would make any man look at her captivated... Such a tone caused Aurora to blush excessively, having difficulty pulling back.

“I’ll take this one... Come on.”

At her nearness, a voice rang out and Aurora was led by Alice’s arm as the latter gave a serious look to Cithrel, who noticed her action and stepped back.

“I got carried away by hunger,” Cithrel muttered in a slightly regretful tone, but loud enough for them to hear her.

She did this on purpose so that both of them who were heading for the fitting rooms would hear her.

“You need to stay away from the perverts,” Alice advised in a raised tone that was heard by Cithrel.

Leaving Cithrel with a quivering expression, they both walked into the fitting rooms, which were practically private rooms.

Nicely decorated and tidy, the private room was large and there were other private changing spaces inside.

Before Aurora could laugh at Cithrel’s last expression, she noticed Alice’s gaze.

“I understand that you have something that attracts perverts, but lately I’m hesitating...” Alice said and, with a curious look, asked. “Do you like perverts?”

Aurora’s expression went blank, but the next moment she began to blush with embarrassment... Huge embarrassment.

That Alice’s gaze became more inquisitive at that question made her feel even more embarrassed and she didn’t even dare to give an answer because she felt that everything would become an excuse.

Letting out a sigh, Alice reached over, and patting her, commented. “I’ll do my best to support you...”

It was an odd tone that made her feel as if Alice was supporting her, but at the same time trying to protect her when she encountered such cases.

Aurora tried to open her mouth, but Alice gave her a smile of understanding and patted her shoulder again.

Like a child being understood... Aurora just wished she could escape this place.

It wasn’t that she liked perverts... It’s just that she didn’t have many pretenders!


Her system gave three little dots in her mind, as if to say that her excuse was unnecessary and weird.

Aurora only became even more embarrassed, and her desire to escape became more intense.


Andrés walked bored through the city, heading to the meeting point that he agreed with Cristian.

Since there was still time left, he took his time as he walked around, looking at the surroundings of the city.

Elelin City’s shopping mall was gigantic, and different types of stores were found.

Projections on the walls of the buildings, holographic images, and all kinds of technology were used to make the stores even brighter.

Even though it was daytime, the lights did not lose their brightness and the incredible technological atmosphere.

In the electronics stores, there were different kinds of advertisements about the products they sold or the new games, series, or movies that were being released.

Even a restaurant had a holographic projection of its best dishes, so detailed that it provoked hunger in those who watched it.

Clothing stores had holographic images of famous models or actors, actresses, and many major celebrities modeling for different brand lines.

As he watched intently, he noticed Aurora and Érica coming out of a store.

They both looked around and, when they noticed him, they hurried over.

“If the others ask, I’ve left for another direction,” Aurora reported, and as she ran away, she muttered. “Thank you for saving me Érica, these days there are very few people I can trust.”

Érica’s expression quivered, not knowing how to react and leaving Andrés stunned by what had just happened, they both quickly left.

Andrés watched them disappear in one direction and he blinked several times, not knowing what had just happened.

Waiting a moment and hesitating what to do, from the same tent came out Cithrel, Alice, Clémentine, and the other members who always gathered.

As did Aurora, when they noticed him, the group approached, led by Cithrel.

“Have you seen Aurora?” Cithrel asked calmly and seeing his expression shaking, trying to hold in laughter, her look became more serious and she commented. “I need her for something. It would be nice if you could help me.”

If her question was calm, her comment was given with an authoritative edge.

Not a negative one, but an atmosphere of high-ranking authority that caused Andrés’ expression to turn serious.

Behind Cithrel’s back, Nicole, Clémentine, and Leslie were laughing, while Alice’s gaze was glued to a holographic image of a plate of food.

Feeling the solemn gaze of a powerful princess of a great empire, Andrés’ expression turned serious.

“Yes, they went that way... Just don’t tell anyone I said so,” Andrés replied with a shaky expression, pointing in a different direction from where Aurora originally went.

He used all his acting skills to point in the opposite direction from Aurora’s.

Cithrel gave him a look and, with an amused smile, pointed. “You have some flaws when you lie. I think you need to work on that.”

At those words, Cithrel took off in the opposite direction Andrés had pointed and, only to his relief, took a different alley than Aurora.

Left alone to the laughter of the group accompanying that princess, Andrés sighed.

Whatever was going on, he did what he could to try to help... Now it was no longer his problem.

He wasn’t surprised that Cithrel noticed it, she was a Princess of a great empire, it made sense that she would have that ability to read other people.

Walking towards the direction of technology where different drones could be purchased, or they had low-level AI sales and among other products for mechanics, Andrés stopped when he received a call.

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“Is something wrong?” Andrés asked quickly when he saw that it was a work call.

“No, and yes... Actually, I’m spying on the man you informed me about.” Giselle suddenly informed.

“What?” Andrés inevitably asked.

The day he met the crook, he could tell that he was with the businesswoman, but then he also discovered that he was with another man that Andrés assumed was the old man.

He had asked a favor to Cristian to go inside to see for a not very normal reason, but at the same time, functional.

All the while, Cristian had cameras to record the interior and appearances of those inside the private room.

Those recordings were sent to Giselle so she could inform the empire.

After all, to go to that place, they had hidden themselves quite well, but now things were going in an unexpected direction.

“I know I should inform our employer, but I’ve been meaning to find out a little more information,” Giselle said with a simple tone, and that simplicity carried complex emotions.

The last time they reported to the empire, but they used it and put a student in danger for a plan.

While they could say it was a plan for the greater good, for Andrés, it was an excuse to hide the indifference of the powerful, and his superior Giselle also thought the same.

Now that woman wanted to find all the information to put the man away immediately so that he could not be used to put others in danger.

Andrés realized the reason, even so, his expression changed.

“I was calling you to help me with my objective. I was only going to get close enough to use my ability and infiltrate the electronic devices. I also have a crystal to intercept magical communications and turn it into information accessible to technology,” Giselle reported quickly, and as if slightly anxious, she asked. “I already have it in sight. Are you going to help?”

Andrés’ expression turned serious, but stepping away into an alleyway, he pulled out the drones that supported his AI along with another type of drone dedicated to this task.

“Give me access to your holographic watch, camera, and whatever else you have,” Andrés asked and, upon acceptance, located Giselle’s signal.

Once located, he took control of her holographic clock and projected the various cameras.

He could see that Giselle was in a square near where he was and seemed to be reading a book.

However, the different cameras she was equipped with revealed her surroundings and with her, the man who met with the suspects.

That man was in a tent eating as if nothing had happened, occasionally using a personal communication crystal.

The man’s quiet and calmness gave the impression that he had nothing to hide and, being in such a public and hectic place, he went unnoticed.

After all, just like the old man who used his communication crystal in public, this time the man did the same, and those who noticed him did not make a big deal out of it.

“I’ll get closer to the target,” Giselle muttered, and calmly put the book away and approached the store.

As she entered the store, Andrés could see a progress bar appear on Giselle’s holographic clock.

That was the typical notice that Giselle was starting her work, and this time she was doing it with a magical artifact.

After ordering a coffee and sitting down nearby to read the book, Giselle revealed an uncanny ability to lose herself in her librarian guise.

Andrés was tense and the main reason was that the old man gave him a bad feeling and, to top it off, this was his first direct assignment and he had no practice at all.

The progress bar increased, and the anxiety decreased, but when he was about to finish to infiltrate, the man got up after drinking the coffee.

Quietly walking out, Giselle, who had left her coffee half-finished, stood up.

“It’s too careless to follow him like this. It’s better to stop,” Andrés quickly advised in a serious tone.

She had been doing well before, but now, following him so directly, he felt it was not advisable.

Both of them were inexperienced in this kind of mission.

“It’s a little while away... Don’t get nervous...” Giselle murmured, following the man calmly as if she had something to do.

She did so from the maximum distance and far enough away to tell that they were going the same way.

The progress bar filled in and the information started coming in immediately.

It was a massive amount of information that was being extracted at every turn.

With quick organization, Andrés began to work nimbly, and before he could arrange everything, he noticed Giselle turn into an alley.

At that moment, the man appeared in front of Giselle and made them both startled.

“So that was you,” the man muttered, and before Giselle could react, the man punched her in the throat.

Hard enough to stop her from screaming and without pausing, he squeezed her wrist, breaking the holographic watch.

With that quickly done, he broke the visible cameras and pulling out a scroll, cast a cloaking spell, all the while carrying her and shoving her into a car that was nearby.

Andrés froze at the speed of what had happened.


When he heard Giselle moan in pain was when he reacted.

His mind went into a frenzy analyzing with the help of his AI the situation.

The camera and microphones were working but were useless without the holographic clock because he didn’t know where the man was going.

Reacting quickly, Andrés pulled out all the drones and went to work, taking control of the security cameras using the empire’s authority.

His mind tensed even more and the fear of that man murdering his superior flooded him, but that feeling of desperation became the fire that fueled his mind.

Using the full potential of his mind and ability, he overloaded the drones with support AI to give more emphasis to his main AI.

His mind screamed in pain worse than a raging hangover, but his hands moved.

He found the car and employing the security cameras, tracked it by tagging it everywhere.

On the other hand, he noticed that Giselle had activated her ability and was taking control of the low-security electronics to send him information.

Using that information, Andrés used a part of his brain to analyze the situation, finding places where the man might be headed.

When he noticed that things were worse than he had expected, he pushed aside the pain and mental exhaustion to push himself even further.

All his drones went into extreme overload, and he pushed himself as far as possible.

In a moment, he broke a barrier between his ability and control, managing to enter a strange sensation in which he felt that his drones were not external machines, but something closer.

Perhaps it was not to the extent that they were a part of his body, but it was certainly very close to it.

With that feeling, he employed the support AIs to augment the main AI’s capability and then assimilated with his main AI, getting the information into his brain in an extremely fast way.

He analyzed the information, found the locations where they were taking their plans, marked the car and the destination he was targeting, all to then give a quick report.

He did not go to the authorities, in that exhausted state, Andrés showed his lack of trust in the authorities and instead of sending it to them, he sent the information to Aurora and Alice.

He pinpointed their location and when he realized that they were close by and could get to the location quickly; he sent everything to them.

When he felt all his work was done, he activated his AI’s defensive mode and passed out in the alley.

The surrounding drones formed a small dome that produced a barrier and a holographic image to hide him.

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